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@James: Der Spiegel and Spiegel Online are not one and the same. Which is to say that not everything that's printed in Der Spiegel can be linked to. What happened was that Der Spiegel printed a picture of the cartoons as they were printed in the Jyllands Posten. The story is old news, though, the Welt article was written almost two weeks ago.


I know that the civil aviation business is a part of national pride here and in the US but both Airbus and Boeing are doing more than well at the moment and their will be no change in the near future.
boeing had a market share of more than 80% ten years ago now it is below 50% and airbus is the number one and so it is more than fair to say that we saw a airbus decade. This might change in the future and boeing archived to create a well performing plane with the 787 and airbus had problems int he widebody market last year. they will have to act in terms of the 340. The 320 family is dominating the narrowbody market and they would even get more market share from boeing if they could produce more of this planes.
You can predict the future and you know that the 380 is a failiure but it is more wishfull thinking. The 380 is sold until the year 2010 and it has a market. Airbus thought the 380 will be a door opener for additional business with boeing customers mainly the japanse airlines where airbus has a hard time because of the "special relations" of boeing and japan but also others. That has not been the case and is a clear dissapointment for airbus until now.
That brings us to the subsidies issue ( japan pays a lot of direct subsidies for the 787). I know that a lot of boeing fans will be very dissapointed about the WTO ruling. Both do not deserve subsidies but both benefit from very different ways of getting taxpayers money. There are reasons why both producers found a compromise years ago on that topic and boeing has also a lot to lose on this issue and i still belive that there will be a compromise because the only winner will be the taxpayers in very different countries when we see a wto ruling.

Now the macroeconomic discussion we are export world champion vs but our growth numbers are higher and our unemployement and so on.

The german situation will not improve without a growing domestic demand our very good export situation and our very good position on hte world market will not greate the growth we need. but it will take additional years of pain but i am very confident according to the developement in the last years. germany gets more and more competitive and there is no indication that this will stop but it is also a reason for the low domestic demand due to sinking incomes etc.

The situation of the US is a complete different one. The good growth numbers are based on consumer spending and a very unique behavior of the american people. Looking at the present numbers it is very doubfull that this will continue in the future. Even if there is no housing bubble or other doom scenarios. Consumers can spent their housing equity only one time and they can not save less than they had in the last years. Nobody belives that the house prices will increase in the upcomming years in the way we saw it in the last years. There is simply no real space for additional grwoth of consumer spending given the fact that there is a wage pressure in the US too and increases will produce a even higher trade deficit due to additional outsourcing. The party is over and in my view greenspan left at the right time.

I believe a better word for Schande would be dishonor rather than shame?

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