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The hatred seems to correlate inversly with their future prospects.

"this destructive passion flourishes most spectacularly among those who have benefited most conspicuously from the existence of the U.S."

how has Venezuela benefited from the existence of the U.S? How has Spain benefited from the existence of the U.S? There are several other examples which debunk this ridiculous, self-inflated notion.

Besides, even if this were the case, it means nothing. As an analogy, if my doctor were to save my life, and then go on a murderous rampage, I would most definately not support him, no matter what he had done for me. The help provided by the US (all of which was obviously self-beneficial and self-serving) in fighting the "threat" of communism, does not guarantee lifelong support from the nations it helped - or guarantee any support at all. And rightly so.

The american sources of power in the cold war against the communist world were not only it`s raw military power, but also the sympathies of the free world.
Now that the united states have lost much of those sympathies, they can only rely on their immediate military abilities.
Maybe the american government should concentrate on not becoming isolated in the coming decades.
Relying only on raw power is something very fragile. And the american government must have realized that fragility, when european statesmen talked about lifting the weapons embargo against china.

It is normal for some people to pull for the underdog. It is also natural for some people to be against the winner. The American hatred will never go away, but it should be ignored. The US under President Bush is doing the right thing, even with its share of mistakes. The goals of this Administration are so big that most US haters do not have the capacity, ability or desire to understand the concept.

A debate can not be legitmate with those types because they do not have the ability to see beyond today.

Because of examples like this:

After the Pope's death, the White House seized on the opportunity to partake in some "moral mining," using the position of the late pope on abortions to claim that he and the Bush administration were aligned in their views on a "culture of life." The White House Spokesman must have said culture of life about 30 times. Then came the question from a reporter: How does this fit in with the fact that the Pope has denounced the death penalty, and is vehemently opposed to this form of punishment? The Spokesman's response: This is not the appropriate time to discuss such issues.

A little respect for the deceased please. Stick to issues where the Pope was with us, NOT those where he was AGAINST us! Stupid reporters.

This kind of duplicity is typical of all Republicans. Which party was it again that was charged with spying on an opposing parties headquarters?

Which country was it again, that supported a coup in a certain Latin American country, removing the perfectly legitimately elected leader, and replacing him with a dictator, whose policies seemed to make the supporting nation happy? A dictator who has been stripped of his immunity and is only now going to be tried for crimes against humanity?

Which party was it that sold arms to an avowed enemy, in order that it could finance an adventure in the support of rebels? Sold arms to a nation it itself considered a rogue nation. Can you possibly get more morally bankrupt than this?

Which party was it, whose leader later went on to hire many of those implicated in the above mentioned "mistake" as his advisers or cabinet members?

And the list can go on and on and on....

We are all witnessing the glorious apparition of a new troll on DMK. Like any troll, he and only he is in the possession of the Enlightening Truth. Under the disguise of dialogue, the Troll is historically interested only in monologues. Attempts by non-trolls to somehow question His Truth are in His mind nothing but evidences of feeble-mindedness. It was bound to happen...

Nice rebuttal. What do you know?

Comrade common man, WDIK knows a hell of a lot more than you're aware of. Perhaps you could come here with a modicum of humility and discuss rather than lecture.

To which I say:

Let no good deed go unpunished. and

Living well is the best revenge.

After all, if America is so bad, why are we being overrun with people trying to get in? I've seen a lot to like in Germany and Japan, but all things being equal, I'd rather live here. You may feel differently. Fine, no problem. I'll not waste my breath telling you or your country what it should and shouldn't do. Being treated with equal respect is evidently out of the question.

So Proletariat:

Are you aware of the Federal system? Most death penalties are imposed by the states. How does this reflect on Republicans? Do the American people deserve to live by the laws enacted by our representatives, or those imposed by our unelected, self-anointed betters?

Nixon is dead. Get over it. We supported Stalin during WWII. Sometimes there are no good choices. Osama says "submit or die." Enjoy your dhimmitude.

"Which country was it again, that supported a coup in a certain Latin American country, removing the perfectly legitimately elected leader, and replacing him with a dictator, whose policies seemed to make the supporting nation happy? A dictator who has been stripped of his immunity and is only now going to be tried for crimes against humanity?"

Assuming you are talking about Chile, you should study the facts a little more closely. Allende was not a "perfectly legitimately elected leader" unless you believe that unions forcing their members to vote for a particular candidate is "perfectly legitimate." Of course my friends in Chilean unions (at the time) could have been lying to me, but I’ve read a lot more lies than I’ve ever heard.

Hated of America has some pluses.

They can Hate us, Revile us to any extreme and we will probably not
put explosives in their trains burn their flags and embassys or
walk into a crowded market place in their country to explode a bomb.

It is rather safe to hate and revile America.

"This kind of duplicity is typical of all Republicans. Which party was it again that was charged with spying on an opposing parties headquarters?"

Oh you are SO funny do you really think anyone in America actually believes the Democrats never did the same LOL Nixons boys learned their tricks the hard way by the massive amount of campaign tricks pulled upon them during the Nixon/Kennedy election.

