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I wonder how the timing on all of this stacks up vis a vis the events surrounding the original AP story on this. The original AP story has already been discredited in the US. The blogosphere was once again quick to point out that the AP story (supposedly based on "new" leaked video) contained numerous factual errors. When the correct facts come into play, it's clear that, as a White House spokesman said, "there's nothing new here." In fact, the correct facts, of course, show just the opposite of what the AP story was trying to imply.

The blogosphere was also quick to notice that one of the authors of the AP story, Margaret Ebrahim, shares the same name as the former CBS 60 Minutes II producer (she of "Rathergate" infamy). I'm not sure, yet, if it has been determined that "they" are the same person, but it would be very telling if "they" are.

It's interesting that they call it "classified video material," which it wasn't (if it had been, at least one and probably several crimes were committed) and besides, the transcripts of the videos have been available to the press for months. There's no doubt that Spiegel, just like the AP, doesn't understand the difference between a breached levee and a topped levee. And I don't know if this just a translation issue, but the title "Dam Breaks in New Orleans" is incorrect for the simple reason that a dam and a levee are two different things. Although it has been quite a few years, when I lived in New Orleans there were no dams. And the breach took place on the levee I played on as a kid.




Here are three links to the same topic (one from america, two from the UK)
It´s not like the Spiegel exclusivly made this up. The author of the article wrote about the events in the very half knowing and sensational way, the Spiegel reports about everything (not only the US).

It is a sensational magazine and I would not take it seriously.

At least the AP ran a correction when they got it wrong (albeit, a very curt correction):


It must torment every fiber of their being to have to do such things.

This story should serve as another data point for the Spiegel water carriers and shills who never tire of plying us with bullshit about what a wonderful, objective news magazine it is, how professional its staff is, how it’s won gazillions of international awards, etc., etc. Almost every sentence in the article is spin. It is a case study in Spiegel’s usual habit of categorizing all the players in any story into “good guys” and “bad guys.” RayD has already cited many of the worst examples, but there are many more.

For example, referring to Bush, Spiegel writes, “Später korrigierte er sich dahingehend, dass die Behörden zunächst fälschlicherweise angenommen hätten, die Dämme seien nicht beschädigt worden.” “Behörden?” In fact, Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco was captured on video informing Bush that the levees were still intact at least three hours after they had already been breached. This has been a major story in the US the last few days where, of course, Spiegel’s MSM colleagues didn’t have the luxury of transforming “good guy” Democrat Blanco into one of the “Behörden.” Such “cosmetic adjustments” would have been quickly exposed by bloggers and on talk radio. Spiegel, on the other hand, correctly assumes that it can feed its gullible sheep readers the above “dumbed down” version of the story, and they won’t notice a thing.

“Good guy” New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin gets the same kid gloves treatment. According to Spiegel, “The videos and transcripts covering seven days of briefings available to the news agency AP show that the warnings were literally blithely ignored, and no action was taken in response to the information about the impending danger.” Later in the same article we read, “New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin expressed shock in response to the videos. ‘I’m surprised that the reaction was so slow, in spite of the fact that we already had this kind of information about the danger. It sickens me when I think about it. I listened to these people and believed them when they said they weren’t aware of the extent of the disaster.’ ” “Good guy” Nagin, of course, was the “hero” and “man of action” who simply couldn’t find anyone to drive the hundreds of school buses that could have been used to evacuate New Orleans’ citizens. No doubt most of MK’s readers have seen the pictures of those buses, all still neatly parked side by side under several feet of water. Obviously, it was too much to expect “hero” Nagin to actually do anything himself besides get on TV and bleat about how the federal government was botching everything. After all, he was only the mayor of the city.

Meanwhile, as astute leftist blogger Josh Marshall points out, former “bad guy,” FEMA director Michael Brown, has now been reassigned as a “good guy.” Why, you ask? Why, because he has transformed himself into a convenient bludgeon against the Bush Administration. As Josh notes, “Suddenly Brown, who was the butt of endless jokes and the target of titanic contempt and derision, is a reborn truth-teller and almost a kind of hero to critics of the administration.” Spiegel carefully re-educates its readers to insure they are aware of Brown’s sudden, miraculous transmutation from “villain” to “hero.” For example, "’Sie bringen keine Patienten aus den Krankenhäusern, keine Häftlinge aus den Gefängnissen, und sie lassen die Hotels in der Innenstadt geöffnet,’ kritisierte Brown.” Finding the numerous other examples of Brown’s sudden rehabilitation is left as an exercise for the student.

@ Don Miguel,

The German word used is "Vertrauliches." It means confidential or secretive or classified. In American English, "classified" can have a very specific meaning. I'm not sure whether the video was actually given official "classified" status or simply a private object that was leaked.

@ Nite Owl

The problem is not that we take SPIEGEL seriously. We don't. The problem is that millions of German people DO take SPIEGEL seriously.

The devastation was so huge. Two entire states, and one major port city will have to be rebuilt. Naturally this isn’t a job for a van and a couple of tradesmens. No, it will require a company with expertise. Halliburton. Yup. And they are from the neighborhood too.

I’d say more but there is a sedan across from my house parked under a newly darkened streetlamp. Even though I am wearing extra special ladies bloomers on my head, rubber barn boots on my feet and have killed the power to the house, thus shutting down the surveillance devices, I must take precautions and say no more.

At great risk to me, I am ready to do my part for world solidarity. Anyone from the German press that wants more information can send me two first class tickets and accommodations in Berlin for a week. It’s just not safe to talk here. On second thought, let’s meet in Rio.

Hmmm. There is a mysterious white van parked across from my house, too. Of course in my neighborhood it's probably not the CIA. Probably MI 6 posing as Islamicists.... Shhhhh. Book me to Rio too....

You too Don? The bastards!

Did I mention that I am shy, and afraid to talk and usually need alcohol to get me gabbing? So, sadly, I’ll need my bar tabs picked up. Three days worth should do it. Due to the stress and all, my stomach is sensitive so I’m afraid it’ll have to be all call brands, top shelf, 20 year whiskeys, hand made tequilas, real polish potatoes vodkas all sloshed down with mags of dusty bottle French champs (the kind with the old labels, foil and wire and stuff that turns upper income girls into streetwalking tramps. That stuff)

Oh, and any of you German reporters might want to get a digital voice recorder as I sometimes speak in what American fundamentalists call ‘tongues’. Especially when drinking. If you’re going to film, snatch me up a couple pair of Gucci sunglasses, the film lights hurt my eyes, especially anytime before 2 in the afternoon.

I will not forget how when Congress was holding hearings, they excoriated Brown. But when Blanco took the stand she said something to the effect of "let's not play the blame game and upset people" and they REFUSED to ask her any tough questions.

That was either more double standards going easier on Democrats like Nagin and Blanco, or it was outright sexism being nicer to a woman and feeling sorry for her instead of holding her accountable like they did the man.

AP and Speigel and everyone else got caught deliberately lying. Yes, when it's plain as day right there, and they don't even read it just write whatever headline and spin they want, that's called lying. I believe our courts have a different word for it: gross criminal negligence, when you even spending 2 minutes reading the transcript would have informed them enough, the reporters did not bother.

I also need lubrication - but screw the tequila. It's the upper end champs, Bordeaux, and Burgundies which lube my tongue. Though a really old Scots single malt is not to be scorned. Three days - not enough! I'm thinking a couple months worth.....

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