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Pardon my OTness again, gentlemen, but this is something your readers should keep following, because I highly doubt your MSM will mention 1 thing:

The Dream City of the Kurds
(with pictures!)


Clark Braxton's blog, http://braxton2008.blogspot.com/ has a better comment on the cartoons than I ever could.

In addition, Braxton's post on the cartoons was censored by Google-owned Blogspot.

I have a "We are all Danes" campaign at http://www.crockplot.blogspot.com.

The cartoons on MEMRI are just nastily preaching to the choir. And so, ineffective as political cartoons. This one, I just couldn't stop laughing, even though I don't agree with it.


The headline says:

Holocaust ( hitler's human burning ovens).

Not that i feel specially proud of my iranian heritage these days...

There is value in preaching to the choir. Do enough of it and you will have cemented a world-view. Consider the effects of 50 years of this on many Arab populations.

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