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Of course, the biggest lie here is that America is organized as a democracy. Certainly it has many democratic institutions, but it is explicitly a republic. A particularly ingeniously crafted republic, with many checks and balances, and non-democratic pieces, and division of powers, which ultimately work to control government power. And mob rule probably isn't the best way for the people to exercise their rightful authority. But maybe that's too nuanced a point for Europeans to understand. And it may be a somewhat pedantic point, but not making it allows people to set up a straw man argument like this.

Congratulations to Ray, David, Politically Incorrect, No Pasaran! and all who emailed. Here in Amiland, we say that 'Sunshine is the best disinfectant'. Just exposing what these creeps say, forces them to run for cover.

Here's one this that's just wrong: "The USA fondly sees itself as the "motherland of democracy."" No, actually Americans see Greece as the "motherland of democracy". Since we are a land of immigrants, America is not a "motherland" or "fatherland". Our national figure is an Uncle, Uncle Sam. I think America is unique in having the national symbol not be a father or mother.

Seldom have I read such a concentrated collection of equine feces. Go here Are Elections in America Democratic?, try to stomach the article as best you can and leave your comment by clicking "Artikel bewerten" at the bottom left side. Hmmmm. They don't seem to allow you to see other reader's comments any more. Wonder why not...

For non-Americans (and Americans, for that matter) who need to brush up on the sound rationale behind the U.S. election system, here's an excellect piece on the Electoral College

I've had many discussions with Europeans concerning the Electoral College, and how it works, but the concept is a foreign notion to them and it always seems that if a president that is "left-of-center" wins the most states the system works fine, but if the opposite is true the system doesn't work. However, it seems to have worked fine for 230 years, even when the candidate that I voted for doesn't win. That is how a republic works.

As to you "Problem 2", ALL states, and all US Territories (e.g. Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and etc.) if I'm not mistaken, provide for non-driver's license identification cards.

"There have been elections in which a candidate lost because he sweated too much in a televised debate with a competitor. It is indeed unusual when the better and more capable candidate doesn't win, but instead he who has a better television presence."

So they're admitting that Nixon was the "better and more capable candidate"!

the biggest error is that "democracy" means majority rule. it does not. democracy means power to form and function as the government reside within the people and the individual.

one of the nice thing about the electoral college system is that it balance the power of the individual with the power of the people, i.e. the state. had this system not been in place, candidates would focus only on the populous states and ignore the rural ones.

To compare with that fraud Kennedy, Nixon was a better candidate...anyway, Nixon sweating and his five o'clock shadow at the 1st TV debate was not the reason he lost in 1960 - he would had lost even without any debates. Surprisingly, Nixon got the women's vote that year over Pretty Boy Jack. It was JFK painting Nixon as 'soft' on Castro, plus the economy was in a downturn in '60 and there was a question of Hughes money. The Kennedy clann just out-tricked Tricky Dick.
HK should educate the little children better on this and everything else.

the electoral system has functioned as a key component of American democracy for far longer than Germany has even been a democracy.

Actually the U. S. has been a representative republic longer than Germany has been a nation. The U. S. was never intended to be a democracy and is not now.

It may just be a small aside, but I really tire of the recurring theme that Americans are SO provincial because so few of them have passports. Things are changing now, because soon the US government will not allow US citizens to come back into the country unless they have a passport, but the plain fact is that Mexico and Canada (the only countries that border the US) and many of the Carribean islands do not require that citizens from the US have passports to enter their territories. For many Americans, myself included, I would much rather vacation in Mexico than any place in Europe.


A small aside to your small aside is that by January 2008, a passport will be required for travel both to and from Mexico and Canada.

Are you sure they removed the link or did they bury it somewhere?

Happens over here when a site is busted.

--One article that we discovered on the site is entitled, "Are Elections in America Democratic?" --

Unlike, say, Germany, which didn't allow the great unwashed to vote whether or not they wanted to join the EU?

One thing here: Germany was not an "absolutist monarchy" in 1888. Granted, it was not a "democracy" by any stretch, yet some checks and balances were in place. The main power in 1888 Germany was an authoritarian chancellership under Bismarck, but he was soon to be cashiered by the new Kaiser, Willy II. Wilhelm II is not a likeable figure, but initially he did do some good things such as ending Bismarck's hounding of the social democrats and the kulturkampf. Where Kaiser Bill went wrong is abandoning Bismarck's foreign policy and getting in the Naval race with GB, getting too cosy with the Officer Corps which led to his undoing later.
The absolutist monarchy in 1888 was Russia, and Russia was alligned with the "democratic" powers France and Britain(the big colonial powers) against Germany in the Great War that followed.

