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Preisdent Bush understands what't at stake in Iraq and the rest of the war on terroism. Unlike President Clinton, both past and any future, he is not poll driven.

Consider the strongest enemy in this war is actually winning, that is the MSM front fighting the President, it is no wonder that the polls keep dropping. As Hitler learned, propaganda works, and the MSM in both the USA and Germany know it.

Of course, I am leaving myself open to be branded a neo-con, Haliburton blood for oil, right wing fanatically homophobe redneck hick, I still think that peace in our time is a realistic goal. The worldwide socialist club is only interested in having power.

Sorry, just a question to our American readers: Our German journalists are reporting about Rumsfeld and Iwanow in Alaska on Sunday and are bashing Rumsfeld. Nothing about that in CNN or Foxnews and I don't find a transcript about it. How does it come?

Rumsfeld will angeblich Landstreckenraketen gegen Terroristen einsetzen. Man macht sich lustig darüber. DIE WELT: Mit Kanonen auf Spatzen schießen. Die deutsche Yahoosuchmaschine bringt heute mit "Rumsfeld Alaska" etliche Artikel dazu, Google nichts, yahoo.com auch nichts.

n-tv.de - Rumsfelds kühne Pläne
Donald Rumsfeld: Interkontinentalraketen gegen Terroristen - stern.de
Handelsblatt: Kopfschütteln in Moskau

Wieder nur Rumsfeld-Bashing?

In English, it's spelled Ivanov. Plenty of articles about the issue. Here's Foxnews, for example, or look at this. You need to set your google preferences to English, otherwise you're stuck with German articles.

flux, thank you for your help. I did not know that, still an computer-idiot.

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