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When it comes to parrots and "experts," Spiegel beats the rest hands down. Where can you find a parrot with finer feathers than Jimmy Carter? I'm impressed.

There's a reason he is known as the worst President of the 20th Century.

Carter really played Baseball with Castro ? LOL
In that interview he sounds like a German communist or maybe more like sombody from the left wing of the Green Party. Amazing that he once was elected by the majority of the American people . What were they thinking ? Could this happen again ? Is there still hope for Howie Dean ? Very scary.

I read it, my responce to Jimmy Carter?

Not in MY Name.

What were they thinking ?

They/we were thinking he was the antithesis of Richard Nixon.

I am happy to say I never voted for the man. A man who 'confesses' to lusting in his heart thinking it demonstrates his virtue only betrays his lack of anatomical knowledge.

He has been a fraud his entire life and I have finally lived long enough for most of American opinion to get it.

If Carter had responded to the taking of hostages in Iran properly we would not be in the state we are today with Iran. What a complete failure of a President. The Man is without shame. A waste of human skin. Abject failure.

Gotta weigh in on this one...

Despite sometimes strong political differences between the parties, the United States have been blessed with strong leadership throughout the twentieth century, Carter being and remaining the glaring exception. He was indeed an abject failure as President (and as Ex-President).

It occurs to me that nearly half of all Americans may be too young to remember very well what it was like in those miserable Carter days, how hopeless the future of America seemed during that dark time. I can only hope that they don't have to find out the hard way.

Dennis Prager has some harsh comments on this interview and on Carter himself.
See townhall.com

This is a perfect example of MSM bias. Every question has a slant or a bias to it.

Well Carter had the chance during its presidency to realize his ideas. He did not do it or he was not able to do so. Anyway, picking on bush now is not good style. Look at Clinton, Reagan or Bush senior. Did they blame their successors. No, but to do not so, you need some dignity.

Carter doesn't have it.

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