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I am sure this "expert" has to wear a pillow on his head to prevent injury when passing through doorways his ego is so big. Why even bother emailing such a clueless one?

It's called, "Projection."

OT, but continuing the economic discussion, via Bros. Judd:


Scaling back socialism
Sweden looks to fuel growth via economic, market reforms


Well yeah, Sandy. But they can only do it because Swedes have big..................


Just out of curiosity, how many bloggers has this individual met? Secondly, what is his hat size? Inquiring ego-centrics want to know.

um.. i love this blog, really i do. it's the only one i check on a daily basis, and it's one of the more important and unique ones out there.

that said, if you read most political blogs, they are often indeed clearly done by narcissistic egocentrist morons, and they are often anything but senselessly one-sided. not only that, their entire readership is usually at least as one-sided as they are.

i like this quote in particular: "For the majority of bloggers it is not seriously about clarifying the subject matter or analyzing an event. Most of them just present a private table dance"

i will defend medienkritik; i will not defend all blogs, they are not all of equal value or content.

I care nothing about the soundness of a blogger. I care everything about the soundness of the information of a blogger.

Sandy P said: "It's called, 'Projection.'"

And, self-preservation.

"They are, however, just mini islands in an ocean of content to which journalistic principles do not apply."
--Thomas Leif,SWR

"That's what Dan Rather thought."
--Paul Mirengoff, Pajama Line*

Hey, Dr. Leif, it's called the "network effect." It's a really amazing concept. You should check it out.

*"Pajama Line" is the mashup US Sen. Dick Durbin created when, during a press Q&A session after one of the "Domestic Spying" hearings (don't you just love that moniker?), he asked Mr. Mirengoff who he worked for. Mr. Mirengoff said he was with "Pajamas Media" representing "Power Line." Durbin replied, "Pajama Line? I'm not familiar with that publication."

The quote from Mr. Mirengoff was directed towards US Sen. Ted Kennedy in response to an answer Kennedy gave in which he characterized blog writers as hacks.

Bitter words from an old media dinosaur stumbling towards his paleontological destiny. A word of advice, Dr. Leif: if you don't like blogs, just stop reading them. Extinction will be much less painful that way.

lol..Sandy and SPoD posted my first thoughts...essentially...more projection from some moron I don't read...another fool history will mock, or more likely, forget. Forgotten because there are so many more just like him. Journalist can claim objectivity all they want, saying it doesn't make it so...

They don't go in with an open mind, they go in with an empty mind.

Yes, the man is obviously slightly deranged, but I think the real question hasn't been answered? Is he correct? ;)

Actually there are two questions. 'Are bloggers a danger to professional journalists?'Let's ask Dan Rather:

Q. Mr. Rather, are bloggers a danfger to professional journalists?

A. $%^&*%$£&()_)__*$$%!!!! bloggers!

I think we can take that slightly incoherent response as 'yes'.

Second question (To Ray D this time):

Q. ARE you a narcisisstic egotist? ;)

A. ??????

I have to admit, speaking as an American member of the VWRC and possibly the neo-con conspiracy (I'm not Jewish, but I fit the bill for it otherwise)
I really like Der Spiegel's cover with Der Bush Krieger. I had that as wallpaper for a while. An old girlfriend threw out my poster of Ronbo (Ronnie Raygun's head on Stallone-as-Rambo's body) and that was the perfect replacement.
I am a little sorry I missed the one with Der Kleine Sheriff. He ain't so little, but I really liked the artwork.

The Germans really should work on insulting us, mostly they use what I would consider a compliment as a put-down.

Narcissistic Egocentrists: Bloggers eating dinosaurs for breakfast.

Narcissistic Communalists: Dinosaurs interviewing each other to whine about being eaten for breakfast, especially when without using the proper utensils.

My one satisfaction in the whole interview is that I've finally been accused of being a centrist.

