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Alright, don't let it go to your head, although it does indicate that you're really interesting. Keep it up.

David and Ray,

thank you so much for your great work. N. Hale is again in hospital and that is the only reason why we don't have time to read and post as often as before.

Life in Germany would be much harder without you! So we feel that we are not alone.

Keep up the good work.

Gabi, all the best to N. Hale and to you.

@WhatDoIKnow, thank you so much. N. Hale is experiencing (sorry, if the grammar is wrong, nobody here, I could ask and I hate the continous form and gerundium and so on) German standard in hospital! Terrible!!!!

I'm so tired, 3-4,000 clicks a day, seven days a week...

Check your mirrors .... beep, beep!


Oh yeah, congratulations :-)

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