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Well, I'm not going to cry, but I would have liked to see Germany make it to the final. Boy, I hope the French lose!

People at work laughed at me when I told them not to underestimate Italy. I had USA TSG-6 tickets and could have continued to follow Italy to Dortmund, but I sold them to a German buddy of mine who went to the game with his HOT Italian wife. At least someone is happy in that relationship!

Italy looked stronger in the extended play and won doing so. Germany looked content to let it go to penalties. Looks like the German team also underestimated the Italians!

I think they let up a couple minutes too early because they figured it was pretty much over and that the game would be decided by the penalty shots (which they probably would have won).

They are still a really great team though - and it's a young team too, so they could get another chance.

That said, there were a lot of nasty things being said about the Italians and the Italian team. I think a lot of German fans had become convinced that they couldn't possibly lose, and many people were being really arrogant about it. I really wanted Germany to win the WM, but at the same time this attitude ruined a lot - there are bad losers, but there is such a thing as a bad winner too.

While an Italian American, I was rooting for Germany, not Italy.


1. I was sickened by Italy's negative cynical tactics, especially in the games against us and the Australians. You looked at an Italian too long, and they fell to the ground clutching their legs and/or groin, all the while, stopping occasionally to fix their hair.

2. Germany was playing attacking, attractive soccer.

3. My in-laws are german immigrants -- I have to go back 2 generations to find Italian born in my family.

4. I had a great time in Germany during the first round of the Cup.

Well, that is what you get by playing for penalties. My hope is that Klinsmann now becomes the US coach.

I too had hoped Germany would win it all. It's like the NCAA basketball tournament, only one team goes home happy. Unfortunately, the US largely misses out on the excitement of what has to be one of the world's largest parties. If only they knew.

On a more serious note, something has got to be done about the referees. They had way too much influence on the outcome of a lot of the games.

Give it 24 hours and the German press will find some way to blame their loss on George Bush!

Yeah, seems as if there was a major concentration letdown by the German team just before the end of the match. I was really pulling for Germany in this cup. Nevertheless, they showed themselves to be a young team with a brilliant future. As a nation, the Germans put on a fantastic WM, and they should be especially proud of that. I pity South Africa (2010 site)as they have the success of the Germans as a yardstick.

When Italy scored it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I'm an Italy fan but an even bigger Germany anti-fan. I'm in Thailand at the moment (many ex-pats here) and the desire for Germany to LOSE was pretty much universal, except among Germans. Among my Italian friends, the Speigel article was specifically mentioned as a cause of special satisfaction at the games outcome.

Before the world cup I thought that I would be content in case we make it to the semi-finals.
The defeat hurts me - but I m content about what this young team achieved.
Now I so hope the french make it, they are the most sympathic team remaining in the competition. Hopefully they take out Italy in the finals and make those babies cry all night :)

Allez les bleus!

From his bunker in the White House, President Bush was directing high-frequency, long-range "German distraction waves" at the German players for the last few minutes of overtime. That's why the Italians scored so easily. Watch for details in Der Spiegel, no doubt.

Pac Rim Jim,

"German distraction waves"....LOL! I was thinking small.... more on the line that Klinsman's American wife was a Republican.

dedicated to all german people who tink that in my country there are only "pizzaioli" or "mafiosi" or "bastards" or "imbroglioni": fuck off moterfukers! kiss my beutifull 100% ITALIAN ASS!!!! we played well, more than german! ITALIA ITALIA ITALIA ITALIA!!!!!! GO HOME GUYS...OPS...U JUST AT HOME....!!!!!AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Note from David: Well, I guess this Italian has a right to his opinion, even though he is somewhat rude...

The distraction waves accomplished nothing. When will the shrub and his illiterate stooges finally learn that laser-guided military systems are all but worthless? The IMO politically neutral Le Monde and Spiegel have proved this a long time ago.

No, the real reason for Italy's success was the recent election of the liberal Prodi. Finally mafia-affiliated Bush-nuthugging Berlusconi was ousted and you just can feel the fresh breeze of leftist honesty permeating the capitalist fug, the energy that is radiated by the unshackled masses.

Things had gotten so bad under "Ole" Silvio that several Italian players had posed in recent D&G ads wearing nothing but briefs. That's all the rich had left them with.

In the group phase yankee imperialists had all but managed to derail Italian glory with unprovoked attacks on sovereign Azurri ankles.

But the morally superior Europeans just wouldn't be denied any more and after a skilfully produced win over imperialist vegemite-munchers and Iraq-occupying Ukrainians in the play-offs reached the semi-final.