This is the same mistake the media made in the kerfluffle over Katrina -- they failed to show that they understand the relationship between the states and the federal government in the US. Basically, they failed to show that they understand the way government, in general, works in the US. This is just plain irresponsible.

Either they don't know what they are talking about (which is what their article clearly seems to show) -- in which case they certainly should not be "teaching" this to children -- or else, they do know what they are "supposed" to be talking about and they are intentionally misleading people -- especially, the children. I'm not sure which is worse, but either case is, well, irresponsible.

They've been caught and they should be ashamed. Someone in a previous post mentioned that, generally, the journalists at this organization were all "likeable" professionals. That may be, but this, once again, reflects very poorly on their profession.

@ steppendaft

Actually, 1888 is a fascinating year in German history. It is the year Kaiser Wilhelm I died and, for a brief moment in history that we can only wonder about, Kaiser Frederick III took power only to die of cancer within 100 days. Frederick III was known to be more open to democratic ideas than the man who succeeded him, Wilhelm II. As it turned out, the new Kaiser rid himself of Bismark and Germany started on a path that would find its end in 1918.

Basically, they failed to show that they understand the way government, in general, works in the US. This is just plain irresponsible.--


It's not like one can read The Constutitution online, or anything....


maybe the drawback is it's in English?????

Setting aside for a moment the site's uninformed and biased discussion of how American elections are conducted, I wonder whether the site would also acknowledge that it's possible in Germany for the winner to lose, and the losers to win? For example, had a red-green-yellow coalition emerged from last fall's German election, the CDU/CSU would have been shut out even though it won a plurality of the vote. Even in Germany, popular-vote totals don't necessarily control the election's outcome. (But I suppose that doesn't matter as long as the outcome is the "correct" one.)

In the USA there is no residency bureau (Einwohnermeldeamt). No one therefore knows exactly where who lives.

This is not a bug, it is a feature. There are in fact provisions in place for updating one's voter registration; many of us in Wisconsin believe it is too easy to do here.

"Are Elections in America Democratic" is invaluable in its own way. It's a perfect example of a type of writing about America that is the norm in Europe. In the process, it reveals why so many Europeans are so incredibly ignorant about America. It's all there; the obsession with the negative, the evident desire to smear rather than inform, the careful winnowing of "facts" to present only those that conform to a propaganda agenda.

As other commenters have pointed out, the "explanation" of the Electoral College is a perfect example. Missing from the disinformation presented to the "bright little minds" are such salient facts as the reasons that the Electoral College came into existence to begin with, the right of the American people to abolish the College at any time via Constitutional amendment, or that the only reason the College continues to exist at all is because the majority of Americans want it that way. They want it that way for a variety of very good reasons which don't, of course, fit the propaganda agenda, and are therefore never discussed. In Europe, of course, the elites would overrule the ignorant masses and abolish the College regardless of the will of the people. That's "democracy," European style.

"Only the Majority Counts" is a perfect example in microcosm of the dumbing down of information about America presented to the European masses. Gone is any serious discussion of the relative advantages of British and American single member districts versus continental European proportional representation. Indeed, single member districts are a propagandist's dream. It's so easy to make them seem "unfair," without bringing up the "off topic" undemocratic tendencies of proportional representation so well-attested by history. These include, among others, the instability that has made the government of Italy a laughing stock, and opened the door to Nazism in Germany, the promotion of rule by elites, and the concentration of power in the hands of small minorities out of all proportion to their actual democratic weight. That there is any complexity to the relative advantages of the two systems that can't be conveniently summed up in a few propaganda slogans, or, for that matter, that single member districts are anything other than a travesty of democracy dreamed up by corrupt politicians to thwart the popular will is as much beyond the ken of the European masses as the back side of the moon.

What can you say? Seems like "Freedom of the Press" hasn't worked out as well in practice as the noble dreamers of the Enlightenment hoped it would. They dreamed it would mean an end to ignorance, and free access for all points of view in the marketplace of ideas. Now here we are in the 21st century, and the European elites have a more rigid control over the media than was ever dreamed of by royalty or aristocracy in the heyday of the Enlightenment. The freedom to be fully informed is like any other freedom. You have to fight for it constantly, or it disappears.

Did anyone happen to notice what Helles Köpfchen had to say about Susanne Osthoff? Read this, and you'll find find that Germany's lack of backbone is ensured for generations to come:

Here's a translated excerpt, the original follows:

"It's still unclear what the kidnappers really wanted. Did they have political demands, or was it really only about a ransom? It's also uncertain whether the government paid money to the kidnappers for Susanne Osthoff's release.

But that's not really important. What's important is that she's alive, she's well, and that she's finally free."

