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This is a very interesting comment: " In the public diction of the Republicans and Democrats the US Armed Forces are the best and purest in the world, and their members all heroes, the flower of the nation."

Does he mean that NOT demeaning our troops is somehow fascist???

Does he not believe in the concept of "innocent until proven guilty"? Or does he prefer lynch mobs?

And another thing... just HOW is this joker defining "fascist"?

Surely he isn't using that term in its REAL definition... a socialist system that allows private business under strict government control (which describes most of Europe today)???

@ LC

Although I don't think he actually uses the term "fascist", Klau's implication is clear.

Patriotic fervor? Americans have many reasons to be patriotic, but it seems that only soccer elicits patriotic ferver in Germans. I wonder why that is.

The question that I have to ask is, 'Do our trains run on time?' And if they do, is he the one who timed them? And if they don't, how can we be fascist? :) I think we need a moot on this. When can he be ready?

Maybe that is why Joschka is going to the USA.. he wants to help prevent this.
After all he worked such miracles in the Israeli/Palestine conflict (sarcasm off).
Careful Joschka! in Fascist America you will be shipped off to Gitmo!

"Whoever follows the political debate and the media reporting in the USA on the matter, however, can hardly find an independently researched word not authorized by the military."

The German MSM usually lie by telling half-truths about America, constantly searching out and harping about the negative without supplying balance or context. It's seldom that they resort to blatant, grotesque lies like this. It's truly scary that there are so many people in Germany and elsewhere who are perfectly capable of believing such rot. It must bring a smile to the face of former STASI shills everywhere. Apparently unemployment among them is not so lamentably high as I once suspected. Many of them seem to have merely migrated to jobs in the German MSM.

I was recently on a business trip that included people from both the military and academia. At a dinner one night, a former four star general produced a sheaf of copies of a "New Yorker" article that condemned the Bush Administration for alledgedly condoning the torture and mistreatment of prisoners, a claim that I happen to completely agree with. The significant thing is not that I agreed with the article, however, but that a former four star general would feel so strongly about it that he would copy it and distribute it at a dinner, and then stand up and explain to those present why he agreed with it. Indeed, anyone who has ever actually been a part of the U.S. military, or who has taken the trouble to speak to members of the military will immediately recognize that Klau's lying bunk tarted up as "independent analysis" is just that - lying bunk.

It's interesting how big the disconnect with reality has become for people like Klau. They have begun to live within a "sharashka," a lie so big that they even believe it themselves. They have passed beyond mere deception of others to self-deception, to the point that they are now blithely unconcerned that anyone can quickly expose their lies with a few clicks on Google. They have begun to live out their hate, and for them, the myth has been transmuted into reality.

We don't want to lead the freaking world! Get that through your head, Mr. Kraut, er, Klau. We're stuck in this position from first defeating, then defending places like... Germany!

You should know about aspiring to world leadership, but somehow don't. How many times do we have to dismantle a giant military machine to make it clear we're not interested in your mess of a continent?

I can't think of anything witty or sarcastic to say. The mind boggles that such garbage could be printed in the German press, or anywhere for that matter.

How does the saying go? The shadow of Fascism always seems to be falling across the US but it always lands in Europe.

Clearly Germany, a country that has only had Democracy finally forced on it after a horrific war that they lost badly has some working out to do regarding the basic understanding of democratic principles and free speech. Arrest any Holocaust deniers recently there? How is your draft going? Keeping up those recruit numbers?

Let's not forget a very important thing, repeated over and over again: everybody loves America, they just don't like Bush. Yeah, right...

This article is so beyond absurd, it's not even worth fisking. When I read articles like this I don't really concentrate on the blind accusations anymore (they basically repeat themselves), I only think of the effects it will have on the German readers. It is one thing to criticize American policies, it's a totally different thing to spread lies about America. This is exactly what this article does! This is not harsh criticism, it is a construct based completely on lies. Those aren't even subjective interpretations, they are outright lies.

