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I think most people in the US have given up on many Germans showing any kind of common sense or balance. Not only Republicans and 'neo-cons' but also a large chunk of the Democratic Party, the portion supporting Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, or Mark Warner.

The irony is that even France has more credibility than German does at this point from the US POV. France has just been doing it's traditional anti-US thing here, but there is a far more realistic understanding of the real dangers in France than in Germany.

It's going to take a real

Oops - didn't finish that one. It is going to take a real effort over many years by Germans to restore American's trust in German judgement to any degree after the Schroeder government and the bias in the German press.

I never served in the military, but I was raised in the US to take NATO seriously--an attack on one was an attack on all. I will NOT be teaching my young son to think this way.

Germany's response to 9-11--sending several hundred excellent, brave special ops troops to Afghanistan, followed by a couple of thousand peacekeepers after there was a peace to keep--was alarmingly tepid. Between that and Lord Farquad's (see http://vector-images.com/clipart.php?id=11915 )--I mean, Schroeder's--xenophobic grandstanding, I think it's fair to say that Germany has had a net-negative effect on American national security since 9-11.

I love Germany. The next time Germany is in trouble (history hasn't ended), the US should send food, medicine, and weapons, and accept refugees, but we should NOT send our young people to fight for Germany unless it is in our narrow and vital national interests.

America and Germany would probably be better friends if we weren't sworn allies. For all the yammering in Germany about "ending the occupation" of Iraq, can't we end the occupation of Europe first? It's been sixty years--can we take the training wheels off now? Maybe if we did, we would have a more mature relationship.

Well, there was this misunderstanding during the mid-20th century which doesn't allow Germany to fully participate in certain things w/manpower, but they could have found another way to help.

There local response at the base was outstanding, and what the Lutgens(sp) did was touching.

I should say to 9/11, the police and army were wonderful.

German people, however.......

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