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The editors of Focus are clueless in more ways than one. It took them ever so long to discover that 30 pieces of silver was waiting for them, too, at the end of the anti-American rainbow. Compare their articles and editorials on America from say, 1999 through 2001 to those in Spiegel. Anyone with a more sensitive nose for journalistic nuances than the Spiegel shills who show up here occasionally will notice that Focus was decidedly "pro-American" in those days, at least by German standards. All that changed in a hurry when it finally dawned on Focus' dense editors that there was big dough in flogging anti-American propaganda to Germany's many eager hate consumers. Now Focus looks like a horribly botched genetic engineering experiment, designed to combine DNA from Spiegel and the National Enquirer, with results more or less as depicted in the movie, "The Fly." Money talks!

Decades ago, Spiegel was fun to read. Because of its recent frenzy of anti-American hatred, though, I shall never buy another copy. It's Web news for me, now.

Hmmm. BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) would seem to share some of the characteristics of Altzheimers - severe memory loss for example. How else to explain why Ambassador Bolton had to provide a quick recap of 14 years of diplomacy vis Hussein's Iraq?

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