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Assad said today, hisbollah are resistance fighter.

An imam in Birmingham said, those young people are no terrorists, they are resistance fighters.

"Nicht wir, die Muslime, üben Terror aus, das, was der Westen gegen die Glaubensbrüder im Irak, in Afghanistan, in Palästina, aber auch hier in Europa praktiziert, das ist der wirkliche Terror", sagt der Mullah"

So many in the West agree to this freedom fighter nonsense.

I wish we could divide the world and they all can live together with their freedom fighters and I and my hubby live together with the real terrorist Bush and his supporters in the US. And Israel should be our neighbour.

It seems Joschka has learned a lot more than the editors of SPON and their stable of “experts,” since 1968. As Gedmin points out,

“I think Joschka Fischer has it exactly right. Fischer wrote in the Israeli paper Haaretz last week that Hamas and Hezbollah, together with their patrons Iran and Syria, started the current mess. Syria and Hezbollah, says the former foreign minister, wanted to undermine democratization in Lebanon. Iran wanted to draw attention away from its campaign to get nuclear weapons. Hamas wanted to resist growing pressure to recognize the Jewish state. They all reject peace with Israel.”

The brains of the editors of SPON and much of the rest of the “progressive” left seem to have fossilized at a much earlier date. For example, from a speech of an Arab delegate to the 7th Congress of the Comintern in 1935 we read,

“The Jewish national minority in Palestine is essentially a colonial and ruling nationality with the support of English imperialism. Since 1921, when Anglo-Zionist finance capital began strengthening its offensive in Palestine, it has been able to send into Palestine 250,000 Jewish immigrants with the aim of establishing for themselves a mass base of struggle against the national liberation struggle of the Arab labourers and in support of their colonial policy.”

Change “English” to “American” and this and similar Stalinist cant of the 30’s would read exactly like a modern “progressive” tract. It’s eerie! More than 15 years after the demise of the Soviet Union, and the Islamofascist absorption of the Arab “progressives” in the ideological vacuum left after the demise of Communism, we’re watching a dead man walking. It is now “progressive” to advocate the annihilation of a modern democratic state and its replacement by a medieval theocratic despotism.

Well, readers of Medienkritik are already well aware of how futile it is to suggest that the German MSM oligarchs actually start to think for a change. It’s no different this time. We all know the drill. Ideological purity must be defended at all costs, and hypocritical moralistic posing is, as always, the tactic of choice. “Experts” must be found to parrot the party line. Today’s Expert du Jour was a certain Seymour Hersh, whom SPON identifies as a “US star journalist.” As usual, they don’t get around to mentioning that Hersh is a paleoliberal MSM “progressive” with a severe case of Bush Derangement Syndrome whose take on any ideologically loaded topic could be written down in a paragraph or two by any veteran Medienkritik reader with about 99.9% accuracy.

This time the claim that Israel and the US have, once again, been “immoral” is singularly lacking in originality. Hersh, it seems, is claiming that the Israeli and US leaders “lied” to their people by failing to reveal that Israel had actually dared to plan a response to repeated Hezbollah provocation in advance without informing him or the editors of SPON. Is it just me, or does it occur to anyone else that it might actually have been irresponsible for a state fighting for its very survival not to plan such a response? Throw me a bone, here! But wait! I’m missing the point! Israel “lied” because they used the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers as a pretext for actually initiating their attack. They should have sent out heralds in snazzy blue and white Israeli livery with golden trumpets a week in advance to announce to Hezbollah that they were coming! Silly me, I’m just so dense sometimes!

And why, pray, was the US also “immoral?” Why, it appears that Israel informed them about the plans to respond to Hezbollah provocation in advance, and they didn’t immediately inform the New York Times! Hersh tries to fob off the whopper that the US encouraged the attack so they could gauge the effectiveness of a US air attack on Iran. Ri-i-i-g-g-g-h-h-t. This has to be the biggest thigh-slapper in the piece. I can just see the US Air Force generals sitting in their command centers with baited breath waiting to see how effective Hezbollah would be in fighting off the Israeli F-15’s. A real test case for Iran, that! As usual, Hersh learned this choice gem from one of his “anonymous sources.” It’s amusing to see how SPON’s editors handle this aspect of Hersh’s “scoop.” They actually seem to have developed some sense of shame! For example,

“In fact, that’s how it usually is with Hersh’s exposes. As a matter of course, he can’t supply any actual proof, but must rely on anonymous sources – and, as a result, it’s often one person’s word against another. The reason that the stories of this doyen of investigative journalists are taken seriously and develop a dynamic of their own lies in his reputation – he isn’t often wrong.” (“So ist es jedoch meistens mit Hershs Enthüllungsgeschichten: Naturgemäß kann er in der Regel nicht mit Beweisen, sondern nur mit anonymen Quellen aufwarten - und so steht häufig Aussage gegen Aussage. Es liegt vor allem am Renommee des Doyens der Investigativ-Journalisten, dass seine Storys ernst genommen werden und eine eigene Dynamik entfalten - er irrt sich eben selten.”)

In fact, I don’t know of any of Hersh’s stories that have developed a “dynamic of their own” lo now these 30 years, and the reason they’re taken seriously at all has a great deal more to do with the fact that they are in perfect harmony with the ideological pre-conceptions of his peers in the MSM than with any connection they might have with reality. I also strongly suspect that there may be rather drastic differences of opinion about the claim that Hersh “isn’t often wrong,” outside of the SPON editorial offices.