This is German journalism in action in a.D. 2006, not 1936. Those are the journalists who inform the German people about the world and America. America also has similar journalists, but in Germany they represent the overwhelming majority. Their degree of viciousness may vary, but the substance is always the same - America is bad.

Only hatred can make someone disregard the truth to such a degree. Every single person has likes and dislikes, but not everyone's dislikes reach this level of hatred. Not all Germans are filled with such hatred, but many of the people who inform them are.

The amazing thing is that you can get away with the most ridiculous accusations in Germany. Who in the MSM will challenge those journalists? Who will set the record straight, who in the MSM will offer the Germans a different view, or even the truth, for a change? Only once in a while people like F. Gaffney in "Die Welt", or M. Naumann in "Die Zeit"? That's it? Is this enough to stop the march of a propaganda machine who seems to have risen out of the ashes of dark history?

No surprises, I read the UK Financial Times serveral times a week and the columnists and guest opinion writers are just as vile. The guest writers from the US are usually leftist acacademic lunatics from Berkeley or Columbia. I find it strange that supposed "conservative" papers are reading like NYT, Spiegel and other assorted agit-prop rags, but they all spew the same messages no matter how bereft of facts or little information is derived. Bleating cliched, sparse information that doesn't allow you to assemble an accurate opinion on a topic and the conformity of the underlying message is truly bizarre.

Who knows Ray, maybe the articles are getting more shrill because people don't believe the messengers anymore... and they know it.

Good time to trot out the Tom Wolfe quote: the dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe.


"who in the MSM will offer the Germans a different view?" I know, I am running the risk of repeating myself, but there are different voices, and they are as mainstream as they come. This link (read "corporate principle") should give you an idea of what I am talking about. The biggest newspaper in Europe, the Bild Zeitung, is anything but anti-American. Which is not to say that this Financial Times column stinks. I am simply getting the impression that some of the readers of this blog are under the impression that what they're getting here is a survey of German media as a whole, when it's really more of a watchdog concerned with anti-Americanism.

"I am simply getting the impression that some of the readers of this blog are under the impression that what they're getting here is a survey of German media as a whole, when it's really more of a watchdog concerned with anti-Americanism."

Bull! The German MSM is uniformly and homogeneously anti-American from "left" to "right." And why? Because anti-Americanism sells in Germany. I love it when the apologists for the hate mongers cite Bild Zeitung as a shining example of pro-Americanism in Germany. You might as well cite the National Enquirer as an example of the even-handed treatment of rednecks who see UFO's in the US. Don't believe it, my friends. You can get your anti-American fix in Germany in sedate, civilized form via the FAZ, in 68er form via SDZ or SPON, in skinhead form from the Deutsche National Zeitung, or in fluffy, mindless moron form from Focus. The fundamental, anti-American message is always there, and its surprisingly uniform. Read the neo-Nazi rags for awhile, and you're as sure to see the smiling faces of Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore on the front pages as on any link to SPON. Many Germans have access to American blogs and even talk radio, and many of them speak English quite well enough to understand them. It doesn't matter. A large number of them need their hate fix. They read what they want to read, and they believe what they want to believe. Klau's article, utterly disconnected from any semblance of reality, is a case in point. The good news is that "flux" is not typical of all Germans. From the very start there have been honest and decent people among them, perhaps more than you would find in any other culture under similar circumstances, who have defended America better than the Americans could do it themselves. Their only reward for their resistance to the culture of hate has been scorn and contempt. They persevere, and their numbers are growing, in the blogosphere and elsewhere. We should never forget the gratitude we owe them, or take them for granted.


"The good news is that "flux" is not typical of all Germans." The good news may be that I am not German, but that's beside the point. You're comparing Bild Zeitung and the National Enquirer? Well, ok, I rest my case. Thanks for resorting to personal attacks, though, pal.

@ flux

In all honesty, I wouldn't put the Bild Zeitung very far ahead of the National Enquirer in terms of quality and content. The fact that so many Germans take Bild seriously is another matter altogether.