The truth is the Democrats have always been much better at that stuff.

In the last election which party's demonstrations got out of control and ended up ramsacking the campaign offices of the other Party?

The incomparable James Lileks chimes in on this one.

An excerpt:

"Of course, one could make the case that the greatest threats to the freedoms of the West are posed by the head-choppers, plane-exploders, their many merry supporters, and the nuke-seeking state that supports them.

"But don't expect the artists to make the case. They saw what happened to that Theo Van Gogh fellow. Pay no attention to that imam behind the curtain. Here's the ghost of Eisenhower. Booga-booga!

"The artists seem more concerned with a culture that won't let gays marry than one that won't let them live. They fear the charge of "Islamophobia" or cultural insensitivity, lest they have to explain a joke to a stone-faced Belgian court. ("It is the verdict of the court that you stink" doesn't look good on the handbills.)

"They take the easy way out, these brave souls; they'll perform "The Diary of Anne Frank," but only because now some people think it has a happy ending. They cradle their illusions like a big dead pig, singing them lullabies."

Dick Tuck was famous for the dirty tricks he pulled on Nixon and other republican candidates, like putting spies on campaign trains, hanging a sign in Chinese that said "what about the Hughes loan?" when he was adressing a Chinese group, and, a federal felony, disguising himself as a conductor, giving a highball to the campaign train engineer just as Nixon started to talk. I bought one of Tuck's books. Funny, you can't find them any more.
You never heard any more about Dick Tuck when the pious screeches on Watergate hit the news.

Dave, my recollection at the time is that western Europeans were saying terrible things about American leaders and blaming the US in the 1980's, before the collapse of communism. We emphatically did not enjoy the moral support of the free world in those years. You note that the US does not have support, then leap to the conclusion that it is therefore our own fault. It is not clear how the two are tied together. The conservative American's assessment, that the divide stems from the resentment by other nations, at least deserves to be considered.

Prole, you will indeed find it interesting if you choose to stay. It is a very common leftist tactic on blogs to roar in with a list and say "Yeah? Well what about all these!" rather than sticking to one subject at a time. The objections you raise are not new to people here, and each can be patiently answered.

To the OP. It is a sad fact of human nature that the more you give to people, the less grateful they are. This is not just true of The Poor, or Europeans, of Arabs, or Civilians, or whatever. It is true of all of us. Being the recipient of a gift puts one in a weak position and resentful. Listen to the members of a non-profit talk about the hand that feeds them sometime: the performers who disdain their philistine supporters who discourage "serious" theater; educators who resent any interference from those responsible for the bills; environmentalists with contempt for the public.

People who have brought up children have also witnessed the phenomenon, and recognise the symptoms.

Prolitariat: "Then came the question from a reporter: How does this fit in with the fact that the Pope has denounced the death penalty, and is vehemently opposed to this form of punishment?"

This is called "A Stupid Question".

I am pro-choice myself, but I understand the position of the pro-lifer. To a pro-lifer, an abortion means the murder of an unborn child. To them, this is murder as certainly as the murder of a born person as they believe life begins at conception, and possibly worse as it is the murder of a complete innocent.

The death penalty concerns the death of someone who is NOT innocent at all... and in the US given usually as long as 20 years worth of appeals to higher courts before a death sentence is carried out. An unborn doesn't get 20 years worth of appeals.

There is no moral equivalence there, which makes the question the reporter asked unutterably stupid.

Ahhh, The Allende Myth - val e-diction, 2003?

Google it, read and learn, prol.

But you won't, cos that might mean you're wrong.

--Now that the united states have lost much of those sympathies,---

We never had any to begin with, so we can't lose something we never had.

Pro;'s not a troll, he suffers from BDS amongst other things.

Hate away, Prol, because it's true, "It is rather safe to hate and revile America."

We won't chop your head off or send splodydopes on your trains.

But don't call us when it goes south, we're done. You kids are slowly getting tossed out of mom and dad's basement, you slacker.

Germans Leave in Record Numbers, Fleeing Unemployment (Update2)

By Rainer Buergin

Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Thomas Koerber, an engineering technician from Viernheim, Germany, was looking for a new job. He found it -- 4,700 miles away, in Canada.

``I looked around, found a job I liked in Canada, and left Germany within two months,'' Koerber, 39, said in a telephone interview from Calgary. ``If I can get a better job abroad, and if I'm being treated better, I'm gone.''

Koerber is one of 145,000 Germans who fled the fatherland last year amid record postwar unemployment, pushing emigration to its highest level since 1954, Federal Statistics Office figures show. Last year was also the first since the late 1960s that emigrants outnumbered Germans returning home from living abroad, the statistics office said.

Even more troubling to German officials and business leaders, many were skilled workers like Koerber. The loss of such people, they say, may threaten Germany's economic competitiveness in the future.


...The goods and services tax in Alberta is 6 percent, cut from 7 percent in July, he said.....


That's the province that matches America the best......

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