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Actually I don't blame the Danes who published the originals - too much. They were fools but not Fools.

The Fools are the re-publishers. There is a bonfire going, so bump a few barrels of petrol on it. Or maybe some napalm. Of course.

Does anyone rememeber what happened in the suburbs of Paris, Lille, and Lyons about 3 months ago? The playacting of small boys - compared to the possible repercussions of this.

Shaddap, already!

"Well, try to point out to people in 1200 that the earth is round and see what would have happened. Your point being what? It's 2006."

I overstated a bit. It's more like 1500 or 1550 thn 1200. Paris still would have burned, however.

Yoy point out that it's not 1200 (or 1500 I surmise), it's 2006. right. And by republishing cartoons and standing on your Rights to Freedom of Speech you are singlehandedly going to force these medievalist wogs to update their attitudes 500 years in one swell foop.

Good idea. And good luck.

There is only one response a rational man can have to such rigorous logic and standing on principal. I'm going to go out on the web and search for major European Fire Insurance, Car Insurance and Reinsurance companies with major financial exposure in Denmark, France, Germany, Nederlands, and Belgium. And sell them short. That way (unlike the Emperor Nero who fiddled while Rome burnt) I'll make money while Europe burns.....

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