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I don't know if it's gutsy or crazy--especially when you know that those fanatics often protest with violence. They obviously have no respect for free speech, unless they are the ones practicing it.

Hearing them say "they are provoking us", leads me to believe that they were looking for an excuse to lynch. This could of ended up much worse for Erik and his friend. I get visions of charred bodies hanging from a bridge in my mind.

On the other hand, where do we draw the line and say "enough is enough". The protesters should ask who here is truly being provoked. It is OUR freedom that they are attempting to suppress.

We better wake up and smell the coffee! Erik just put on a fresh pot.


A certain AC/DC song comes to mind:

When USA has had eough it will react, ask a NAZI

When USA has had enough it will react, ask an Iraqi Ba'athist.

They told the police the two of them almost had the others surrounded before they intervened...

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