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Reminds me of this passage:

Our soldiers really started to ask themselves, why did the Germans
attack us so suddenly? Why did the Germans need this terrible and
unfair war? Millions of our men have now seen the rich farms in East
Prussia, the highly organized agriculture, the concrete sheds for
livestock, spacious rooms, carpets, wardrobes full of clothes . . . the
well-built roads . . . and the German autobahns . . . the two storey
suburban houses with electricity, gas, bathrooms and beautifully tended
gardens . . . the villas of the rich bourgeoisie in Berlin, the
unbelievable luxury of castles, estates and mansions. And thousands of
soldiers repeat these angry questions when they look around them in
Germany: "But why did they come to us? What did they want?"

-- Vasily Grossman, notebooks, in _A Writer At War: Vasily Grossman
with the Red Army, 1941-1945_, 2005

Well, here are the latest anti-American (well, anti-Bush) rantings in the German media by another Nobel Laureate.


Btw, this comment by a poster on another blog pretty much sums up my feelings about Jimmy's Spiegel interview:

"Are you sure this wan't published by The Onion or IowaHawk? It can't be a real interview can it?

What a disgrace."

I'm not worried about what you say about the German people. I found out for myself and so did my girlfriend, in person back in 93.

We found that older Germans treated us well on our month long vacation, but that the Germans that were younger than say fifty, treated us worse than the French did in our one week trip to France. They treated us like we didn't matter, that we were not wanted or needed in their country. We even had two personal attacks on us because we were lost and needed directions. I won't repeat the conversations but believe me, I was tempted to punch them out, and would have if I had been alone.

I also know two vets that were stationed in Germany for a few years. They say almost the same thing. Don't talk to or mess with the "younger" generations. Keep your mouth shut, don't make waves and don't get involved in any argument with a German, because the police will come down on you, hard.

Hell of a way to treat someone, and I'm not talking about the average "ugly American" tourist. I know how Germans treat those.

Papa Ray
West Texas

We sometimes worry that our criticisms of German media and politicians are viewed by some readers as general attacks on the entire country and its people.

So I guess this is the notorious "token article"? ;) Thanks for the tour.

The Muslims in Germany are already selecting buildings to convert to mosques, start with the Koln cathedral. The demographics are ineluctible.

Lina is a young Arab woman from Jordan. She recently attended a journalists' conference in Muenster. While there, she went to a "Stop the War" demonstration and wrote about it.

Observations from a Demonstration in Germany.

She includes photographs too -- they are more on her Flickr page.

It is a little strange to see someone holding up a poster of Nasrallah and in the background the Lambertkirche.

And THANKS for your photos. I lived in Germany twice back in the 1980s; the first time was in Swabia and the second time in Berlin (still before the Wall came down). I went through a bit of culture shock, which ended when I realized that Germans were just different from what I was used to in my own culture. I dropped the constant comparisons and learned to just accept the Germans for what they were -- both the good and the bad. I also discovered that surface differences where often tied to deeply held values and value hierarchies. Those values functioned well in THAT culture and it would be difficult to transplant them elsewhere. What works on a French street corner will not work on a German street corner (as I saw on many occasions when driving from, say, Mannheim to Paris).

You guys have a great blog. I've been a longtime fan and sometime contributor on the comments page and appreciate that you've helped maintain a lively American-German debate.


Great pics from Berlin. I have to get up there some day.

Munich has great sight seeing spots too, which if they were posted here would really help show the great things abt Germany. Sites like the Concentration Camp Memorial in Dachau, Neuschwanstein (actually to the southwest of Munich), Marienplatz, Nymphenburg Schloss...

Funny thing abt all these sites, you really find a lot of americans touring, especially in Dachau and Neuschwanstein.

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