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The irony of the Holocaust is that the state of Israel would not have come to be without it. If people really WANTED to understand how Gaza and the West Bank came to be, they'd have to 'fess up to the fact that the Palestinians are victims of Israelis winning wars waged against them by the so-called brothers of the Palis. And also do some research on the role of the effendi. Then we can talk about the Balfour Declaration.

I shouldn't be so non-plussed I suppose. Eurabians won't even defend themselves from Islamofacists on their own turf. Your masters at the EU have put the kibosh on the term "Islamic terrorism". So maybe you really do think self-defense in service of one's right to exist is culturally arrogant.

An entire civilization that has abdicated such fundamental beliefs to a nihilistic utopia is of course going to be outraged by Jews and Americans. We fight to live.
You surrender to live.

the mentally diseased arent going to get my full attention until I'm at least half as rich as they are..wealth/pride/ruin and all that 2000 year old crap.
Youre just going to have get over tha fact that youre (we're) never going to be accepted by the mass of idiocy. Its just too easy to be a Brad or an Angelina. Welcome to the living. Germans know full well that bagging on the jews is just another symptom of small dick syndrome, in the end it killed millions of Germans but who's counting when its just so fun to come up with all those funny jokes. Get the QUARTERBACK!!!

I have a question for Germans here.

Do you know who Sigrid Hunke was?

I don't know when I'll be able to post again. Typekey gives me fits sometimes, so if I don't answer it's not 'cuz I'm not reading. I have a grabbag email account set up for people who don't know me you can email me at:

[email protected]

Sigrid Hunke was a nationalsocialist philosopher, who rejected both Judaism and Christianity, because of the common roots of both religions , she however had some sympathy for Islam, which influenced her in founding the Germanian Church. I think that religious group still exists under a different name.
Because she was an intellectual and also held staunch feminist views she was an outsider in the nationalsocialist movement and never got much attention.

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