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I always love the word "pressure" used by the MSM. It is used whenever it wasts to show that the target has some element of opposition, but that the opposition is powerless to do anything substantial.

That sort of pressure won't get toothpaste out of a tube...

Hello, thought everyone here my be interested in a UK perspective from a former anti-war Viet Nam journalist.

Rumsfeld Vindicated: Headline, of all places on CNN net. Curious to see if they run with this on TV.


My jaw dropped. I may actually view their news programs again.

We're winning the War on Terror in Iraq. The fact CNN would run with this headline is a telling point in our most biased media to date.

We should send these headlines to Spiegel ;-)

Deutschland badet im Blut!!!

Thousands of men, women and children are slaughtered every year in automobile accidents on German roads -- as is the case on the roads of nearly every country in world. We don't see unrelentless hysterical articles about that. The level of violence in Iraq, while tragic, is sustainable from a societal point of view. Iraq could modernize and prosper despite the current rate of death due to terrorist actions -- just as most Western nations prosper despite the incredible number of people killed and maimed in auto accidents each year.

Of course, Spiegel does not really report on the situation in Iraq. It would be more accurate to say that the magazine prodigiously produces propaganda designed to incite ill feelings among Germans toward the U.S. and to provide moral support to the the terrorists in Iraq.

I am continually astounded by the depth of the dishonesty in the German media with regard to the U.S. It must certainly rival anything produced by the National Socialists.

Read Van Gogh's letters to his brother, in which he begs for a little more money. Then talk how it taints art. In no other profession is one expected to work without recompense.

The Iraqi "civil war" meme has to be one of the weakest and most vile of the current series of mainstream lies popular with the international left. Both the insurgency and the sectarian violence has been largely led and funded by foreign jihadis, and neither movement has ever had any popular support. The Iraqi people clearly and overwhelmingly want Democracy and Freedom. It's amazing that so much of the high profile international left seem intentionally blinded to this fact to the point of essentially supporting the enemies of the Iraqi people and further encouraging new jihadis by exaggerating the movements "success". It's disgusting.

I should have said that the jihadis fueling the insurgency and sectarian violence has never had any popular support within Iraqi. They're evidently quite popular in much of Europe and the Arab world.

Tom Penn, they have worked themselves, along with the media in the US, into a corner. Now, if they support the elimination of the hirabah then they look as if they were supporting the US. This is why the NYT is publishing classified info and the European media touts the irreconcilable civil war in Iraq (that the US can't do anything about (They've failed)).

N.B. The term hirabah is being used in lieu of the term jihad. Hirabah loosly translates to murdering butchers whereas jihad translates as honorable muslims fighting for their religion. Defenselink

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