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...also from that speech:

"We could choose to pretend, as some suggest, that the enemy is not at our doorstep."

...whover wrote whatever it was in some left-wing German something will be forgotten by history...I've already forgotten his name...and if history does take note, it will be just another example of stupidity clearly evident in the media...

In the meantime, real men will be solving real problems...and ignoring the bitches.

Islamic fascists have one goal, a new Islamic empire. They disagree whom to go after 1st. Some think they should get rid of the Great Satan 1st, then the little Satans (Yes, the USA and then any country that is western) and then bring down the apostates. Other’s think the apostates should be the 1st in line then they can go after the USA and other countries. The apostates are any Muslim people or leaders that do not follow their “brand” of Islam. It is no wonder they think nothing of blowing up other Muslims. To these people, the people they blow up are apostates.
Donald Rumsfeld said” “That is their strategy. But we and our friends and Allies have a strategy as well.” My big questions are: Did we ever have friends and allies, other than the UK, in “old Europe”? Will "old Europe" ever step up to the plate? We are putting our sons and daughters in harms way. What will “old Europe” do?

In the U.S. we have our own Todenhoefers. Juan Cole is one. Hates Jews. Hates America. Professor at Univ of Mich. Hates Bush. Hates Infidels.

Some background information on Mr. Todenhoefer might be interesting for American readers. He isn't exactly an archetypical loony left kind of politician. In fact, in the 1980ies, he was considered a right-winger in the CDU with a reputation as a cold-warrior in foreign politics and an advocate of law-and-order in interior politics.

When the Soviets occupied Afghanistan, he raised money to buy weapons for the Mudjaheddin. At some point, he visited the fighters in remote mountain regions. There were images to be seen in the German press that showed Mr. Todenhoefer wearing traditional Afghan clothes and carrying an AK 47 assault rifle.

At the time, it caused diplomatic irritations with the Soviets and the (then communist) Afghan government because a German member of parliament had openly sided with the resistance fighters and entered the country without official permission.

That biography is interesting & instructive, isegrim. I don't find it the least bit contradictory.

Living in the UK I've become aware that some of the most virulent of the anti-Iraq War critics are in fact staunch Tories.....

A German agenda? Where have I heard that before? Of what possible value could a German agenda be? Sounds more like Rumsfeld envy, nicht wahr?

A key element is to distinguish between the loyal opposition and the evil enemy. A line is drawn. If you are inside the distinguishing line, you are accepted as "one of us" someone who may be profoundly mistaken about a great many things but generally loyal to the bedrock creed that makes society work. Those outside the distinguishing line are to be treated with suspicion, therein lies evil.

If the distinguishing line is drawn to far out, you let in a fifth column who works for society's destruction. But if you draw it too closely in, you enter into the realm of Robespierre and McCarthyism. So how should the line be drawn? Is Herr Todenhoefer doing a bad job drawing it?

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