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Plastic surgery article shows how rich we really are.

What kind of disposable income we really have.

They forgot to write an article about how Americans love to torture cute little puppies.

The Nestle factory closing in Fulton (1st article cited above) was bad news, but several inconvenient facts are omitted. First, candy makers in general have been leaving the US because of our protectionist tariffs on sugar. Good for domestic sugar growers, bad for everyone else. I bet the EU could find similar examples closer to home.

Second, New York State has been losing manufacturing jobs in general faster than the rest of the nation because of high taxes and excessive regulation. I'll bet the EU can find examples of that closer to home, also.

In case anybody is seriously interested, the Nestle factory was purchased by the former employees and making chocolate. Upstate New York, like the Northeast in general, is losing jobs and population to more business friendly climates. I'll bet the EU can find examples of that closer to home as well - you know, names like BMW and Mercedes.

I just want to know two things. How much are Alaskan women going for and when's the next auction? (hoping gf's not reading this)

I feel let down by this. No American's immobilized by their own fat wallowing in a pile of fast food wrappers? It's about the only thing missing.

Wow! What unbelievable propoganda about America. I say that as an American who lives in the middle of all of those stories. Quite honestly, it rises to the state run media of dictator countries (and, we know why they decide what and how to distort their news). It reaches the "dangerous" level. If media isn't truthful; our governments quit being honest.

Mainstream Media has lost much credibility in America because bloggers keep catching them in the act. But, I hope our media never reaches the distortions of the German media. Hope Germans are able to see the light and find the truth.

The next time I go to Germany I promise to take a video camera, go to the Frankfurt Train Station and the zeil and take pictures of the homeless and drug users. Of course I may not be able to get anything since it doesn't officially exist.
I may even try to interview some beggars and let them tell me how the Government is letting them down by not providing mansions for them to live in, giving them free drugs, caviar for lunch, etc.
The things I have seen in Germany, you would have a hard time finding those in the US.
I just get tired of the America bashing and the mind control that has been going on for decades. Makes me ashamed to have been a German by birth.

In the article on the death penalty in America, the writer says "More than 100 people have been wrongly sentenced to death, later they were acquitted."

This a straightforward lie. No person on death row has ever been acquitted. (Additionally, no person on death row has ever been shown to be innocent of their crime.)

The writer does not understand that the executions were commuted to life sentences. In every case, the convictions for the original crime were upheld.

How can they run years of such freakish, gun owning, toothless, trailer dwelling, fat, violent, swine filled crap and not once come film my relatives? That’s it, screw Germany. My folks got their pride. If the Germans aren’t interested we’ll just all waddle out to our rust bucket car, drive to any of the hundreds of abandoned factories and string up a local Negro. Did you all know we got winter weight and lightweight KKK uniforms?

Weltspiegel is actually part of a larger neocon plot to keep Germans stupid...so far so good...

Just a follow on to Fulton NY.

The unemployment rate as of April 2005 was 4.7%. This from the city website. Since April 2005 the US economy has continued to expand.

Does anyone know what the unemployment rate is for Germany?

So many distortions and falsehoods, I actually had to laugh. But I really liked this one, speaking of Ft. Hood: "Calls to perseverance are ubiquitous in this military town in the heart of Texas. Of the 43000 troops originally stationed here, no more than 3000 remain." Yes, of course Ft. Hood, the largest Army base in the U.S., only has 3,000 soldiers remaining in it! It would take 5 minutes of research by a real journalist to find out that that is crap.

Well, it's quite funny to read, how few media competences are here in this blog...

you don't know really the concept of the Weltspiegel, most of you never watch it, but you think, you know, that all of the articles about the USA are anti-US.

Well, you don't know our TV-system:
We have two parts:
- a private part, represented by RTL, Sat.1, ProSieben, Kabel.1, and so on.
- and a public part, represented by ARD, ZDF, Phoenix, Kinderkanal, Arte, 3sat.

and our public TV isn't ruled directly by politicans, it's quite independent, I would say, that FOX is more bush-ruled than the ARD is Merkel-ruled (there is no Schröder anymore in Germany).

The Weltspiegel is one of many programs on the ARD, and not the only program for reports from correspondents of foreign countries (we have most time correspondents from the US and other countries in our Tagesschau-News and Tagesthemen-Newsmagazine), and all the programs are working with other concepts.

And the concept of the Weltspiegel is, to report about phenomens of other countries in a informative and CRITICAL way. It's not a magazine for saying "Bush is the greatest person of all", not for bush-propaganda, but for viewing some problems in other countries, sometimes problems, which are not feeled problems for the inhabitants of that country, but the Weltspiegel has also the rule to warn before some things in other countries, for example to warn about too excessive using of "plastic surgery" like happened in some parts of the US.

