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They're "in denial" - It's schizo. Germany and the US can't agree on anything, but even when they do agree, or might, or even could, they just can’t. Or simply won’t. Not unless the Germans can deny having done so afterwards, that is.

Russia is a gas I heard the other day
In the open seas where the pipelines lay
Life is fun and I wish you were here
sincerly yours, Schröder millionair!

Source, slightly adapted: The Sex Pistols


Where is my millions?
Where is my millions?
Where is my millions?

Way out in the water
see it swimmin'

from the Pixies 'Where Is My Mind'

They did exactly that after the beginning of the invasion on March 20, 2003, moving into offices of the French intelligence agency and thereby giving the French, who also vociferously opposed the American war in Iraq, an indirect role in supporting the German-American intelligence exchange. (emphasis added)

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but personally I feel infiltrated.

I actually don't see anything especially hypocritical about Schroeder and Fischer opposing the war while covertly providing the US with some intelligence. Countries do that sort of thing.

Actually, I think that the whole German policy of opposition to the war was cynical and hypocritical--and Schroeder's recent behavior only confirms this. After the big "no blood for oil" campaign, we now hear that the unemployed chancelor has decided to go work for the Russians (on a natural gas project--ha!). Come on, Germans, let's have some giant protests, some burning in effigy, some obscene caricatures. Where is your outrage?

@ Matt: Get used to the fact that a country of moonlighters has other priorities than to be outraged about their king pins. Didn't you ever ask yourself why Germans only attend demonstrations from monday to thursday, never friday, saturday and sunday? Didn't you ever wonder why, even in darkest recessions, our DIY-centers keep booming? Didn't you know that most of these centers offer 2% savings if you pay cash? Maybe we are just too busy minding our own business - comprende?

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