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Happy birthday! Thank you, David and Ray, for all your hard work over the past three years. You've been a daily read for me for about as long. Please keep it up.

"The recent wave of blogroll excommunications serves neither the reader nor the blogger and destroys the lines of communication and the atmosphere of tolerance that make blogs work."

What had happened?

PS: happy birthday :)

Hi Dave,

If you can read German, just click on Statler & Waldorf on our German-language blogroll.

Many returns you fill a much needed niche


Do you have some top 10 favorite or most important must read posts of all time? (I know that's a difficult question)

Three years -- Wow, that's a long time. Happy Birthday!!!


So there are different opinions on how to treat the news about muslims in the german society, and that is what the trouble was about?
My goodness, arent there more important things to agree to for each other?
And what do you prefer, the soft or the hard version of reporting on those muslims?

Congrats on your success. Keep up the good work.

David and Ray, congratulations. Keep up the good work.

@ Jorg:

That's a tough question. You will find some of the highlights on the sidebar. We will have to compile our best stuff into one work at some point.

Congratulations David and Ray on your outstanding blog and many thanks for your relentless dedication to the topic!

"My goodness, arent there more important things to agree to for each other?"

I was thinking the same thing. I find it ridiculous.

I remember the beginning of David's Medienkritik, when it was a small and widely unkown blog still in German only. I found the site via a link on Henryk M. Broder's website, which itself I visited because I've read the book "Kein Krieg, Nirgends - Die Deutschen Und Der Terror" written by him. Reading his book and this site was the first time I discovered I was not the only one who was fed up with the attitude of my country. That in fact there were people in this country who had the exact same thoughts.

Now, over quite a long time (at least in "internet-timescale"), more and more blogs have appeared, and finally the MSM in Germany even started taking note of them, even some political parties did (FDP e.g.), and it seems just when there might be a chance for those blogs do gain weight, they start battling each other. I'm sure SPON and friends are happy about that. They sure like problems that solve themselves as much as anyone.

And imho it was unnecessary. The big crash (between the libertarian blogs and the conservative ones) basicly has its origin rather in the comment sections than in the articles put out by the bloggers. There were some different approaches, yes, but from reading most points brought on by all involved, it seems like they mostly attacked each other's comment section.

I saw beginnings of that already about 2 months ago, when considered "allies" were showing up and started policing comments. I never understood that quite well. Compare it to the US blogger scene. Take LGF for example: There may be a somewhat one-sided article. Sometimes it's balanced. You open the 300+ post comment section. You will read guys just saying "N00k Iran", and the next guy posting his more analyst view on things, without taking offense by the previous comment. An educated discussion starts between a bunch of guys, with some re-occuring "N00K them" in between. I don't see the problem. Especially when you consider what venom-filled stuff the M$M poures out almost daily, and only FEW take note, if at all.

And, to put it quite bluntly: Having people joining who don't like long debates and prefer the short and strong word (how many of those who post it would REALLY like to "N00k" everybody?), might even be indication that the blog starts reaching the masses. And that's a good thing. If you only want to entertain yourself with intellectual discussions, that's fine. But if you want something to actually change, you won't achieve it with an exclusive debating club. And I rather have them start reading up and taking on OUR approach than have them buying into the misconceptions and misleadings of the M$M. Especially when you consider that someone who might start out on a "radical" blog might also find the more "moderat" point of view via the links between those blogs. So, removing each other from one's blogroll is actually counter-productive and short-sighted. Or maybe just call it German, lol.

Just my thoughts on that.

All the best, DMK!

You were my shrink. You showed me that I wasn't the only crazy person in Germany, others were sharing my illness :-) Let's hope it will spread.

I don't get this thing about blogroll excommunications. So, I understand the problem is that PI got hard-core on hard-core Islamists and Statler feels it's too hard-core. My question is: does PI make up things? If the stories are true, what's the problem? Does PI use strong language? If yes, how strong is it? Does it border rasism? I don't read them regularly, but I never got the feeling that PI is rasist. My feeling, and I might be wrong, is that Statler overreacted. Whatever...

Congratulations, Medienkritik! For three years now this blog has stood up for what's right, and made a difference in the world in the process. As the wave of anti-American hate swept Europe, there were always principled Germans who stood against the swell, resisting the haters more articulately and effectively than any American could have done. Some of the best were lone voices on Internet forums, standing bravely against swarms of America-baiters against all odds. Of all the voices, Medienkritik's has been one of the strongest and most influential. As an American, I feel deep gratitude, and respect for a country that could produce such voices.

David and Ray


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work. Germans get overwhelmed by “spin doctored” information about the U.S. from many German media focusing on bad news. Uncovering anti-Americanism within the German media is a job that has to be done. Your blog became a regular source of information for me which does of course not necessarily mean that I agree on every of your conclusions ;)

Thanks and cheers



Hey, Happy Birthday and the best wishes for the future from Statler & Waldorf.

I suppose it cannot be simply coincidence that you have published *exactly* 1776 articles thus far. ;-)

Mein Gott, so lange ist das schon her!
Hab´schon lange nicht mehr reingeschaut, dennoch: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 3-jährigen!
Grüße von Franz Hoffmann

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