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I ve never seen a cartoon that was more hostile towards europe in a whole than this one. Looks like both sides of the atlantic are arming in their journalistic actions.

Hostile to Europe, Dave? Don't they show it the way it is?

No mention of the 'kidnapped' Israeli soldiers which supplied the causus belli. Nor a mention of the missles and rockets fired over the borders. Except by Angela Merkel of course. But not Zapatero or the Pope, God forbid!

Peace means - forebeance. Forebearing from kidnappings and firing missles and rockets & killing Israeli civilians (or soldiers for that matter). If these things happen there is no peace, a point which Israel is now pressing Hitzboallah and Hamas in the only medium they appear to understand. Force.

Gedmin is great!

CNN International (Nick Robertson) has interviews with hezbollah press) (propaganda) officer. When will they learn?!

press- (propaganda) officer

CNN International (Nick Robertson) has interviews with hezbollah press

Laura Ingraham talked a lot today on her radio show about this. Hezbollah representative takes Nick Robertson on a guided tour, during which he keeps spouting how murderous those Israeli attacks. Can anyone imagine an American (or British) journalist during WWII on a tour guided by the SS, during which the SS complains about the US bombings ? Media bias ? Which bias ?

@ Don

I know that those powers described in the picture have condemned the israeli offense. But they have not been hurting the israelis, as one might guess from a look at the cartoon. That's the reason why it seems so hostile to display Europe this way nonetheless.

@Dave: The Israeli "offense"? Defending themselves is an "offense"? Who do you think started it? Hint: It wasn't the IDF sneaking over the border to kidnap people in Lebannon.

The position you're backing is that Israel, and by extension the United States, alone among all of the nations of the world, are not entitled to defend themselves against unprovoked attack. In other words, they do not have the right to exist, and their citizens do not have the right to be alive. Can't you see how badly this plays in the Anglosphere? It comes across as, "We, the European elite, have the sole right to determine who is allowed to exist in the world." There are a lot of Jews in America, and Americans have a sensitivity towards the plight of the Jews that Europe, by and large, doesn't seem to share.

Arguably, the citizens of the Anglosphere today are the most productive and most capable (both economically and militarily) in the world. If this is a segment of the world population that France, Spain, and the Vatican feel they can do without, then by all means, they should continue presenting themselves as hypocritical, self-serving elitists.

In defense of the Pope, the Vatican's statements do condemn the terrorist actions that prompted the response. I pray that Cdl. Sodano's successor will clean house because the Vatican foreign policy shop *is* currently biased toward arabs. Personnel was never JP II's strong suit.

I do not consider Zapatero and Chirac to be "Europe" anymore than I thought it was legitimate for Chirac to tell E. Europe to sit down and be quiet. The Pope is a global figure, not european, as will become clear the next pope or two when they go to an african, asian, or latin american. And including Putin as european is great news. When will the EU accession talks begin? If Russia is Europe now, let it stay Europe in all its dysfunctional and strange glory.

"So the Palestinians have proved again that they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

LOL! Great line by Gedmin.

@TM: Point taken about Zap and Chirac. With the caveat that Chirac in particular has the political connections to put the EU's mechanisms in service of his words, and that speeches like these give cover to leaders in other nations, like Holland, who might think twice otherwise. I fully agree with you about Putin; who the hell let him into the club? Yeah, he's at the G-8 conference, but he didn't exactly get his way with that.

And yes, the Vatican really does need to clean house. I think we're just now beginning to realize how thoroughly it was infiltrated by the KGB and its fellow travellers on the continent in the '60s and '70s, and the damage that they did.

@ Cousin Dave

"Can't you see how badly this plays in the Anglosphere? It comes across as, "We, the European elite, have the sole right to determine who is allowed to exist in the world."

Now I see :)
Maybe the european leaders are as tired of this conflict as they are of all conflicts in african countries without relevant ressources. I wonder how long it takes to make american leaders tired of it, too. Some problems solve themselves. Maybe the Israelis wipe out all their surrounding neighbours by bombing them into stone age. Maybe the muslim terrorists get armed by Iran and bomb the Israelis out of their cities. Either way, there would be one conflict less to worry about.

The only ones who profit by a constant struggle are the arming industries. Maybe their representatives have influenced european statesmen?
This wouldn't be very surprising as it works just this way in most african civil wars.

@Dave: Boredom is no excuse. Besides, Europe has an incredible talent for consistently backing the wrong side in African conflicts. If France hadn't wasted so much of its precious few resources in the Ivory Coast, who knows, perhaps it could have spared a few troops for Darfour. As for the rest of your statement, you might think different if, say Ethiopian terrorists had flown airliners into the Eiffel Tower and the Reichstag.

@Dave - I've been hearing this more and more lately. the 'poor, misunderstood, abused european' meme seems to be gathering popularity as a response to what many Americans saying nasty things about them.

Not saying there isn't unfair criticism and atacks that go overboard. There are. But many of the criticisms are fully justified.


This is all very confusing for rhe euros and even more so for the Germans. They hold the moral high ground. They are the ones who are suppose to be handing out the criticism, not getting it.

Those evil Americans and Jews are the cause of all the problems they have in their little socialist paradise called euorpe.

@ Cousin Dave

"Europe has an incredible talent for consistently backing the wrong side in African conflicts."

From a humanitarian point of view, you may be right. But when european countries interfere in africa one must admit that they do it from a different point of view. The french are determined to hold their influence in their former colonies. That is often the reason why they have to support "their" governments in africa from being overthrown.

And I dont think germany is an exception of the rule. Securing the first democratic elections in Congo? This would only be believeable if we would have secured other democratic elections there as well. I believe the main reason to interfere for european countries in africa are 1) increase it's influence against other european countries as well as china and the usa and then 2) hand over the ressource-mining towards national companies while 3) keeping up public order to make this profitable.

So there is not much humanitarian in the process I could spot.

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