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Why do you say "unsurprisingly" ? Are there more officials of the BpB who are terrorist apologists in the Watzal mold ? (Rosenthal doesn't mention any.) Has the BpB as an agency done anything in this direction ? (Rosenthal doesn't raise this issue.) Have any German government agencies done anything along Watzal's lines ? (Rosenthal doesn't raise this issue, either.) Concrete evidence of any of this would surely be important to bring to light.

Is the conclusion to be drawn here that the German government is actively apologizing for terrorists ?

And why doesn't the challenge by Matthias Küntzel of Watzal merit any mention. Isn't it just as noteworthy as Watzal's vile bile ?

Just askin'.


Note from David: The main reason why we started this blog is the apologist attitude of much of the German media and of German politics vis-a-vis terrorism, and the venomous attacks of the same institutions on those who lead the war against terrorism, namely the U.S. government. I'm sorry you didn't notice the basic philosophy of this blog... There are several mentions of BpB in this blog. Just use our search engine.

As to your request regarding Matthias Küntzel, I must admit I don't get your point. We made a reference to John Rosenthal's article, and that's it. No need to go into details - it's all in John's article. Read it.

Time and again I wonder why people would post such comments.

I have to agree with "unsurprisingly". When I read editorials like this (albeit concerning France), it becomes harder and harder to convince me that virulent anti-semitism does not remain endemic to European governments.

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