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It's simple and truly black and white. That is why Europeans can't understand it. The root cause is islam. It's not about land, it's not about any of the crap the press and left harps on about. It's all about that religion islam. As soon as Europe comes to grips with that (don't wait for it to happen it's not likely to) then it will understand. All this shades of grey crap Europeans prattle on about is nonsense.

From a strictly moral and non religious viewpoint, when you deal in "shades of grey" you are making deal with the Devil. Deals with the Devil always benefit the Devil and you lose. Europeans just don't seem to get that. You can't compromise with evil without being evil. You can't negotiate with evil and not become evil. There are good guys and bad guys. Europe seems to always misidentify them.

The good guys are in the west. The bad guys are islamofascists. Count on Europe to get it wrong.

Speaking of islamofascists, here's an amazing video of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem meeting with Hitler:



You can't compromise with evil without being evil. You can't negotiate with evil and not become evil.

And there is the problem. Ask any EUnich if evil exists. Guarenteed if they admit it they'll assign it to the U.S. but more likely they consider the whole concept a left-over, dangerous idea of religious fundamentalism.

There is no evil, there is only France.

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