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Wow! This story might have the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster!

Just when you figured all had been said and done... These BND guys are good, though, DAMN GOOD. How the hell do they pull this stuff off?? And it's just TWO of them? Batman and Robin or what?

To hell with the problems of our Government! I dearly hope they have done it!!

Major props to the BND agents, whose names we will probably never know, that pulled this off. It's been a really weird situation with the BND -- it seems to have broken up into factions, operating semi-independently and choosing their own sides. Then again, the exact same words describe the present state of the American CIA. At least there are some people somewhere doing good work. I hope they live to tell about it someday.

This is the best news I have heard in a long time!

The timing is interesting, considering that in February 2003, Rumsfeld made his famous "old Europe" remark and had just labelled Germany a "problem". Maybe handing over the plan was an act of reconciliation?


These BND guys are good, though, DAMN GOOD. How the hell do they pull this stuff off?? And it's just TWO of them? Batman and Robin or what?

I don't know--maybe David has got a point about Susanne (way to pay attention David). It very well could be that we're dealing with Batman and Catwoman!

Already being denied. Not saying I believe that.

How comforting that secrets shared with US intelligence always remain secret and are never ever leaked when deemed politically convenient.

This certainly encourages further close collaboration between German and U.S. services... let's say re Iran.

"Already being denied."

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”

--Sir Walter Scott

Could Osthoff ( sp ?), as their agent, have obliged her government to pay whoever supplied Saddam's military plans, and when the money didn't come through, 'blackmailed' her government to pay, through a kidnapping ruse ?
Whichever Iraqi Bathist senior person handed over the plans, certainly deserves our big time thanks, and the German spy team that risked their lives.
And the bill or bills found on Osthoff, i wonder if there was any writing on them, like signature(s) maybe; how else would the German government know the right person, no doubt under the deepest cover available, had received the money.....and passports, and how else to verify when the passport(s) turn up with people in ?Germany?, that this is the right family, the brave Iraqi and his family.
Just thoughts.......

It may be there were agents in the BND that didn't share the at that time current governments views on Iraq and the course of action the German government had picked. They could have provided this info. There are true US allies in Germany and it's government. Not many but some.

This would be the same German government that gave US military intelligence to Saddam, or so says the London Daily Telegraph. Looks like there's a quiet revolution going on in Germany. I wonder who'll win.

My theory, without any special insight or special knowledge (meaning I am speaking completly out of my backside) is that most of the European leaders want the US to do what it is doing, but with the understanding that they cannot join in. And the US leadership understands the game.

Right before the Iraqi War started, one of my wife's cousins were visiting from Germany. His take "Do it, and appologize later."

How about "Do it, and you don't have anything to apologize for."

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