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Even worse what's going on in UK!

"Press Association
Saturday August 12, 2006 2:18 AM

Tony Blair has been urged to change UK foreign policy and do more to end attacks on civilians.

Some of the most influential British Muslims have written to Tony Blair urging him to step up efforts to bring an end to the violence in the Middle East.

The letter says current Government policy fans the flames of extremism and may put British citizens at risk of attack, both in the UK and abroad.

It urges the Prime Minister to recognise the role British foreign policy plays in giving ammunition to extremists.

The letter has been signed by some of Britain's leading Muslim organisations and politicians.

The 38 Muslim groups who signed the letter include the Muslim Council of Britain, the Muslim Association of Britain, the British Muslim Forum and the Muslim Solidarity Committee.

Other signatories include three of the four Muslim MPs - Sadiq Khan, Shahid Malik and Mohammed Sarwar - as well as three of the four Muslim members of the House of Lords - Lord Patel of Blackburn, Lord Ahmed of Rotherham and Baroness Uddin."


Die Nahost-Politik der Blair-Regierung werde von Moslems weithin als unfair und ungerecht angesehen, meint der Unterhaus-Abgeordnete Sadik Khan. "Eine solche Wahrnehmung spielt Extremisten in die Hände."

Die Auffassung, wonach Londons Außenpolitik den Terrorismus anfachen würde, sei "Teil einer deformierten Sicht des Lebens", erwiderte Außenministerin Margaret Beckett.

Sheesh. Did they fly in the same people featured on Zombietime? No matter where in the world they are, there's a certain sameness to these "protesters".

"The German far-left is increasingly in league with fundamentalist Islamists in a common quest to harm or even destroy Israel and the United States."

A common alliance all over the globe. Of course wherever the Islamists come to power, the far-left are the first to be liquidated.

Please explain to me how these people think! I just don't get it!
Then again, I'm bitter. I am tired beyond words and emotions of having MY son being in harms way when these people .........
Do they feel that the Jews should just shut up and get on the trains?
Please, any Germans here....explain how this demonstration could even happen! What is the saying at Dachau? "never again"....something like that.......what does it mean? Never again in Germany?
Rant off

as a German I am shocked and worried. Here it is again: a mass of people manipulated, marching together and feeling good in the middle of a mainstream. Cowards, afraid of terror, marching beside people with a terror-mindset, they call their own war "peace". They are not shocked about the victims of a suicidebomber, they are only very shocked when Israel tries to stop terror. They cover their violent mindset behind peaceful words. Stop the war in Israel means, Israel should not defend itself. They don't ask Hisbollah to stop the killing. They call for dialog and don't realize that the Intifada is a war. They never demanded for ending the intifada. They put the blame on Sharon, who "caused" the intifada. So in their opinion the Palestinians are not responsible for the use of violence. Never again means no more war by a state. The war of the terrorists is invisible for them. What liars!

It is not about how those people "think" -- is about how they "feel". They are not doing that out of any sense of logic, historical trends or any consistency. They follow a kind of simple-minded ethic that says that the world is basically divided into oppressors and oppressed, and that oppressors=evil and oppressed=good. If they were not evil, they wouldn't be doing any oppression, now would they?

What they see is a bunch of "oppressors" - European-looking, relatively wealthy Israelis - waging war on poor "oppressed" Arabs.

To try to look for any deeper insight in their mindset is a waste of time. They will never admit that Israel might be legitimately defending itself -- if they are more powerful and prosperous than their neighbors, they are necessarily being oppressors and therefore evil.

In Paris, posters of the head of Hezbollah as well as Hugo Chávez were carried. And at one point, one of the chants the demonstrators yelled went "Hezbollah! Résistance! Hezbollah! Résistance! Hezbollah! Résistance! Hezbollah! Résistance!" Also, a number of demonstrators, many of them kids as young as 5 or 6, paraded carrying signs saying "Je n'ai plus de…": "I have no more a home." "I have no more a sister." I had to snicker when I saw a person carrying a sign saying "I have no more a grand-father". She was at least 65 years old. I wish I'd known about this beforehand so I could've infiltrated the march with some kind of ProtestWarrior sign saying something like: "Israel: No retaliation against Hezbollah missiles allowed!" or "Isael must allow Hezbollah missiles in the smacker!"

