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Without 9/11 the movie "United 93" wouldn't be the blockbuster that desecrates the memory of German victim Christian Adams by falsely portraying him as a coward. Americans seem to enjoy making foreign victims of 9/11 the target of blatant disrespect and resentment. They cry about their victims- but No Tears for Sauerkraut, right?

@ Olaf,

I think it is a shame if a film makes any victim look bad and I think you can't blame all Americans for the poor work (if what you are saying is true...I haven't seen the movie) of the film's producers and directors and sponsors. In fact, almost every ceremony held in the United States to honor the victims has also honored the non-American victims, so I don't understand your hostility. Personally, I have been trying to avoid the movies about 9/11 because it seems that they are more about making money, manipulating raw emotions and playing politics (as the Clintons clearly have been) than about honoring those who died.


I think there is something more than facts that is bothering Olf.

Olf writes, “…German victim Christian Adams by falsely portraying him as a coward”. The movie did not portray Adams as a coward, but as a rational actor with a logicial point of view. Adams did not cry, faint, run away, or try to save himself at the expense of others.

Let’s take Olf’s second declarative sentence, “Americans seem to enjoy making foreign victims of 9/11 the target of blatant disrespect and resentment.” I am not aware of one single instance in which all people were not only grieved for, but actually felt in equal union with Americans. This ‘pleasure’ in ‘disrespect and resentment’ has not happened, at all. Not once.

Lastly, Olf says, “but No Tears for Sauerkraut, right?” Of course all people where recognized, and I did not notice any difference between Germans and American victims. Actually I noticed a constant theme of respect for foreign workers of all classes that were murdered, and sadly far from their home.

So, I think for Olf, Adams is but a vehicle for him to express feelings of blatant disrespect and resentment he feels internally. Only thus can a single, unclear, fictional event in a fictional movie be stretched into non existent behavior. Olf needs to lighten up.

Wie ich finde ein viel reizvollere Thema für einen solchen Artikel wäre gewesen: "Wieviel von dem, was 9/11 nach sich gezogen hat, ist wirklich nötig gewesen?" Ein Experte (Richard A. Clarke; ich habe persönlich mit ihm darüber gesprochen) verwendet gerne den Begriff "Potemkin Security" - wie quält der Staat seine Bürger, nur um zu demonstrieren, wieviel Schein-Sicherheit er in der Lage ist zu garantieren. Das ist ein Aspekt. Darüber hinaus könnte der Spiegel, wie er es so gerne tut, natürlich auch wieder eine lange Liste der Lügen (Irak war an den Anschlägen beteiligt; Es gibt keine CIA-Gefängnisse außerhalb der USA; etc.) und die mit diesen Lügen begründeten Aktionen anprangern.

@ Franz,

Richard A. Clarke is, or more precisely, was an expert about Al-Qaeda in a particular place and time. The time is past and Al-Qaeda he knew doesn’t exist anymore. Furthermore the security organs of the US are immense and beyond the comprehension of any single person, regardless of energy and inventiveness. Clark was, along with others, mainly correct. But his world is gone now.
The years have seen the death and decimation of Al Qaeda and other older Islamic terrorist organizations. The struggle has moved to a more basic, longer-term fight to drain the swamp that breeds such actions. That is, as Bush stated, introducing and building democratic traditions in the Muslim world. All dictators know that their power is illegitimate and require state force. The US is able to, one by one, bear down on these states. This is why North Korea, Cuba, Iran and Venezuela form false unions. They actually have little in common save fending off the attentions of the US and it’s partners.

At one time, thousands of years ago, only a few Greek city-states believed that only the special Greeks could have democratic, lawful government. The expansions and success of the democratic spirit throughout the world proves that the democratic impulse exists in the spirit of men everywhere. Wealth, opportunity and common decency require that we who benefit expand democracy as best as we can.

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