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Kenneth Ross will be out of a job Monday.

And, I'm sure "Hizbullah" will immediately cease committing all war crimes and submit to an ICC investigation -- and accept any and all penalties that might be judged appropriate.


Please vote for israel... and its position.


One need only read the letter he sent to Iran a few days ago to see that Kenneth Roth is just a naive fool.

How good of them to notice. Where the hell have they been?

War crimes are useful for punishing commanders after a major war is over and they didn't do us the favor of dying in the war or taking their own lives. This constant carping about war crimes and diplomacy means exactly nothing in the middle of a shooting war.

And another thing, while I'm off on a rant, war crimes are a joke anyway. What are the Hague or ICC going to do? Will they, say, shoot Fadjr-5 rockets or Zelzal missiles at your house? If not, who cares what they think? That's the thing about war. In it there is no substitute for victory and it's hell. Who really cares what bleating lawyers and politicians have to say when you can be blown up in the next minute or day?

Oh, no, don't put me in jail for ten years. That would be much worse than the shower of ball bearings coming down on my head. To avoid war crimes all you have to do is avoid certain jurisdictions. In the case of the Kosovar, two years time served did the trick. So much talk with so little meaning. War crimes are now another form of intellectual masturbation for bit players who want to be center stage.

Want to do something useful? Stop non-state actors from acquiring stockpiles of advanced weapons which are larger than half the nations of the world. Don't transfer advanced technology to nations like Iran. And most importantly, fight against the real aggressors: Iran and Syria. Hey, EU, I'm talking to you.

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