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Dear Mr. Hannon

The European Parliament, it seems, has been swindled.
We MEPs – or, rather, you taxpayers – have been paying
€1 million a year over the odds to the city of

Cry me a fucking river. Where were you when Hans-Martin Tillace was arrested?

What's going on with OLAF?

Tillack was arrested in March of 2004. Where the fuck where you?

And why won't the auditors in the EU sign off on the books?

Don't expect any cheap kudos from me.

OT via chicagoBoyz.net:

Call for Scam Hunters

TM Lutas
A new scam is running around. A bank account is cracked, real checks are printed, sent out in large numbers, the checks are deposited by people thinking they are for payment of "taxes" for a lottery and the "tax payment" is sent via Western Union / Moneygram to the "tax agent", in other words, the scam artist. The name, bank information, routing number, security features on the check are all entirely legitimate. This way the group gets money sent to them without ever actually having to touch the bank.

I just got the 2nd one of these in a month and it's ticking me off. My local police are too lazy to follow up on reporting this sort of scam (the route I took in the first case) so I'm throwing this out for a bit of international justice. Is there a coalition of the willing out there willing to bust scammers?

The "agent" gives a number of 011-491-60-91-92-39-92 which seems to be Germany. If anybody could trace this to a locality and get the police to act, I will press charges.

@Sandy: Sorry I can't help, but that is a pre-paid cell phone number. It could be anywhere. If someone here filed a complaint, and if the police acted on it (two big ifs), then the records of the original registration could be obtained to see the address of the purchaser of the pre-paid number. However, I suspect the address is ficticious. It's not that difficult.

Sandy P - forget the local yokels. You've got two big sources - the bank(s) AND the Post Office. Try using the mail to commit fraud and it becomes a federal offense (that neat little crime called 'mail fraud'). So, you can also call the local FBI.

Crooked, wasteful politicians are a dime a dozen everywhere. Sometimes, voters get fed up enough to do something about it. It requires a great deal of organization. It also requires candidates to formulate a list of promises, a "contract with the voters." We saw this in the US in 1994, and for the first few years the newly-elected politicians actually kept their word for the most part. (Of course, now we're faced with Congress no different from the crooked Congress that was in charge back then, and they will pay for their indifference in November.)

Perhaps fed-up Europeans should do something similar.

Thank you Sandy. I was the original poster of the article. It's the 2nd one of these things I've gotten the past month and it's morally pernicious because you have a real check with a good chance of getting it cashed if you move fast. What's worse is that with only a few small adjustments (individually varying the amounts of the checks so that banks don't catch on so quickly) this scam can be made much more dangerous.

I tried reporting it the first time I got one of these and had zero follow up on the matter. The next variant had a German angle. Thank you all for posting what information you have. I know that it is possible to trace a cell call and I am certainly willing to play the semi-suspicious US boob willing to talk for the time needed to make a trace down to a physical location. The only question is whether people in law enforcement anywhere are willing to actually put these people behind bars?

Where's the vaunted german respect for law and order when you need it?

Hilarious article. Little wonder the EU is held in such low esteem.

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