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The key to making capitalism work has always been lowered barriers to entry. When sellers supply a defective product (in this case distorted news) is it easy to set up competition and take away their market share. I don't pretend to know the competitive environment in Russia today but I would say that what happens *after* the resignation is even more important than the problems that led to the resignation.

Will these people find work elsewhere? Are there better alternative news sources that are going to eat up market share, disciplining the distorters via profit losses? I hope so. Given Russia's past, I'm not too optimistic, though.

I give the German media poor Marx.

Uh PRJ, don't you mean good Marx? ;) And bad grades?

You can't have a news article about news organizations without the obligatory slam at Fox News or US conservatives. I thought for a moment I was wrong, but near the end:

"News Corp. tried for a stake in REN TV during the string of sales this summer. Romanova said Lesnevskaya was turned off by the sensationalism of Rupert Murdoch-owned news broadcasters, especially Fox News in the United States. A spokeswoman for Lesnevskaya said that she was refraining from talking to the news media for now."

A story line we have all seen before.

It just has the wrong cast of characters to be of any interest in Germany.

Freedom of the press is not an issue for Germans other than in such nations where the “Media is Under Pressure” such as in the US.

Remember it was that world statesman, Gerhard who declared Putin to be a democratic leader. Who could ever question such a label. Gerhard never made such a proclamation about the POTUS.

To show how much Gerhard believed in this declaration, he is now a spokes person for the brand of democracy being practiced in Russia.

All Germans should feel a sense of national pride.

Having a monolithic media is a goal of all social welfare states. It makes ruling the masses much easier when both the means and the message are controlled.

So Putin is doing without notice what Berlusconi is accused of all the time. No surprise that this gets as little attention as the Deutsche Welle scandal. Maybe the coverage would be a litle bit different if Berlusconi would be lecturing RTL in business ethics.

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