I don't think we would argue about quality and content of the Bild Zeitung. Still, I doubt you would find a column written by Tony Blair or an exclusive interview with George W. Bush in the National Enquirer. "The fact that so many Germans take Bild seriously is another matter altogether." Well, yes, but the fact remains that it's a pro-Israel, pro-American publication by definition, and it's taken very seriously by a lot of German people.

"Thanks for resorting to personal attacks, though, pal."

All personal attacks aside, "pal," if you're trying to claim that anti-Americanism in the German media is unusual or an anomaly, you're either lying or you don't know what you're talking about. In the years it's been online, Medienkritik has documented anti-Americanism in virtually every major German TV and news outlet, as well as a good number of the smaller ones, and yet you come in here blowing smoke and pretending it's all a big misunderstanding. I don't know whether you're German or not, or what your particular reason happens to be for distorting reality, but if you don't like to be told that you're distorting reality, I suggest you take your dog and pony show elsewhere, because that's precisely what you're doing.

Helian, please show me a single quote where I claimed "that anti-Americanism in the German media is unusual or an anomaly". I am all for the work Medienkritik is doing, and I do believe there is a lot of anti-Americanism in the German media. All I was trying to point out was that there are voices in the German media that offer a different view from the examples this blog is presenting, in response to WhatDoIKnow, that's all.

Sorry, but I do not agree with you at all. In the last 15 years the amount of anti-americanism, all through the german media has gone definetly to the 90% level. The few unbiased (I wouldn't even call them pro-american) medias that are there are not able to stem against the distorted view of the US that is promoted here in germany. And I tell you what, the germans don't even want to see another picture. i think they are happy with what they get fed here. It fits so well into their way of thinking: It cannot be that there are countries who do better while everything goes down the tube here.

What can I say? Some coutries take the slow path to fascism... others take the autobahn.

As Gary said, there are some publications who are rather unbiased, NOT pro-American. The overwhelming majority of the German media is openly over-critical of America.

Pointing triumphantly to the Bild Zeitung as a shining example of balanced German journalism is ... so lame... I don't even know if it's a serious argument or a bitter joke.

Where was I "pointing triumphantly to the Bild Zeitung as a shining example of balanced German journalism"? Triumphantly? Shining Example? Or are you talking about someone else? I agreed with RayD about the quality and content of Bild Zeitung. Curious to see what quote you're going to assign to me next time.

Curious to see what quote you're going to assign to me next time


Where did I assign you a quote??? Please point it out to me.

What I said remains valid: coming up with the Bild Zeitung as some sort of evidence that the German media is not that biased is ridiculous and dishonest.

I don't care about the number of readers; I am sure Penthouse or Playboy have a large readership, but this doesn't make them reliable sources of information. Bild Zeitung is a rag, nothing else. So is your argument.

"I agreed with RayD about the quality and content of Bild Zeitung. Curious to see what quote you're going to assign to me next time."

He really dodges around, doesn't he? What a hairsplitter! One wonders what point, exactly, he was trying to make, or if he ever had one to begin with.

One wonders what point, exactly, he was trying to make, or if he ever had one to begin with

Quite amazing, isn't it? Pointing to Bild as a positive example, and when challenged, saying that "sure, they are bad". Huh??? What a heck was that? What was the point noch mal?

P.S. So that flux doesn't get the feeling he is being kicked around, I would like to point to kicker.de, another unbiased German publication, which I guess also has quite a following.

If Germans knew anything about America, they would know that we never take the slow path anywhere. It's the fast lane, baby. Step on the gas.