If the editors of SPON are looking for some real lies, I have a few suggestions for them. They might expose the lie that Hezbollah is “defending” Lebanon. They might expose the lie that the Israelis would have any interest in “occupying” Arab land if they were simply allowed to live in peace. They might expose the lie that peace in the Middle East depends on the actions of Israel. They might expose the lie that the invasion of Lebanon was an act of aggression instead of an act of self defense by a state fighting for its survival. And they might expose the biggest lie of all, namely, the lie that the enemies of Israel are motivated by any cause more noble than a fanatical and remorseless determination to wipe Israel off the face of the map. Until they start exposing these “root causes” of the conflict in the Middle East, I will take them and their stable of “experts” with a grain of salt.

Sieht aus, als hätte Steinmeier ein Rückgrat!

"Der syrische Staatschef hatte in seinem Vortrag einen Frieden mit dem "Feind" Israel ausgeschlossen. Israel sei "auf der Grundlage von Aggression und Expansion gegründet worden - und daran hat sich nichts geändert", fügte Assad hinzu. "Selbstverständlich schließen wir Israel aus dem Friedensprozess aus, denn Israel ist ein Feind."

"Denjenigen, die Syrien vorwerfen, es unterstütze die Hisbollah, sagen wir, dass dies für uns eine große Ehre ist und ein Orden an der Brust jedes Arabers", sagte Assad außerdem. "Der israelische Angriff auf den Libanon war eine große Niederlage für Israel und seine Verbündeten."

Assad machte die US-Politik unter Präsident George W. Bush für die anhaltenden Spannungen in der Region verantwortlich. "Diese amerikanische Regierung verfolgt das Prinzip des Präventivkriegs, das dem Prinzip des Friedens völlig widerspricht", sagte er. "Es ist offensichtlich, dass es nach sechs Jahren dieser US-Regierung keinen Frieden gibt und es auch in absehbarer Zukunft keinen geben wird.""


Wo ist denn ein politischer Kommentar zu solchen Ausführungen. Wenn Bush sich räuspert, wird dies von allen Seiten kommentiert. Warum sagt kein Spiegeljournalist etwas dazu? Assad nennt Israel einen Feind und schließt Frieden aus. Das nimmt man hin, als hätte er guten Morgen gesagt. Das sagt etwas über unsere Journalisten aus.

In Helians Artikel geifert Yassin Musharbash mal wieder über Israel und die USA. Würde er doch mal lieber über Assads Aussagen nachdenken und die Auswirkungen. Vielleicht würde ihm dann klarer, warum es nur verständlich ist, daß Israel die Hisbollah-Aufrüstung beobachtet hat und den Zeitpunkt nicht verpassen durfte zuzuschlagen. Was Hersh daraus macht, ist genau solch eine Luftnummer wie die angeblichen Bush- und Blair-Lügen: Fürs dumme Volk, die sich die Fakten nicht merken können/wollen.

"Assad hatte in Damaskus vom 'siegreichen Widerstand' der Hisbollah im Libanon gesprochen und arabische Herrscherhäuser zu ihrer Unterstützung aufgerufen. Zudem betonte er, Israel müsse vom Friedensprozess ausgeschlossen werden." Das habe ich von der website der deutschen Botschaft in Damaskus.

Wo finde ich die ganze Rede von Assad (English)???

Warum wird uns das vorenthalten???

Does anybody know where I can find Assad's speech from today?

Sind wir zu sensibel für die Wahrheit, daß Assad den Terror unterstützt? Würde wohl das Weltbild unserer Journalisten nachhaltig durcheinanderbringen.

Note from David: Here's the link, Gabi.

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed a decided lack of pictures of Hezbollah "fighters?" For the last day or so, all I've seen are pictures of Israeli soldiers hamming it up for photographers as they "limp" back to Israel -- mostly on foot. I don't think I've seen one picture that actually identified a Hezbollah "soldier."

I wonder why that is?

(That was mostly a rhetorical question, btw.)

Scott H., what are you talking about??? What hisbollah fighters? There are only civilians.

"Scott H., what are you talking about??? What hisbollah fighters? There are only civilians."

Yeah, Gabi, that's kind of what I figured. Either that, or Israel actually did kill them all (as if).

David, thank you for the link. Everybody should read this speech:

ASSAD: "The heroic Lebanese national resistance has written with its blood and its people’s sacrifice an eternal epic in the history of the nation, destroyed the legend of the invincible army, buried under its feet the policy of surrender and humiliation and proved that the power of faith in land and homeland can defeat the power of armaments.

I express may appreciation and admiration to the men of resistance; I salute with great reverence our noble martyrs and I salute the brotherly Lebanese people whose steadfastness was the incubator of this resistance.

We say to those who accuse Syria that it stands by the resistance, and this accusation is not a new one at all. We say to those who accuse Syria that if standing by the resistance is a mortifying sin, then it is an honor and a source of pride for the Syrian people. This resistance is a badge of honour on the chest of each Arab citizen not only in Syria. By each drop of sweat, each drop of blood, each rocket that destroys a tank and by each Israeli soldier defeated in Lebanon, we consider that there is a badge of honour to be worn on the chest of Arab citizens."

Those words are clear.

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