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I think the reason Chirac waived the nuke threat at Iran a few weeks ago is because Europe has no defense against state-sponsored terrorism. I also think European leaders are fully aware that the threats exist but cannot say so publically. What if Al Qaeda had launched a massive 9/11 attack against Paris or Berlin or Rome? I don't think Europe could muster enough military power to oust the Taliban and hunt down the perps. Moreover, I don't think Europeans would have the will. If Iran sponsors a chemical attack in Rome, who here thinks the French would send the bulk of their military forces to attack and defeat Tehran?

In the past, Europeans could count on America to do most of the work. We saw that in Bosnia. I don't think America would be willing to help now. Perhaps on a strategic level there may be some aid, but on a personal level there are few (if any) Americans willing to shed blood for Europe now, with the exception of a few countries. I think we'd help out the Netherlands, Denmark and Italy. The UK as well. Everyone else can go pound sand.

Chirac knows this.

Living in Italy doesn't mean he gave up American citizenship.

I wonder what the tax benefits are?

I wish he would give up American citizenship.

Michael & Catherine Douglasare the same, they raise their kids in Bermuda(?). Again, I wonder if there are tax advantages to this?

Gedmin says nothing of interest in this article.
*Yawn* - artists against Bush.
So what.
He should go and watch Winterbottom´s "Road to Guantanamo".
That´s at least worth a discussion.

Contrary to his own opinion, George Clooney is not treated as a traitor in his own country. But he is thought to be an ignoramus by those people who are unfortunate enough to happen to hear his opinions.

But not being listened to IS censorship, Don Miguel! George Clooney has the right to be part of the governing class in Washington DC, and the fact that he has been kept out is censorship.

Besides - look at his movies. Syriana is not being shown in my local cinema in London! Obvious censorship! I have to go to another cinima. Of course I had to do that to see 'Walk the Line' - but that's not censorship because it's not terribly political.

If Syriana isn't shown universally it must be censorship....

Harry Belafonte is just a Red too old to change his stripes. He's harmless. Listen to those calypso rhythins and ignore the bullshit....

Clooney complained to the Frankfurter Allgemeine
Sonntagszeitung that he was treated like “a traitor”
****************************************************Gee maybe he should stop acting like one?

Oh and your list of those who stayed in the US and were not that effected? The Dixie Chicks may not belong on it. They went from the absolute top of the charts to off a cliff.

Yes I know their concerts did well, but concerts cand do well without having to generate the numbers that CD sales need.

They turned their backs on their fan base,

Back home we call it, forgetting where you came from

Those who applaud them, support their position and might even buy a concert ticket out of solidarity do NOT listen to Country Western Music or buy those kinds of CDs as a rule. ;=-)

Being Anti-American is so 1990's.

Shouldn't that read that Harry Belafonte is one of East Germany's favorite entertainers.

Gosh, Don, I'm really sorry that Syriana is not being shown at your local cinema. You're missing one of the best “based on a true story” movies ever made!

Ah well, Don Miguel. My local cineplex has turned into crap for some reason. I think they are running about 30% of the movies that they ran a year ago - not sure why. Partly it's that stuff is not being shown, partly that movies that they would have shown 5 times a day are only being shown 3 times.

Syriana doesn't appeal, though I was considering going to see the film on Edward R. Murrow and McCarthy. Sylviana looks like a clone of the Bourne flicks with political agenda added. No thinks.

No, AVI, being anti-American is so 18th century.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Laura Ingraham's book "Shut Up and Sing" for anyone wishing more background on the Hollywood Elite problem. I know that degrees and titles don't mean everything, but I did find it particularly interesting how we have Hollywood high-school dropouts calling Yale graduates and university provosts "stupid" -- and worse, that people listen these political revelations, because after all, they are celebrities.

Hey Lou - don't forget about Poland and Czech Republic - they've got the courage of their convictions, the will to back it up and...the most beautiful chicks in all of Europe!


You're right. And in the context of this thread I'm wondering why I posted those comments. Sorry 'bout dat.

Clooney's Hollywood bravado is a huge joke. How brave is it to make a movie exposing McCarthism? Isn't that old news? The movie may very well be a well-made interesting bit of history but the making of it is hardly "bravery" by any normal standard. And the fairy tale of Syrianna is a remake of all those stories of the big bad government shutting up the little guy who gets in the way, Hollywood never tires of such fare, it seems.

Clooney needs to get over himself. I could care less what movies he makes or where he lives, as could most Americans. All he is is an entertainer and a very rich one at that. He lacks credentials IMO for any political attention.

Italy is lovely and very America friendly compared to the rest of Western Europe. But as the main criticisms of the US from people like Clooney are usually things like the lack of democracy, the domination of religion, the lack of a free press, the mismanaging of the economy, corruption and corporate influence..... Italy seems like a strange place to pick as an alternative.

Italy is a superb place to get away from the US for a year or two, especially if you don't read Italian. The people are friendly and the politics don't come across at all. They are not 'In your face' at all like the Germans and some of the Brits tend to be.

Apart from that the food is superb and often cheap, the vino is very good, the women attractive, and the culture and historical heritage arguably the best in Western Europe. What's not to like? Well the job market sucks - but Clooney doesn't have to worry about that.

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