"It is not about how those people "think" -- is about how they "feel". They are not doing that out of any sense of logic, historical trends or any consistency. They follow a kind of simple-minded ethic that says that the world is basically divided into oppressors and oppressed, and that oppressors=evil and oppressed=good. If they were not evil, they wouldn't be doing any oppression, now would they?"

You hit the nail on the head. This is a malady of the extreme "progressive" left and its "movements" in general. These people are like Orwell's sheep in "Animal Farm," chanting, "Four legs good, two legs bad!" It's always the same; the reality is nothing, and the pose is everything. Now we see them marching in support of Hezbollah's "resistance." Never mind that there would be no need for "resistance," and no "occupation" without Hezbollah's constant provocations. They want "peace," but march side by side with aggressors and warmongers. Hezbollah, Hamas and the rest of Israel's enemies could end the "occupation" and the need for "resistance" tomorrow if they simply accepted Israel's right to exist. They could bring peace immediately, but they don't do it, because they are determined to destroy Israel. Israel, on the other hand, cannot bring about peace except by committing national suicide. Ironically, these marchers against "aggression” are supporting the most successful act of naked military aggression the world has ever seen; the Arab seizure of Palestine, not to mention all of north Africa, Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc. I would love to hear them explain when this vicious act of aggression became “legitimate.”

A ludicrous aspect of the Islamofascist far Left nexus is the co-option of the very jargon of the “progressives” by medieval religious fanatics. They are “resisting” the “occupation.” They want “peace,” and an end to “oppression.” Go to one of their websites, and you’ll read jargon that’s a mirror image of some Marxist tract written before the demise of the Soviet Union.

We see the same pose, and the same contempt for reality, in all the modern causes of the “progressive” left. To “save” the environment, they would have us shut down “evil” nuclear plants, even though they produce no greenhouse gases, and are an order of magnitude safer than any realistic alternative. The lies documented in the “Skeptical Environmentalist” will have the same effect as those of the boy who called “Wolf!” For these liars, the goal is to pose as saviors of the environment, not to actually save it. Indeed, you can be sure they will never actually “save” anyone or anything. For them, it would be self-defeating. They would merely have one less “victim” to “save.”

Everywhere one looks, it’s the same. The “animal rights” fanatics at PETA try to prevent animal research that has saved countless human lives. They can strike “heroic” poses as fighters against the evil profiteers who run our pharmaceutical companies. They ignore much greater evils, such as the Amish puppy farms, where thousands of animals are stacked on top of each other in cramped, open crates, the animals on top defecating on those below. After all, it wouldn’t be as “heroic” to oppose a religious minority that could easily pose as a “victim.” The pose is everything, the reality nothing.

One of the saddest think about the whole, ludicrous charade of the modern “progressives,” who will be the first victims of the Islamists anywhere they actually do take power, is that their roots are in the Enlightenment. It’s sad that any great cause, and, for that matter, any religion, can be so perverted. Coleridge was right when he wrote,

“The Sensual and the Dark rebel in vain,
Slaves by their own compulsion! In mad game,
They burst their manacles, and wear the name
Of freedom graven on a heavier chain!”

Would it ever occur to the Communists and Socialists to look at the "Party of God" policies on the human rights of women, gays, and Dhimmis? If "oppression" is the issue, how could Islam possibly win that argument?

"as a German I am shocked and worried. Here it is again: a mass of people manipulated, marching together and feeling good in the middle of a mainstream."

