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Our enemies have never been impressed with the FAILURE TO USE FORCE. America-haters like to pretend that the wild, unkempt, imperial American animals, keep the noble "jihadis" at bay.

The popular myth is that America is hated because she wields power with a heavy hand. I can't think of one instance of modern American imperialism. I think we are hated because we have failed to use our full power. We've shackled ourselves and become the world's excuse for their own impotence.

PS: I hate signing into typekey. It feels creepy. I'd rather know for an absolute fact that Dick Cheney and the CIA would get a personal blood sample than to sign in through whatsis typekey. But, I do.

Note from David: Tom, thanks for going through the procedure of signing in with typekey.
In fact, typekey is a heaven sent to us. Managing the comment section of DMK pre typekey used to be a real nuisance. At times I was under the impression that all anti-American trolls of this world conspired to sabotage our blog by conquering our comment sections. It was terrible.
Thanks to typekey those times are gone.
If something better shows up I'll be glad to abandon typekey.

The difference between the Israeli raid into Gaza now and its previous missions into the occuppied areas is the difference between a raid and restoring order. Gaza is now a area apart from Israeli reponsibilities and a raid can damage or destroy military targets, ie., roads, bridges, infrastructure of any kind, and not have to rebuild them later. The rock throwers of the various intifadas are now irrelevant and the IDF can simply go around them in search of more valuable targets. Though eventually I suspect that either Hamas or Fatah will begin to pack civilians into or near tactical and strategic targets and the death toll among non-combatants will then rise sharply.

David, you hang in there. Typekey is better than having to enter the anti-spam characters with blogger. I can't always decipher those.

I don't buy it. Israel has undermined the entire US effort to bring democracy to the middle east. If any group gets elected that Israel doesn't like the US will oppose or attempt to overthrow them. Small wonder they are little interested in Condi's world tour of hot air about democracy. I should also remind you that Israel seems to have no problem with collective punishment or killing a terrorists entire family as done last year by dropping a 500 lbs US bomb from a US plane in a targeted extra-judicial anhilattion of the suspects entire family. I am surprised that you buy into this propaganda from the IDF since you seem to wade fairly effortlessly through the garbage from your own media.

oops. typos. I wish you could edit these after you post them.

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