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poor performance 'round here recently.
disillusioned that the us of a wont stand a chance at the world cup? ;-) btw: what's up with your team?
re fischer: desperate to kill zombies?

Warning Sign

the Taliban are bleeding profusely

This is on the CNN website today:

"Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry, the commanding general of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, says the Taliban is more powerful this year than last, but still believes the group does not pose a significant threat."

Ray D. is correct, the "Taliban are bleeding profusely" and are getting their butts kicked back into Pakistan. Our soldiers, the Coalition under NATO, Canadians and others are rapidly wiping out any new insurgency. If you understand war and the movements of military and turnover between the USA and NATO you would understand the Taliban tried to time their renewed attacks during this time - to scare NATO.

It has not worked. The Afghan troops, US and NATO forces are killing 20, 40, 50 a day sometimes, wiping them out. Clearing out places where troops left setting for the last year. There's much more going on here than a few headlines. The Afghan government is extending its reach and power thru the country now in the southeast with the help of coalition forces.

unhinged, re: "...the Taliban is more powerful this year than last..." (your emphasis).

If the Taliban was insignificant last year, and is still insignificant, what is your problem? If there was one Taliban fighter last year and two this year, that would mean their strength was doubled. But they'd still be insignificant.

I don't think that America lacks the will, but I am not so sure about the Iraqis. This memo by Zalmay Khalilzad is not the most encouraging read. The US can bomb more Zarqawis (and I hope they will), but as long as the Iraqi people do not share the enthusiasm expressed by most commenters on this blog, I remain less than optimistic about the situation over there.

Had the privilege to have dinner with a US soldier who just got back from Baghdad, where he served for 14 months. A brave, fine individual who was very concerned about how things had taken a turn for the worse in Iraq. During his 14 months in Baghdad, he told me, he felt less and less welcome, and the hostility directed at the troops had become more intense.

Now, those are only two view points, but they come from people who have actually spent a lot of time in Iraq, as opposed to those who post comments on this blog from the safety of their homes (me included). I'd love to share your optimism about how things are going in Iraq, but one look at the news in the morning squashes my hopes on a daily basis.

Flux, I do not doubt there are problems. Its not all roses and wine. Certainly not what I was saying. And it was in response to Afghanistan, not Iraq.

Sunni's are against our soldiers because we dethroned their Master Thug, Saddam. Sadr, the Shia zealot returning from exile is an Iranian stooge and vowed support for Syria and Iran. He leads a dangerous area in Baghdad of the poorest neighborhoods with his own militia and is responsible for much revenge killings of Sunni.

We should've put his lights out long ago. It appears now Maliki will have to deal with him. Hopefully sooner than later. Run him out of the country or put him down, but I wouldn't keep him in jail there.

I'm optimistic about Iraq, but realistic too. Its a war and we're seen as occupiers. But its a mixed bag. Many Iraqi's trust us. Its going to be a long rebuilding processs that includes reshaping the society as a whole. Ridding it of corruption as best we can and teaching ethics, freedom of expression without killing each other.

If you keep up with Iraqi polls, they're positive overall about their future. Of course anyone living in Baghdad is angry by the bombings and killings, fed up and frustrated and will take it out on the nearest scapegoat. That happens to be our soldiers.

If Maliki can get Baghdad under control, limit the killings and bombings, that should change as the American footprint is also limited to more logistics, intelligence and support.

The real questions have not changed in 15 years.

Who is Joschka? Who was Joschka?

Does Joschka matter?

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