Rest assured, this is far from a "German thing." The same nutballs have been stinking up cities on the other side of the pond as well. The only difference as far as I can tell is the signs are written in German rather than English. It's almost like these protests are coordinated by an international group. But we all know that could never happen.


Gabi, LouMinatti is right - this is not a 'German thing' - and how many of the protesters were Muslims first and Germans maybe third? No way to tell from where I sit.

We went to a dinner party last night. I was the youngest person there - I'm 54. One of the guests, Ellen, was born in Germany but I'm not sure I'd consider her German. She's lived all over the world, primarily Romania, speaks French and Italian, but not much German.

At any rate, she started on Iraq and Bush. "Bush knows NOTHING about democracy. Bush is DICtator! Heil Bush!" and gave the Nazi salute.

My husband caught me mid-air flying over the coffee table.

It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

I read Tilmam Krauses article today and liked his explanation about Grass, his hatred towards people who think differen. He calls it "antibürgerlicher Affekt des kleinen Mannes". I would not use this term but I think this attitude in human beings to hate and to get violent in a group, is a typical attitude all over the world. People shouting "burn burn Denmark, burn burn America - a really frightening video on GEGENSTIMME), they don't know, they just feel hatred. People in the US shouting Bush is a terrorist, this unbelievable behaviour of Cindy Sheehan, it all comes to the same: the hatred in all those people. What a power of hatred in the times of internet. I know, they are not only marching in Germany. Our journalists are beating the drums (Trommel schlagen).

Ende einer Dienstzeit
Nicht seine Zugehörigkeit zur Waffen-SS, nicht sein 60-jähriges Verschweigen, sondern sein moralischer Rigorismus macht Günter Grass anfechtbar.
Von Tilman Krause

"Und hier liegt denn auch das Problem mit Günter Grass: Nicht seine Mitgliedschaft in der Waffen-SS, nicht sein 60-jähriges Verschweigen dieser Tatsache machen ihn anfechtbar. Sondern dass er aus seinem Verstricktsein kein Ambivalenzbewusstsein ableiten konnte, jedenfalls nicht in seinen politischen Äußerungen. Seine Verurteilungen der politischen Gegner, sein manichäisches Weltbild, sein unbewältigter, unbearbeiteter Hass auf das andere - auch jetzt im Interview: "Wir hatten Adenauer, grauenhaft, mit all den Lügen, mit dem ganzen katholischen Mief" - das alles zeugt von einer NS-geprägten Mentalität. NS-geprägt nicht im Sinne des verbrecherischen Elans, der dieser politischen Bewegung eigen war. NS-geprägt in der Unfähigkeit, Ambivalenz zuzulassen und auch den Mitmenschen, die anders denken, Ambivalenz zuzugestehen. Vor allem, wenn diese Mitmenschen der bürgerlichen Sphäre zuzuordnen sind. Auch in seinem neuen Buch finden sich für den antibürgerlichen Affekt des kleinen Mannes, mit dem die Nazis so bravourös zu spielen wussten, Belege zuhauf. An Bayreuth, um diese eine Beispiel zu bringen, fällt dem Millionär aus bescheidenen Verhältnissen nur das "widerliche Getue des neureichen Pöbels im Umfeld der monströsen Kultscheune" auf, löst nur "den Lachnerv reizenden Ekel" aus."


I think Lou is exactly right. Socialists wrote the book on globalization. After 9/11, I searched the internet for expert opinions on a number of various topics. I wanted to know why the world hated us (it's how I also found DM). I noticed the same "expert" names kept coming up on some crazy f**ked up "news" articles and "scientific" papers. I got suspicious and started researching the authors and found that many of these widely recognized "scholars" and "experts" were featured speakers at this Socialist convention here, and that Communist forum there.

The moonbats are highly organized and VERY GLOBAL. It's like they have created a self-sustainable ideological echo chamber of "scholars" and "scientists" and "experts". I suspect many have jobs paid by taxpayers in socialist countries. No need to take a chance on ideas in the free market. There is a global socialist government funded ideology cult that keeps these people singing from the same page.

