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Aha! Some rare "Germany bashing" return fire from Foxnews. Church lady (er, gentleman) lashes out.

Remember how often the "independent financial experts" at SPIEGEL have painted pictures of doom and gloom and warned their readers to stay away from the U.S. stock markets? Seems like they've been triumphantly vindicated, unless, that is, you compare their performance with that of the German stock markets. I see the DAX, MDax and TecDax are all floating fin up again today, with percentage losses about an order of magnitude greater than the DOW.

And he sneaked off to Baghdad.

They're going bonkers.

Well this sucks. There is all this detritrus on the gardens of the left worldwide from imploding heads. Who exactly is going to clean up this mess? Zarq is dead - turned in by his own whores - Iraq has a (barely, I acknowledge) functioning gov't that has just been graced with a visit from Bush. A visit that the media had no fucking clue about, but it's alot safer than his Thanksgiving visit 'cuz the media was told while he was still there.

Haditha is unraveling. The Gaza Strip 'Israeli Asault' is unraveling.

Oil is below $70 a barrel, unemployment remains below 5%.

And global warming. Well, it seems China is a problem.

Gawd, it sucks to be the US of A, the root cause of all evil the the world.

Don't despair, folks. There's still Guantanamo. Plenty of evil. Why, conditions are so bad there that the future suicide bombers are...committing suicide. The horror! They don't even get to take anyone else with them. Now *that's* cruel and unusual -- in an alternate universe, leftist, human rights, moonbat sort of way.

Instead of an actual bill of charge, well the premature indicter, Jason Leoplod can simply talk about a secret and sealed indictment.


Sorry, for some reason the trackback that linked to Sealed v. Sealed wasn't visible when I commented. So never mind.

Just curious: Has anyone accused Ray or Dave of being on the payroll of Rove or the sooper-seekrit NEOCON ZIONIST JEW CABAL? ;-)

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