And you don't think about the potence of this program: It's quite small. Only few people are watching the Weltspiegel in relation to some other programs, and these persons are mostly intelligent enough to reflect the seeing and to connect it in the mind with other knowledge.

Note from David: SaschaPascal, I have cut off your comment here, simply because your ramblings are way too long for this posting. Find a way to publish your ideas somewhere else, and I will link to it.

Chris, do you have a link about this?
This is something I was told two days ago (that many executed prisoners turned out to be innocent, I don't know what to believe, this is common knowledge here in Germany)
Thanks a lot

Hi Neocon,

The original paper that I was referencing was an analysis of the Bedau-Radelet paper. I thought that it was from "Policy Review" but I can't find a death penalty paper when I search the archives. I copied the following from http://www.prodeathpenalty.com/DP.html#A.Innocence and it makes some of the same points that the original article did.

"The most significant study conducted to evaluate the evidence of the "innocent executed" is the Bedau-Radelet Study ("Miscarriages of Justice in Potentially Capital Cases," 40, 1 Stanford Law Review, 11/87). The study concluded that 23 innocent persons had been executed since 1900. However, the study's methodology was so flawed that at least 12 of those cases had no evidence of innocence and substantial evidence of guilt. Bedau & Radelet, both opponents, "consistently presented incomplete and misleading accounts of the evidence." (Markman, Stephen J. & Cassell, Paul G., "Protecting the Innocent: A Response to the Bedau-Radelet Study" 41, 1 Stanford Law Review, 11/88). The remaining 11 cases represent 0.14% of the 7,800 executions which have taken place since 1900. And, there is, in fact, no proof that those 11 executed were innocent. In addition, the "innocents executed" group was extracted from a Bedau & Radelet imagined pool of 350 persons who were, supposedly, wrongly convicted of capital or "potentially" capital crimes. Not only were they at least 50% in error with their 23 "innocents executed" claim, but 211 of those 350 cases, or 60%, were not sentenced to death. Bedau and Radelet already knew that plea bargains, the juries, the evidence, the prosecutors, judicial review and/or the legal statutes had put these crimes in the "no capital punishment" category. Indeed, their claims of innocence, regarding the remaining 139 of those 350 cases, should be suspect, given this study’s poor level of accuracy. Calling their work misleading hardly does this "academic" study justice. Had a high school student presented such a report, where 50-60% of the material was either false or misleading, a grade of F would be a likely result.

Indeed, Michigan Court of Appeals Judge Stephen Markman finds that " . . . the Bedau-Radelet study is remarkable not (as retired Supreme Court Judge Harry Blackmun seems to believe) for demonstrating that mistakes involving the death penalty are common, but rather for demonstrating how uncommon they are . . . This study - the most thorough and painstaking analysis ever on the subject - fails to prove that a single such mistake has occurred in the United States during the twentieth century." Presumably, Bedau and Radelet would have selected the most compelling 23 cases of the innocent executed to prove their proposition. "Yet, in each of these cases, where there is a record to review, there are eyewitnesses, confessions, physical evidence and circumstantial evidence in support of the defendant’s guilt. Bedau has written elsewhere that it is ‘false sentimentality to argue that the death penalty ought to be abolished because of the abstract possibility that an innocent person might be executed when the record fails to disclose that such cases exist.’ . . . (T)he Bedau and Radelet study . . . speaks eloquently about the extraordinary rarity of error in capital punishment." ("Innocents on Death Row?", National Review, September 12, 1994).

Another significant oversight by that study was not differentiating between the risk of executing innocent persons before and after Furman v Georgia (1972). There is, in fact, no proof that an innocent has been executed since 1900. And the probability of such a tragedy occurring has been lowered significantly more since Furman. In the context that hundreds of thousands of innocents have been murdered or seriously injured, since 1900, by criminals improperly released by the U.S. criminal justice system (or not incarcerated at all!), the relevant question is: Is the risk of executing the innocent, however slight, worth the justifications for the death penalty - those being retribution, rehabilitation, incapacitation, required punishment, deterrence, escalating punishments, religious mandates, cost savings, the moral imperative, just punishment and the saving of innocent lives?

Predictably, opponents still continue to fraudulently claim, even today*, that this study has proven that 23 "innocent" people have been executed, even though Bedau and Radelet, the authors of that study, conceded - in 1988 - that neither they nor any previous researchers have proved that any of those executed was innocent: "We agree with our critics that we have not proved these executed defendants to be innocent; we never claimed that we had." (41, 1 Stanford Law Review, 11/1988). "

Hope this helps,


Interesting blog ... always eye-opening to see how the USA is viewed outside of the country. Lou K - Los Angeles Plastic Surgery

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