David asked a question a week or so ago wondering if his "work was done" because it seemed the German media was no longer demonizing America as in the recent past. I think the reason the German media has lightened up on the blatant hate spew is not because David's work is done, but because the German media's work is done. In other words, the hate has become so commonly accepted as fact, there is no longer a need to stoke it because it is already the default position.

Another day, another phoney ceasefire. Expect lots more of this kind of blather about "historic opportunies" and "solutions to the crisis" and "compromise." These people would try to compromise with the hangman at their own execution. The essence of this conflict is very simple, yet the true believers in the infinite power of diplomacy never seem to get it. Israel's enemies do not accept her right to exist, and are determined to wipe her off the face of the map. Until that changes, the conflict will continue. No nation can make compromises about its right to exist. Talk? Sure, let's talk. Let's send 100,000 diplomats to Iran, Syria, Gaza and Lebanon. Let them sit down with Israel's enemies and repeat over and over and over again, "You must accept Israel's right to exist." Until that right is accepted, until it is clearly understood, further diplomacy is a chimera, a fantasy of those who believe that all human conflict is simply a result of misunderstanding, and that peace is always just around the corner, a mere matter of clearing up the misunderstanding. The Chamberlains have ye always with you! Diplomacy can succeed in the Middle East. It succeeded in the cases of Egypt and Jordan, but only after those states had accepted Israel's right to exist. It will never succeed with those who do not accept that right. It's that simple.

Talk to terrorists!
If they want to kill you - talk to terrorists!
If they hate you because you are Jewish - drink tea with them!
If they want to destroy your country - talk even more. Talk Talk talk ...
Talk about the value of life to someone who loves to die.
How many years does Bertram want this UNILATERAL talk??? Isn't talk something what needs also two parties? Do terrorists want to talk before killing or after? I have no idea.
Death to Israel? Go and shake hands. Love is in the air. When you stop trying to talk, because there is no answer, then go on because you are always guilty for the failure.

What a view of the world Bertram has: The occupation caused the intifada.

I think, nobody can be that silly. They just do it for money.

So, if I would destroy Bertram's house, because I don't like his opinion, he is guilty for my act because he had this opinion. I am not responsible. He caused it. He should have talked to me.

I cannot bear those people anymore.


Nato to Lebanon – but on one condition
Christoph Bertram

Unilateral occupation without commitment to a viable Palestinian state has produced only the intifada and suicide bombers.

So the prior condition for setting up and joining an international force for Southern Lebanon must be that Israel renews its commitment to the “road map” and negotiations with the Palestinians for a viable Palestinian state. With this aim in mind, it must enter into talks with democratically elected Palestinian representatives. True, such talks will be difficult, and they may not succeed. But that can no longer be an argument against diplomacy now that Israeli unilateralism has once again proven to be a strategic blind alley.

Only an Israel seriously willing to seek security through agreement, not one that wants to impose her security on her neighborhood by fiat, can be partner to an international effort to bring stability to Lebanon and beyond.

Christoph Bertram is the former Director of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP).

Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2006.

Somebody who says it better than me: Melanie Phillips on Nationalreview:

"The explanation for Britain’s deep state of denial, Phillips said, is partly psychological: “A holy war is a horrific concept. It is a protracted fight with an uncertain outcome and an enormous cost in terms of casualties. Human nature, when we are faced with a reality that is overwhelmingly awful, is to deny its existence and alight instead on something that is less bad.” She said that is why so many in Britain blame London and Washington for provoking terror attacks. “We can change ourselves. This is within the scope of our potential. Consequently, the British cannot come to grips with the terrible ideology that’s driving the global jihad.”

“It’s not enough to thwart terrorist plots and break up terrorist cells, vital as those things are,” she said. “In addition, what they have to do and have not done is address the ideas that are driving people to these horrible acts.” They are ideas, she said, based on a paranoid view of the world in which that the West is out to destroy the Muslim world and controlled by the Jews.

