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This post, plus the previous one, plus so many others you have brought forward. Do Germans, or Europeans in general, not even suspect that there's another side to the stories they are told?

I shouldn't criticize, I suppose. We have plenty here in the US that considers it plausible that the Right controls the economy and the politics through a long series of conspiracies and back-room deals. But it does seem that the percentage of people who believe the outrageously silly is higher in Germany.

I guess the careers of these guys have tanked so much that they can't even get on "Ice Skating With Celebrities" or whatever the current reality show is for 3rd rate actors.

Of course sterotyping people from other countries is nothing Hollywood is familar with.

I'm going to guess that people aren't up-in-arms about the misdeeds of Billy Zane and Gary Busey because, unlike Depp and Goldberg, they are irrevocably banished to the deeply subterranean, Gary Coleman/Steve Urkel circle of Hollywood.

And more US soldiers and/or marines will loose a leg or arm or be killed because people in the Middle East do believe this film is accurate or are just influenced by it. One more IED planted on a road....or a person who might have warned about the IED keeping quiet.

We had a young soldier to dinner this weekend. He's just 21 years old. Any parent would be proud to call him "son". Honorable, kind, bright (and as all 21 year old males, HUNGRY! I cooked 2 steaks for him! He ate both of them!:-)

Will it be him?

This is being reported on in the states. The actors are identified by name. Maybe these two slugs can move to turkey.

Do Germans, or Europeans in general, not even suspect that there's another side to the stories they are told?

This is a Turkish Film. Turkey is NOT in "Europe". Why do Europeans have to be concerned about a film in Turkish ? Do Americans have opinions on Mexican films shown in Spanish to Hispanics ?

Why should Germans get worked up about a film shown in 65 cinemas across Germany to Turks ?

Thank you for writing about this, Ray. I cannot tell you how much these to a**holes disgust me. What they did is far, far beyond what the standard Hollywood lefty does. In fact, I will be very surprised if the usual suspects (Clooney, et al) support Busey and Zane in any way.

Scumbags, both of them.


There's more:


My local paper wrote about this piece of filth movie today for the first time (only because of Stoiber) and COMPLETELY overlooked the most objectional part of it. The way they wrote the story it sounds like the Turks just made a movie about the Abu Ghraib scandal and who could object to that?


Go read the review of the film.

Actually I thought these Turks were bagged by US forces because they were operating undercover in the Kurdish area and were found with explosives etc. The Turks have been stirring trouble in Kurdish areas of Iraq and stirring up the Turkmens as well as working with the Iranians. Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq were always scared stiff that the Kurds would create Kurdistan and slice a bit off each country - the Turks did not want the Kurds to get the Kirkuk oilfields.

That is what this is really about - Turkish hatred of Kurds and US support for Kurds.


The movie opens with a real-life incident: the arrest in July 2003 of Turkish special forces in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq.

(Istanbul,Turkey-AP July 5, 2003 UPDATED 6:20 PM ) _ The United States released some of a group of 11 Turkish special forces whose detention by U.S. troops in northern Iraq angered Turkey and threatened to further strain already tense ties between the longtime allies.

U.S. officials remained silent over why the Turkish troops were seized in a Friday night raid by American forces on an office in northern Iraq. A Turkish newspaper said the detentions aimed to foil a Turkish plot to kill a senior official in the oil-rich city of Kirkuk.


Turkish government officials said about 100 American troops raided a Turkish special forces office in the town of Sulaymaniyah, detained 11 soldiers, and took them to Kirkuk.

The Hurriyet newspaper said the detentions followed reports that Turks were planning to kill a senior Iraqi official in Kirkuk. While there was no word on the identity, the city recently elected a Kurdish lawyer, Abdulrahman Mustafa, as its mayor amid concerns that the new administration may favor one ethnic group over another. The city is divided between Arabs, Kurds, ethnic Turks and Christians and has been the scene of ethnic tensions.

In April, the U.S. Army's 173rd Airborne Brigade caught a dozen Turkish soldiers, dressed in civilian clothes and trailing an aid convoy. U.S. forces suspected that the Turkish team was sent in to inflame local ethnic Turks, who already have tense relations with the city's Kurds and Arabs.

Zane and Busey have no careers to speak of at the moment, so the bottom line is likely to be more important to them right now than any backlash by (nonexistent) fans at home. And look to their Hollywood pals to defend their right to "artistic freedom" if anyone suggests any kind of boycott when the movie hits the States. I posted about this last week and got a comment from someone (presumably in Turkey) who said, "It says realy things and we got proofs (the pictures and confessed soldiers.)" (grammatical errors from original).

Perhaps when the movie is released here more hue and cry will be raised. Until then, the MSM has Dick Cheney's hunting accident to further dissect.

Well rowntree, that's a fair point. It would be stronger if the film were getting no coverage in Germany at all, but point taken. I may have turned the volume up too high.

Hollywood has been portraying Arabs as villains from the early days of Rudolf Valentino in film noir.Even today they release movies with strong anti middle east/Arab messages and in an age when prime time american TV is host to series such as Sleeper Cell and 24...all those high and might critics of this Turkish move should really just shut up and take the truth as it comes to them.
It seems that when it hits close to home the hypocritical nature of some people shines at it's best.
I think we had enough of Hollywood productions portraying anyone as they see fit,sending whatever messages they see fit, vilifying who they see fit.It's about time "the other side" show a little truth of their own,whether the american audience likes it or not.
So it's ok to come up with movies and TV shows who portrays Arabs and Muslims as terrorists and savage beast but outrageous when a foreign production reveals a fraction of the things done in Iraq?
Do not unto others what you won't have done unto you....ring a bell?

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