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With friends like this who needs enemies? Do we really need a list of caveats before admitting to supporting the President. I didn't say agree because Anglofritz acknowledges he that does not understand America's foreign policy and that he supports it because the "inside" has all the facts. Anglofritz links to Dr. Kissinger's IHT article and yet doesn't appear to have read it.

Anglofritz seems bothered about the German reaction to the US for many of the reasons I am bothered. It's not the criticism, it is that much of the criticism seems mentally unbalanced at times.

It is also extremely contradictory. Many Germans seem to regard Bush as horribly evil and US government action invariably deranged, stupid, and morally degenerate. Yet in the next breath the same person will tell us that they 'like' the US and Americans and have friendly feelings toward us and we should remain allies. I fail to see why. Bush had a lot of public support for his actions. He was elected twice, once with a majority. That is a lot of support. His current low public support is an artifact of three groups: those who opposed him all along, those who are discouraged by the lack of instant victory in Iraq, and the people who think Bush isn't being agressive enough in Iraq. The latter group probably voted for him twice, and the of the second group of 'discouraged' probably half voted for him in 2004. So a very large portion of the US people are every bit as evil and degenerate as Bush is, by the kind of logic I see used by most Germans.

If the US government and americans are as stupid and morally degenerate as stated surely the rational thing is for Germany to cut ties with the US? Not remain allies. There are better countries out there such as China, Iran, Sudan, etc - why not ally with them against the loathsome Americans?

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