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If talented writers don't show up, one idea to make it easier on you, David and Ray, would be to maybe co-opt someone (or more than one person) to do some of the "administrative" tasks. That means keeping an eye on the comments so that they don't get out of hand because of spammers or vicious moonbats (which apparently doesn't really happen anymore). You, the "writers", would only have to send the posts to the "admin", who would then take care of the posting part and the comments.

The other option is, of course, David and Ray taking care of those administrative tasks and spending less time on new posts and research. This would be done primarily by (talented) volunteers.

Writing articulate and referenced articles is extraordinarily difficult. For a second there, I thought I'd submit one. As I was contemplating various topics and lines of reasoning, it suddenly occurred to me: You know how much WORK that is?!?

So, hats off to you guys who do it every day for my amusement, so that I can spout off with inane little comments like this.

@ Oh Eric!

Actually, it is work, but it is also fun and highly stimulating and extremely rewarding. That is why so many people out there are blogging. My advice is: Believe in yourself and submit your work. Where else are you going to have an audience this large and this interested in our field?

I'm saddened to read the between the lines implications of this. I've read your blog to follow not only anti-American bias by the German media, but what's happening in Germany. Dudes, I was forced to take 1 year language (German) in college before the requirement was dropped for the Engineering School.

I can't help by translating. Is there any other way I can help? An American perspective w/o a German "reading/understanding" just wouldn't wash.

@ MaDr

No need to be sad. If you really read between the lines, we are trying to expand and grow this project. Otherwise, stay tuned.

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