"Noch immer ist unklar, was die Entführer überhaupt wollten. Hatten sie politische Forderungen oder ging es ihnen nur ums Lösegeld? Es ist auch ungewiss, ob die Bundesregierung für Susanne Osthoffs Freilassung Geld an die Entführer gezahlt hat.

Das ist aber nicht wirklich wichtig. Entscheidend ist, dass Susanne Osthoff lebt, dass es ihr gut geht und dass sie endlich wieder frei ist."

German Children's Site "Helles Koepfchen" Indoctrinates Kids, Threatens Critics. It is a long and unfortunate practice in Germany: The political indoctrination of those who have yet to form a mature picture of the world
That is defintely correct!!!!!!!!
we have black and white facts !!!!!!!!!!!
They have some articles about kids who were being homeschooled and Ingo Fisher used to take out good critics for the Homeschoolers and they changed the words of the interview about Homeschooling too.
We tested by sending good critics about homeschooling and it never appeared
They even threat our son(8yrsold) for giving bad critics.
Bad critics never appeared, instead you get a threat from Ingo Fisher ; the brother of the Andreas Fisher.
If one calls at their office the secretary , Sanra Müller might tell you that they would be busy nd kick you out of the line
We know the methods of that site and also the way of German Media,they used to change the reality and just take out what ever is positive for themselves
another thing is about homeschooling news of,
germany .
The homeschoolers in germany are facing the most terrible disaster you can ever
mentioned nd if you would follow
up the forums in Hellesköpfchen you will see that most of the discussions were done by the kids in the age of 13 yrs (which could not be true, by the way they wrote)
Last year we found out that they won a prize, we tried to write to responsible people for giving Hellesköpfchen such a prize!
.But in Germany , we have no freedom of thinking.The upper people know each other and they would bury all the complaints somewhere in the draws .
We feel it sad that even teachers of germany are letting the kids use that site during school hours!!!!!!!!!
Ultimately, the problems in Germany's education
and Media system translate to young people poorly prepared for the job market, while companies complain they can't find qualified graduates.
But still this kind of news would never appear anywhere in Germany
Germany is so incredibly secular, that I cannot believe people are so sanguine about their
Here is an example of the German mentality. Next to the Happy Meals at McDonalds, a smutty daily called Bild is sold. Bild always has naked women on the cover and lots of frank sex and gore related headlines.
And helles köpfchen isn't better than that
Homo-erotic calendars are always sold next to the stuffed animals at stores...It is as if pedophiles were in charge of product placement in this country!
There is just no excusing the un-family friendly atmosphere so, of course, the government has to resort to forcing people to
believe in wrong news to maintain the status quo.
Do you all know that German Christian parents
have been criminally prosecuted and jailed for religious schooling as a violation of German law?
Do you guys know that medical malpractises in germany can cause the victim to be put in the psychiatry???
The German mentality, even among its so-called conservatives, is very statist.. In this respect the German mentality does not seem to have changed much since the days of Adolf Hitler, when the Germans were expected to look upon the state as a caring parent. Ironically, Sven-Georg Adenauer is the grandson of Konrad Adenauer, the first post-Nazi Chancellor of Germany.
And what can we awiat from this country?? We
are germans, born in Germany but are looking for Refugee status cuz we are sick and tired of being followed by the politicians and laws and regulations like in Hitler Days
We cannot look at the daily happenings in Germany any more ;how kids are torn away from parenst cuz they are so attached to the parents and not to the states???
do you guys know that Young physicians leaving Germany in droves cuz of the hospitals not providing with good training and cuz of
the autocratic behavior of the chief physicians in Germany is completely outrageous and outdated?
But these are all the facts why such people like Ingo and Andrea could earn a prize in Germany !! To be a super star in germany is always possible and is easy, the more stupid you are the easier is the way of success!!!
and there we go!!!!

look at this beneath what we wrote a year ago
We are glad that David has started this discussion
We have been contacting several American Embassies to reveal the realiyt of germany but till now no one realy wanted to believe
But we know that One day will coem when we can reveal the reality of Germany and its Policies and media and education system

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

wir haben mit Schrecken entdecken müssen, das Sie der Kinder Internetseite „Helles Köpfchen“ einen Preis als besonders für Kinder geeignet gegeben haben.
Diese Seite ist ein Musterbeispiel an einseitiger und diskriminierender Berichterstattung.
Solange keine Aussagen des Betreibers oder Tatsachen hinterfragt oder sogar kritisiert werden ist ja alles in Ordnung. Doch wenn man die Frechheit besitzt einmal einen „unerwünschten Kommentar abzugeben wird man aus dem Forum ausgeschlossen und sogar bedroht.
Wenn das Ihrer Auffassung nach empfehlenswert ist kann ich den Niedergang der Jugend und der Kultur in Deutschland verstehen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Eltern die diese Seite richtig kennen

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