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Mostly excellent. But this?
This struggle will not be won by arms

Grow up. It sure as hell won't be won without them. The Nazis weren't defeated because they just decided the whole thing was a bad idea.

I couldn't agree more and I do think it would be great if there was a website available where everone who wants to sign can sign.

You can do as I have. Post the Manefisto on your own blog. That is as good as signing it.

Force of arms is only in part defensive. The offensive part also requires changing minds. The light has to go on that the same old backwards thinking and pre-middle ages social environment doesn't work. If we can't convince the islamists quite a few people will die. We don't have much choice. It's not going to be easy and it's not going to be pleasant. It will be much more unpleasant if we fail to convince them to modify and join the modern world.

@sock puppet
The offensive part also requires changing minds.

Fine. The minds that need to be changed are not Islamic.

They are European. Show me one name on this list that has been utterly backed up by European attitude of 'fuck you, bring it on'.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

She found refuge in the Netherlands but she had to leave the Labor party because they kept telling her to shut up and she switched to the Liberal party. After Theo van Gogh was murdered, the Dutch gov't got her out of the country for awhile and now she lives under armed guard.

And Geert Wilders? Spending his evenings in prison because the gov't says it can't protect him otherwise.

But Pym Fortyn's murderer will be out probably by 2014.

Please tell me why politicians under existential threat by murderers must spend the rest of their days in prison while their murderers get the same sentence or even better, get out in 8 years?

No moderate muslim will do anything but cower in a hole until the gov'ts of Europe grow a spine. And as much as I understand and respect this manifesto, a manifesto is what it is. A samizdat cry from a terrified cohort that will be sacrificed to the collective at the first opportunity.

Posting this on your website is nice. Send me a valentine card while you're at it.

Hold the governments of Europe accountable for protecting their own.


I like others do hold Europe responsible for the criminal, TRANZI, neo-Communist and islamofascist coddling circus if has become. But I also value the right to hear all voices even the ones I don't agree with and am offended by. Free speech is absolute. 10 of the names on that list I wouldn't give you a bucket of warm spit for. I republished it on my blog because it's an important part of the struggle against islamofascism. It's only one part.

However when it comes to societies saftey I will not depend on the government to protect us. I'll protect it myself too. That is another right that has gone out of vogue on the European Continent and the British Isles. We don't need permission to deal with those who threaten us. We should expect them to carry out their threats and go looking for them first. I am glad I am living in a place We can still do that. These little fascist feces only have courage because no one stands up to them. The governments of Europe have rewarded them in hopes of buying them off. They have silenced their critics by "hate speech" laws. As if that has ever worked. All it has done is make them bolder.

Yes 7 years in prison for murder is unbeliveable not a lot I can do about it. I live in a state that is as Red as they come. We still send murders away to rot forever. We even put them down from time to time. Europe has it all wrong. But this is one more start and the voices are people who they will listen too. More voices equals more pressure.

"man's domination of woman, the Islamists' domination of all the others"

So, in other words, Western society dominates women more than Islamists? Ha.

Sock Puppet: I always like that "bucket of warm spit" quote, I liked it even better when I discovered he actually said something a little more, ummm, colorful.

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