It was a hard struggle , as at first it didn't seem appropriate to defeat the also-liberal krauts.
But then it dawned them that it was their task, their destiny to make sure that the new-found German patriotism would never rear it's ugly head again.

Va', pensiero, sull'ali dorate.
Va', ti posa sui clivi, sui coll,
ove olezzano tepide e molli
l'aure dolci del suolo natal!


"No, the real reason for Italy's success was the recent election of the liberal Prodi."

Do you think that because Prodi got elected, that Jerry Schroeder will be vacationing back in Tuscany? Or did the Azuri's win put a cold shoulder on Jerry's vacation plans? (The Black Sea is an acquired taste, but state-paid Czarist villa can be a fun vacation for an out of office polititian.)

"Things had gotten so bad under "Ole" Silvio that several Italian players had posed in recent D&G ads wearing nothing but briefs. That's all the rich had left them with."

Wow, same thing happened here to Michael Jordan! Those damned rich Republicans! Worth another Marc Pitzke scoop! I hope Marc is interviewing every gay men's underwear salesmen on 36th Street.

"In the group phase yankee imperialists had all but managed to derail Italian glory with unprovoked attacks on sovereign Azurri ankles."

Ironic, the Amies are the only team so far in the World Cup not to be beaten by the Italians!

The French made it to the finals !


The Portuguese were pushing very hard but it seems the French warriors don't even know the meaning of the word "surrender".
A lot of players are black so even after the exit of holders Brazil we will see a "chocolate world cup winner" (Ray Nagin).

"Which means George W. won't watch" adds socially concerned Kanye West.

@George M.
Schroeder, who is an honest man (no, really!) doesn't watch the world cup a lot. He suspects FIFA boss Blatter to be a lying soandso.
However he was in stitches the last time Blatter spoke out about helping Africa and developping poor countries. "Works every time" he cheered.

Don't worry about the Italians, they greaseballs will get their butt handed to them on Sunday. But no prejudice, this is Germany after all, nobody likes American-style black-and-white thinking.

actually over the long run this might not be so bad that the German team lost.

Given that while the WC has been taking place taxes have been raised 4%.

It is quite possible had play been extended the increase could have been even greater.

So even in a black cloud there is a bit of sunshine.


Two things - not only will the POTUS not be watching, he has other things to do with his time, most Americans will not be either given the just released viewership numbers.

As for your former dearly departed leader, oh please. He was not a member of the axis of weasles without reason.

Yes it is probably good the french are in. They really do not have much to be cheerful about given the state of their nation.

Good article, but get the facts straight. Roger Staubach was the comeback king. Google it to confirm!!

But don't get me wrong, Bradshaw is a hero too. Maybe better overall than Roger.

But growing up with Roger Staubach as one of my heroes built in to me a belief that I should never never never give up, even as the end of the game is coming and I am behind 2 touchdowns.

Does soceer have those kind of heroes?? I hope so.

Once the Germans lose the "Schadenfreude" they usually display when their old foes like Holland or England go out of tournaments I might become just a little bit sympathetic (well, maybe not).

"Is this the beginning of something big, the return of patriotism?" I hear some people ask...

I don't think so. I'm hard pressed to come up with reasons why Germans should be proud and what they could be proud of. This country is still going down the drain and even the surprisingly successful performance of their football team is not going to change that. The same goes for the EU in general, by the way. Socialism is outdated but nobody in Europe seems to notice.

I may not be the biggest soccer/Fussball expert around, but boy, I sure HATE the penalty kicks to decide a game. They should play until they fall over. Or at least after the first 30 minutes of overtime go to sudden death (Golden Goal).

But you gotta say, that first Italian goal in the overtime was a beauty. After watching the replay/Zeitlupe, it really was amazing how he threaded the needle.

With all those flags flying in Germany... I wonder how Franka Potente is handling it.


In my long life it happened the first time, that I bought some German flags and put them on our cars. And I felt great! First time in my life, I did not develop a bad feeling in my stomach when people waved the German flag. I could listen to the national anthem and enjoyed it. I don't know, how it happened. It was a big wave full of joy coming over Germany and took us all by surprise. All the years when we celebrated the 4th of July, my American husband wanted to buy a German flag too. I denied it strongly all those years. It was like an illness what disappeared over night. Perhaps Franka Potente felt the same like many?! I hope so because it was a burden not to like the own flag.

Congratulations to Germany for a series well played :).

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