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Of course I'd be lying if I didn't say that I hope the US gets a chance at either team for the Cup.

It's the idea that a team with a couple of twenty-year olds can get into the Cup...and don't forget their win against Portugal in the first round last time.But, that's the fault of being an optimist. I spent years as a youth coach and when it came time to move up to competitive soccer--U-12--my team spent the season getting bloodied. But unbowed.

We played one game against a 4A league team. We were 3A. By the half we were down to ten players due to injuries. The score was 1-0. By the end of the game we were down to nine players. The better team was still fielding eleven. Final score? 1-0. Another loss, but the best game I've ever seen my kids play. Now the core of this group is in high school as 9th and 10th graders. They played even through two overtimes in the state semi's. They lost in the PK second round. Next year?

Take your beating and move on. My kids know the difference between being hurt and being injured. Sometimes you gotta play hurt.

Mr Brecht should be more optimistic about the Mannschaft. They played pretty good football today against Costa Rica. Un-German like football, but solid nonetheless.

As for Mr Gedmin rooting against Brasil, well, that is blasphemy!! The Seleção are what football is all about :)

"Un-German like football, but solid nonetheless."

I'd agree except with the caveat that their back line needs to work on their flat back four technique. I certainly loved the aggressive attacking, though!

BTW, what in the hell happened to Poland? They looked like they were playing their second match in two days!

Gedmin wrote: "I come from a country where pathological optimism is the national creed and failure is accepted as merely another stage on the path to successes."

Whereas, according to the the German soccer team coach Jürgen Klinsmann, "in Germany, we have the mentality that you always need to justify yourself whatever you do. Here [in the United States] you don't need to justify what you do; here you do it."


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