“That’s why the war in Lebanon is so important,” she said. “The British don’t understand the reality, which is that Israel is the front line of defense for the West. In the Islamic mind, the Jews are the center of the problem. They believe the Jews are the puppet masters of the West, and the Jews and the West have a malign intention to destroy the world of Islam.” That is why it is so dangerous to misunderstand the conflict, she said. “This is certainly not a fight over Palestinian territory. The fight over Israel is today a fight caused by the fact that the Muslim and Arab world does not want Israel to exist. When we look closely, we find a desire to wipe Israel off the map and destroy the Jewish people altogether. That is what is driving jihad. That is why Israel is important.”

"My husband caught me mid-air flying over the coffee table."

Pamela, you sound like my wife. BTW, I would have let you go.

I predict that Hezbollah will not disarm, and that it will not leave southern Lebanon. That's almost as risky as predicting the sun will come up in the morning.

@Gabi: "What a view of the world Bertram has: The occupation caused the intifada.

I think, nobody can be that silly. They just do it for money.

So, if I would destroy Bertram's house, because I don't like his opinion, he is guilty for my act because he had this opinion. I am not responsible. He caused it. He should have talked to me.

I cannot bear those people anymore."

Gabi, you are so loaded with good sense :). People like you give me hope for Europe.

@Helian: "I predict that Hezbollah will not disarm, and that it will not leave southern Lebanon. That's almost as risky as predicting the sun will come up in the morning."

If so, and I suspect that you're right, then the "cease fire" is off. It no longer exists. And Israel will wipe the Hezbos off the map.

It's a win-win.

"If so, and I suspect that you're right, then the 'cease fire' is off. It no longer exists. And Israel will wipe the Hezbos off the map."

Would that things were so simple. I don't doubt that Hezbollah is moving back in even as we speak, and Israel is well aware of it. Israel can't hit them except in self defense, or they would pay an unacceptable political price for breaking the "cease fire." Unfortunately, it will probably be necessary for them to wait, allowing Hezbollah to reoccupy and restore its smashed positions and rearm. The "peacekeeping force" will make a few cosmetic gestures, but will otherwise stand aside. When Hezbollah decides it's ready for another go at it, the provocations will begin anew, and the new "peacekeeping force" will be used just as artfully as the old one by Hezbollah as a propaganda tool.

"Rockets hit Lebanon despite cease-fire"

By STEVEN R. HURST, Associated Press Writer
1 hour, 3 minutes ago (8.20 a.m. Germany)

"Highlighting the fragility of the peace, Hezbollah guerrillas fired at least 10 Katyusha rockets that landed in southern Lebanon early Tuesday, the Israeli army said, adding that nobody was injured. The army said that none of the rockets, which were fired over a two-hour period, had crossed the border and so it had not responded."

This headline is so vicious!!!!
Who is Steven R. Hurst?
Why is he doing it?
I don't want those lies anymore.
Journalists lies is one of the evil of our time.


Sorry, I forgot the url.

I want claer answers and decisions from our journalists. What is Al-Manar? How much hate speech is there? Is this part of our so called free press? We need honest researches and answers. We have to KNOW what they are reporting.

"The IFJ represents more than half a million journalists in some 110 countries. In a July 14 press release, the organization said that Israel's attack on Al-Manar's Beirut headquarters last week follows a pattern of media targeting that threatens the lives of media staff, violates international law and endorses the use of violence to stifle dissident media."
The Israel Association of Journalists decided on Thursday to suspend its membership in the International Federation of Journalists to protest the association's condemnation of Israel's attacks on Hizbullah's Al-Manar television network.

In a strongly worded letter, the Israeli journalists accused IFJ general secretary Aidan White of "cowardice" for not retracting the organization's condemnation of Israel and said White deserved a "badge of shame" for calling the Hizbullah propaganda tool "free press."


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