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I wonder if it would have crumbled anyway without his plea? We'll never know, but it seems probable that it would have done - the Soviet Union was in such difficulties by the mid-1980's that the end of its unsustainable empire in Eastern Europe was likely sooner rather than later.


The wall didn't "crumble" because of Reagan's plea; however, it was Reagan's policies in general -- especially his defense policies -- that hastened the inevitable demise of the Soviet Union. It was a confluence of events throughout Eastern Europe in 1989 -- a "perfect storm," if you will -- that led to the fall of the iron curtain.

The wall didn't fall; It was pushed.

It was a confluence of events throughout Eastern Europe in 1989 -- a "perfect storm," if you will -- that led to the fall of the iron curtain.

And may I add that some parts of Eastern Europe had a little help from the Vatican.

May G-d rest his soul.

Germany seems to be a binary weapon. Once the two parts were kept apart by the partition of the wall, it was inactive. Now,...

My Dad still tells the story about the Wall going up. He was 20 years old and stationed in Mannheim with the US Army in 1961. He remembers being really scared when they went to "high" alert and that his family was also stationed with him; e.g. my mom was only 19 years old and my oldest brother was just a few weeks old (born in Heidelberg in July 1961).

I was in college when the wall "fell" and one of the first calls I received that day was from my Dad calling to ask if I had heard the news.

I remember the church across the street from where I lived rang their bells for 28 minutes (a minute for each year the wall stood)in celebration. I proudly hung my German flag off of my balconey that afternoon. I had gotten the flag as a gift from my German roommage during my two semesters as an exchange student at the University of Hannover the spring/summer before.

I now have a framed picture of President Reagan standing in front of the wall giving the speech sited in your comment; e.g. I got it from the Reagan Museum. It is one of my proudest processions.

Ironically, Reagan's second term was first presidential race I was old enough to vote in and he got my vote.....note that not all college kids have a head full of mush. ;)

There is a tried and true method by which regimes can unify, reenergize and increase wealth. They invade. With out the post war institutions of NATO, and a President with clear and strong values, and clear leadership of most European leaders, the Soviet Union might well have decided that the People’s utopia lay in a united Europe. Instead that option was made impossible by steady resolve and not by accident or luck but by knowing effort and treasure.

It is good, if not even a great miracle that it ended as it did. I’m sure Dutch would have liked it all. He always had good luck. Strange that it all came together. It makes one wonder.

Remember Ronald Reagan's accidental open mic comments about bombing the Soviet Union in 5 minutes?

I think that was not so accidental, and it was designed to tell the Soviet Union that we can destroy them any time we wanted. They knew it and they finally decided to give up when Ronald Reagan let them know that he also knew it.

I think that contributed to the end of the cold war more than anything else.

Thanks to the MSM for spreading the word. The MSM thought they were blasting President Reagan for being so old and stupid to say something like that, but instead, he was so sharp that he was using the fools in the MSM to let the world know the Soviet Union was no longer a force to be taken seriously. It inspired and empowered freedom loving people in all Soviet controlled countries to stand up to the Soviets. They realized that in Washington there was a man that understood their situation and a man that knew he had the power to keep the Soviets from stomping out their revoultions. The Soviets understood it finally then also, and they could not do anything but watch their evil empire fall.

Thank God for Ronald Reagan

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