I'm of the opinion that the way to handle such blatant chain-yanking is not to respond to it specifically. Just keep doing what we do, and eventually people who compare blogs like Medienkritik with the likes of Dr. Lief will see for themselves who is working and participating, and who is sitting on the sidelines calling everyone else names. And they will judge appropriately. In short: don't get spun up on it.

The acceptance of the truth goes through 3 stages: denial, ridicule then acceptance. The German Media is a little behind the American media. Parts of it are coming out of the denial phase, where you ignore the little bastards. A few are hitting the ridicule phase. I really think the German media has to do a lot better at ridicule, we Amis have gotten Ankle-biting Pundits and Pajamas Medias out of inspiring MSM ridicule. Some in the Ami MSM are heading into the acceptance phase, most are still ignoring or ridiculing.

unmitigated gall is divided into three parts: greed, stupidity and cruelty.

see: www.coolstretchofhighway.com

OK, you got me. I am a narcissistic egotist. However, I only get to do that for an hour a day because I have another job, where I have some real expertise, and four sons, who seem to be turning out just fine.

So I think I'll keep indulging myself in the fantasy that I know something about the world worth sharing with others.

A different take by the Brits on blogs.

Bloggers: an army of irregulars
By Paul Reynolds
World Affairs correspondent, BBC News website

"For many in the "mainstream media", as bloggers call us, weblogs are at best a nuisance and at worst dangerous.

They are seen as the rantings and ravings either of the unbalanced or the tedious.

My experience over the past few months has led me to an opposite conclusion.

I regard the blogosphere as a source of criticism that must be listened to and as a source of information that can be used.

The mainstream media (MSM in the jargon) has to sit up and take notice and develop some policies to meet this challenge.

Most big organisations, whether in news or in business, have no policy towards blogs.. . ."

"First, here are a few examples of how the bloggers have, for me, become a useful source.

Only this week, they tracked down the origin of a fake cartoon which has been fuelling the furore over the characterisation of Muhammad in a Danish paper . . ."

Read the rest of the story at:

I just wanted to compliment you on an excellent job you are doing in shining the light of hypocrisy.

The Gates are no longer closed and opened by a few! A few who would keep us in the dark. Or are to lazy to report the truth of what is happening in other nations. They accuse us all of being stupid, ignorant and uninformed. Yet when finally the information is free to all, they then accuse us of being egocentric? The truth is just the opposite.

For tooooooooo long, only a few have decided what we must hear, read, see.

Information is now free to roam! And we are now free to make our own decisions based upon informed opinions and facts! Which in many cases are shut out from us to see.

A good example is the inability for liberal media to post all of the Islamic hate cartoons. Why do we not see these in MSM? Why are they afraid to show the people of Europe the HATRED in CARTOONS from Egypt to Sudan? From Iran to Syria? And from Yemen to Saudi Arabia? They bend over like girly men to the Islamic fanatics, making us think it is the West that is unfair, yet they do not show the Hatred from Muslims.

Keep shining the LIGHT!

Thanks for keeping us informed!

Thank you for making Thomas Leif's point, by ripping his words out of context, and by using covers of Der Spiegel, the magazine that has happened to interview him, instead of presenting evidence from SWR, the public radio/television station where he works, and by adding some snippy comments to show that you are personally offended.

Btw, the covers you presented are visually impressive, of course, but given the typical image of Germans in the U.S. it seems to me pretty even. No stereotypes on American magazine covers?
Still, covers are not articles. So I really don't get your point. Of course, it's much less of a hassle to sample some cover images than to analyze articles or even finding some of Mr. Leif's own work

But that's exactly what Thomas Leif's argument is really about: that many bloggers do not follow journalistic rules, and therefore cannot replace the press. Be it that they choose to be subjective and not even trying to show the other side, be it that they do not have time for an in-depth research. You wouldn't even have needed to perform an in-depth research to notice that the Netzwerk Recherche (research network) he is a member of also criticizes "regular" journalists for not doing enough research before writing on a topic.

Again, thank you for supporting his point with what you write on him.

Btw, I wouldn't call your blog politically incorrect, just "incorrect" will do.

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