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There's another piece about Mr. Garten's plight here: http://www.bostonabcd.org/publicinfo/2005/01-11-2005.htm

The Google Map can be found here: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=boston,+east+fourth+street&ll=42.333677,-71.039872&spn=0.011516,0.021114 (click on Satellite for a satellite view)

If you guys want to check out Gerry Garten's $35,000 mortgage, (and his numerous tax liens) copy this address:


Search under "recorded land," using Gerald Garten as the grantor. He is the only Gerald Garten that shows up with an address on Fourth Street.

Good luck

This South Boston Town House may be slightly pimped out: it is listing for $699,900.


Just assume that Jerry Garten's house is worth at least 2/3rds of that amount.

Did Chavez float the loan from the Paper or did the paper float the loan from Chavez. It seems that both parties are giving assistance to the same poverty stricken folks in the northeast. We've got so much relief pouring in that we'll be able to divert it to the next world disaster.

Gee, paying for fuel oil at $400? Um. Ah. Say, Hugo, how about you just send me a ticket to Venezuela? It would be cheaper! Does anyone know when the Miss Venezuela contest is? Oh, and Hugo, I got to be back by mid June.

I heard Weltspiegel is preparing a segment to set the record straight and apologize to their viewers for misleading them and not presenting the entire picture.

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