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May I suggest an endorsement by Kim Jong-Il, just to seal it off?

funny. suddenly the so nonrelevant europe (and even weirder: a former head of the government of one european country) is playing a major role ("kiss of death", wow, that's dramatic...) in US elections? yeah, right. and by the way: take a look at US' public opinion of the iraq war. And than tell me once again that Schroeder's opinion is of any relevance among those US-voters who wouldn't vote for a republican anyway...


It's like the movie, The Godfather. The kiss of political death! How did they get to Schroeder? Obviously the CIA, NSA, have the goods on the good Chancellor. As an American I want to apologize. I know Germans will understand. We Americans are in the grips of evil BushChimppretzelhallibuton and his Rasputin, ( insert doom music here )...Carl Rove.


I know how those lefties always like to go native so any chance of posting a picture of Hillary in a beekeeper Burka? Do you know if she visited a nice Saudi female genital mutilation clinic? (Speaking truth to power and all that)

Predictable. Utterly predictable.

At least Hillary doesn't sprechen sie deutsch....

RMOTFL. I never thought I'd be thankful to him for anything. She has weird character traits -- has told strange, inexplicable lies. Not to mention viciously attacking every woman in Bill's wake with dirty tricks to protect him. Not normal and therefore not the kind of person you want in conrtol of such great power. So, thank heavens for any endorsement that hurts her.

Schroeder made the statement during a discussion of global women leaders at a gender-segregated theater where a plastic barrier separated women from men.

Can anyone see the built-in irony of discussing global women leaders in a segregated theater? This is what had me ROFLMAO! The fact that anyone would have this discussion of women leaders in Saudi Arabia in the first place! :D

OK, I'm going to state the obvious. We know what happened to the last presidential candidate that Europe supported.

Gio, look a little further into the link you provided and notice the approval rating is at 51% for those who say military force against Iraq was the CORRECT choice (not exactly your Vietnam anti-war orgasm). Now, many do not agree with the way Bush is handling the war in Iraq. Many, like myself, believe we should turn up the heat against the insurgency, not cut and run. I would bet that almost none of us (that belong to the turn up the heat group) believe there is a serious contender in the Democrat party that would do better. Besides, Bush is not running for reelection. Furthermore, if you compare party numbers, more people are even less satisfied with the job being done by the Democrats. But, what the hell! Why let facts get in the way.

Can someone help me out here? Where is Clark County, Ohio? And why am I remembering it? Wasn't J. F'n Kerry the great annointed one in Clark Cnty. Oh.?
Gio, maybe you can help me with this, d'ya think?
BTW, those poll takers, how many of them want to turn tail and run?
Do you actually see a future for the Defeatocrats?

Hmm, something tapping at the back of my brain...

Was Clark County the place where some British newspaper (Guardian?) wanted all of its readers to email the residents there and tell them to oppose Bush and the war? Backfired on them big time, from what I recall of the post-election data.

Just looked it up... Yes, it was Clark County, and it was the Guardian! See this amusing article from the Telegraph:


Bush wound up winning the county by about 1400 votes out of 70,000 cast.

Wonder if the Guardian ever paid for that voter registration data that they bought...

"Was Clark County the place where some British newspaper (Guardian?) wanted all of its readers to email the residents there and tell them to oppose Bush and the war?"

nice one. but what do you want to suggest?

all i'm saying is the following:
- the public opinion in the US doesn't clearly tend towards pro or con war in iraq (@James W.: I'm talking of the same numbers like you) - look at the last 4 results plus: ever heard of confidence intervalls? This means that in statistics you can't trust small differences...
- Schroeder may be one of the most important opponents of war in iraq. Probably, in vast parts of the US he is only known for this political position. But today about half of the US-voters seem to think that he was right. "kiss of death"?
- another thing: since when are the US elections decided by foreign policy?

all in all: this article is, to say the least, WAY exaggerated.
it seems to me, that some people just want connect the name "clinton" with the expression "weasel" - which is, of course, a rather primitive understanding of politics - but unfortunately, this kind of campaigning seems to work...

explicitly: this is not a pro clinton statement. I only refer to the statement that her campaign "died" by some schroeder statement two years before the election.


So Schröder said something about something.

Who cares?

A Schroeder endorsement might be a sufficient, but not necessary condition for a Hillary campaign meltdown. In truth her approval rating is tanking wihtout foreign aid. ;-)

Rasmsussen Rechecking Math?

"In other News the Hillary Meter says.

"February 9, 2006--Support for Hillary Clinton's Presidential bid has slipped over the past month to the lowest levels recorded in two dozen surveys over the past year.
Today, just 27% of Americans say they would definitely vote for the former first lady while 43% would definitely vote against. Still, 59% of Americans believe it is somewhat or very likely that she will be the Democrat's nominee in 2008.
Among Democrats, the number who would definitely vote for Clinton dropped 11 percentage points over the past two weeks.while 43% would definitely vote against."

Let's See Bush's Approval Rating is 49%
Hillary's is 38%.

Election 2008

Hillary Clinton

Favorable 38%
Unfavorable 47%

And this is not News. "

PS I really like Rassmussen they grit their teeth and give the figures for a Bush improvement usually a comment like

""it is not clear if the current peak reflects lasting change or merely statistical noise"

Which give the whole Report a flavour of

"Say it isn't SO Mabel!"

So I have a high level of confidence for them when Bush's figures go up since it seems to pain them so much to admit it. ;-)

Gerhard Schroeder: He plays for Ajax, doesn't he? Sounds familiar...

The Saudis are useful after all. Damn, Karl Rove is good!

YJCMTSU. Gerd and Gore go moonbat at a conference in Saudi paid for by the ben Laden family. UFB.

OT: http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=48827

"A former general and friend of Saddam Hussein who defected but maintains close contact with Iraq claims the regime supported al-Qaida with intelligence, finances and munitions and believes weapons of mass destruction are hidden in Syria."

Not that you will see anything mentioned in the Euro media anytime soon.


an eye-witness account of the forum in Saudi-Arabia with another remark by Schroeder (on the caricatures):


"...believes weapons of mass destruction are hidden in Syria."

I don't think this is any big secret. You all do realize that we will eventually find those WMD in Syria, don't you?


“Clinton,"weasel" - which is, of course, a rather primitive understanding of politics - but unfortunately, this kind of campaigning seems to work...”

I prefer to call it popular iconography. There, see, a pompous neologism. We win.

Public opinion and the war? Tough. Public opinion doesn’t vote. Try polls of known voters, ie, people who can read, aren’t on the dole, and know where Canada is. Try actual combat military and their friends and families and what they tell their friends…. Furthermore, we live in a Republic, the President has the sole authority to command the military. The only polls that matter are of men with stars on their collars, hartbreaking as that is to highschool dropout actors. The world in Washington has changed, Al Gore could be the next President and we’d be pink misting world wide, which we will for the next two decades. Why? Cuz the mofo’s are whacked, crazy, Dame Bamaged, and will go on killing and cutting. I have faith in them. They’re not going to let us down. So, forget it the Florida vote and, ahem, move on.

WMD’s in Iraq? Don’t care. Ancient history, left for scriveners and the constipated.

Well one would expect Gerhard to come out and support Hill... socailist need to stick together.

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