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Oh dear, oh dear, what have we here?

Newsmagazine Der Spiegel, famed throughout decades for rooting out corruption and the vagaries of errant politicians, admitted Saturday some staff had been working for the government intelligence service.

In an article in the next edition on Monday, released in advance, the celebrated weekly -- considered a watchdog of press and democratic freedoms in postwar Germany -- said one staff member in a regional bureau had been working for the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) as recently as last autumn.

Another filing from war zones around the world had likewise been providing information to the BND on a colleague working for Focus, a rival weekly news magazine.

The BND, Germany's foreign intelligence-gathering agency, has in effect admitted to committing "mistakes," thereby appearing to confirm indirectly that it had been spying on German journalists.

tsk tsk.

On a related topic,

DENVER --Convicted Sept. 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui on Saturday began serving his life sentence at the nation's most secure prison after U.S. marshals flew him overnight from Virginia to Colorado.

Marshals brought Moussaoui, prisoner 51427-054, before dawn Saturday to the Supermax federal prison in southern Colorado, where he will spend 23 hours a day in his cell and have little to no contact with other notorious criminals.

"He has now begun serving his sentence of life without the possibility of release," the U.S. Marshals Service said in a statement.

For our German friends, Moussaoui’s sentence is not a play on words as you are accustomed to with your own form of “life sentence”. We realize Germans break life up into 10-15 year increments. So a life sentence in Germany could be as short as 10 years or as long as 15 years*. Then the perpetrator, reformed of course by the social welfare state, can begin a new life.

* If there is a German hostage some place that can be traded for, then the number of years could actually be shorter.

I'm a little worried that the sarcastic tone might be overlooked here (either honestly or intentionally).

To the point I want to add though -
It really does bother me that the Media portrays allegations of abuse almost as indisputable fact. If a muslim extremist (for example) says he suffered abuse (really, what reason would he have to lie??), then it is approached as if it must really be so. Allegations of abuse should always be looked into, but if it can't be done objectively and rationally (and not just done as a way for one side, whoever they are, to politically slam another), then the real issues aren't being addressed.

@Jesse: It really does bother me that the Media portrays allegations of abuse almost as indisputable fact. If a muslim extremist (for example) says he suffered abuse (really, what reason would he have to lie??), then it is approached as if it must really be so

You've hit the nail on the head here. What really troubles me is that the news media accepts abuse of Muslims in particular as indisputable in spite of the widely-known fact that terrorist groups are under orders from their command to claim that they were abused in prison whether it happened or not. Everyone knows this... except the news media, apparently.

And, as you so subtley insinuated, it causes people to tend to disbelieve what might be real abuse incidents. If we keep hearing "abuse... abuse... abuse" over and over again, we will all tend to disregard such claims, no matter how valid they might be.

No time for mordid thoughts...FDP babe Silvana Koch-Mehrin was on TV today. Believe me, it sure beats the hell out of seeing Renate Kuenast!!!



it sure beats the hell out of seeing Renate Kuenast!!!

Motorhead, why did you have to bring up Renate Künast? I am healing far away in the US from traumatic "Renate Künast TV-exposure", my therapist says I'm recovering well, my memories of ... her (it?) all gone, and then, boom!!! The soft whisper of a name - Renate Künast - and memories come rushing back. Brrrrrrrr!! Eeeks!

Anyway, back to the dire subject. Muslim prisoner dies in German custody. Considering that "Deutschland ist Friedensmacht!" nummero unno, I bet the German TV airwaves are full of talk shows passionately discussing the issue and the German streets are bursting with protestors.

It's amazing, is it not, the so many Muslims are looking for someone, anyone, to kill. Only someone deeply insecure would feel the need to kill those who disagree.

True, PacRim... and the most amazing thing about it to me is that so many of them are in Europe. It's as if they are trying to reclaim a lost heritage (that was never really lost). It's is reminiscent of a former smoker going overboard and turning into an anti-smoking Nazi. I think that this phenomenon could be tracked down to radical Imams preaching in the mosques in Europe.

Further, I suspect that "insecurity" is the name of the game in Islam. After all, why would so many Muslims have been so upset when President Bush used the "C" word ("crusade") when making a speech shortly after 9/11? The Crusades ended 500 years ago. Today, the word "crusade" is a common-use English for for "endeavor". How insecure can you get?

And why would the extremeists have to work so hard at ensuring that the locals, wherever they happen to be, are strictly obeying the Sha'aria law? I am a religious woman, but my belief is that what I do is between me and God. He KNOWS what I'm up to, and neither of us needs a third-party interpreter. Faith is followed strictly by choice, or it isn't "faith" at all.

Well I had to check and Koch-Mehrin definitely a babe, while Kuenast looks like the last person left in a city council meeting after everyone else has gone to bed. Couldn't you convince my favorite Heike Makatsch to run for office or read the moghtly news? Please!


"moghtly"? Should read nightly. Jeez.


Continuing the tasteless Renate Künast bashing, I have to say that the photos of her that I saw online do her no justice. The non-PhotoShopped reality is quite frightening.

For once something pretty easy to comment on.

Heike Makatsch - - - - YES

Renate Künast - - - - send her to france.

I think it is time for Germans to ask themselves why everyone in the world hates them and burns their flag.


Honestly I dont think anyone will ask this question as long as our export rates keep improving.


good point. With VAT increasing next year along with a proposed 3% increase in taxes for the wealthy, Germany will no longer have much left over for domestic consuption.

You forgot that there would be no abuse or death in prison if it weren't a culture of torture. this goes all the way to the top! If only people directly involved in the alleged abuse are punished, then it is a travesty of justice!

A prisoner died in German custody? I demand the Red Cross investigate these German gulags NOW!

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