It might be hard for you to understand but this is how a discussion works. You make a point, others might not agree and counter your point. No need to be upset if someone does think different, it actually spoils the whole idea of discussion.

garydausz, no need to be smug. The only reason I answered a number of times was that I didn't feel my point was taken at all. I do think that there are pro-American voices in the German media, like Die Welt or Bild Zeitung. I do not think that Bild Zeitung is a great newspaper. However, to think that Bild Zeitung is simply a rag that has no influence on the German political discussion is simply naive. How that argument amounts to splitting hairs or triumphantly pointing to Bild as a shining example is beyond me. That's all I want to say, no need to gang up on me again.

I have not read one article which I would consider as anti-americanism. Maybe this is because I cannot read german. I have only lived in germany one year and well....It took me 35 years to learn english. Well, not real english, more like american south english.

No need to be paranoic, there is no gang. I think that your point that there is still a different view in the german media (Bild, Die Welt) is not helping the issue as they might be not anti-american but they do not help to improve the picture of the US as well. Every time there is an article or a comment in the german media that uses outright lies or false statements about the US (and I tell you I see many of them) there should be at least one media that should set this straight. I am sorry but I do not see this here. Those who read BILD are for sure not all pro-american and those who are not get their daily dose of US-Bashing anywhere else.
So what is your point? There is no problem because I cannot see it?

you don't need to read German..
have a look at the union magazine which portrays America as a blood sucker..
or have a look at the Stern/Spiegel covers..
you don't need to understand ONE WORD of German..

Bush will visit Germany. The "peace"movement is exited. Demonstrations everywhere. I feel ashamed for my country. With the help of many journalists they are following again propaganda. And they are again so sure to be right. I would like to tell you: You are again on the wrong side, as Wolf Biermann wrote in Spiegel some years ago. There is a hatred in Germany what makes people blind. A mass hysteria.

Something that seems to report my last statement:


>>The Financial Times newspaper said it was to slash up to 50 jobs as it tried to restructure its editorial operations.

"The media industry is facing a huge challenge to its structure and working practices from the rapidly evolving demands of digital publishing," FT editor Lionel Barber told staff.<<

Germans should not come through Hartsfield at the same time American service members do. It would make the Germans feel very uncomfortable as the American people stand and cheer their heroes.

If the US has been on a slow path to fascism, we have been passed on the road many times. In the last century, it came to France (Vichy), Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Greece, and Hungary, among others. When continental Europeans accuse the US of having fascist sentiments, institutions, or policies, a psychologist would say are most likely projecting their desires and fears onto another party. There has never been an English-speaking fascist regime.


He's just jealous cos he's not.

Once again, fascism is always descending on America but seems to land in Europe.

Or it never left......

This is really getting old, they can only hit 1 note.

Somehow it seems that Mr. Klau is living in a fantasy vacuum of his own making where only facts that correspond to his worldview are actually acknowledged and real.

There's a name for that which Cum Grano Salis (R.I.P.) accurately applied three or so years ago.

He doesn't seem much different than a lot of the American press. Reckless exaggeration, meteoric hyperbole and a willful blindness to anything that would disconfirm his biases are not unique.

The problem with the press in general is that they have an exaggerated sense of their own abilities. They tend to hang around with like thinking individuals. Having never had to balance a budget, they have no problem agreeing that a raise in the minimum wage, for example, is an unmitigated good thing. Of course, the guy the company had to lay off, or they guy they couldn't afford to hire might disagree, but the journalists never consider them. It's easy living in a fantasy world.

When it comes to the War on Terror (or if you prefer, the war on radical Islam), Klau never stops to consider that we tried ignoring it. This started with the Iran hostage crisis. Our forbearance has been mistaken for lack of will, and met with escalating attacks on us and our interests culminating in 9/11.

If Tehran were a pit of radioactive rubble and American mosques were shuttered or burned and American muslims rounded up into concentration camps, then Klau might have a point. It isn't, they weren't and he doesn't.

For a critical view of Bildzeitung, check out the Bildblog at http://www.bildblog.de/

Bildzeitung is good for folks learning German, the sentences are short and the writing is volksnah. I was amazed to see executives reading Bild. I read the Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger http://www.ksta.de/index.shtml back in my day.

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