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re: Lou Minatti, ok everybody makes mistakes.

re: Weblog definition, ok everybody makes mistakes. Though you'd think a major publication would hire a professional translator.

The quote isn't necessarily her opinion! Except it is her opinion after all. Five content free sentences.

A "hostile campaign against the U.S."? Ya well, life is always "more complex", isn't it? Saying it's oversimplified doesn't refute anything, but I will give her points for making it sound like it does.

I don't know anyone that thinks the US never makes mistakes. Just that we try and deal with our mistakes. e.g. eventually, maybe we'll disengage from Germany, and they'll have to fend for themselves.

20 comments! From each blog! Impressive.

Sorry, not feeling very constructive, or nice. Yes, she sounds like a nice person. Ask the Iranians how much they like the fact that Europeans are being so nice to and diplomatic with them. Or not. It's not like you'll get a straight answer.

Ahhh, she trots out the "nuance" argument.

Let me guess, only a European can translate what a European means?

We shouldn't take the mag covers as presented?

If she wants to enhance German-American understanding, maybe she should start "speaking truth to power."

Oh, wait, that's what she thinks she's doing.

If she wants to enhance G/A understanding, maybe a little nuance or understanding of Americans on her part may be in order.

We are, after all, more "complex" than we're given credit for.

Go Lena go !

PS: Why Dino@Berlin is not allowed to comment on articles ?
This is discrimination of pro german guests !

Lena Brochhagen says: "I think your translation of "Schnüffeln in fremden Tagebüchern" is not quite accurate."

But Ray only translated an excerpt which did not include that quote. And I made a comment relating to the quote but did not produce a translation either. The fact that she produces a baseless complaint is an indication that the quote is of some importance to her.

Lena Brochhagen clucks curious readers with the introduction that they had to expect something frivolous, but the only frivolous thing in her article are her own clumsy snubs against what she wants to offend for reasons she does not deign to explain.

This is more like cinema than like journalism. Is this publisher treating the blogs as a part of the movie ressort?

OK Lena, I also agree that Ray’s translation of "Schnüffeln in fremden Tagebüchern" is not quite accurate, but then:

You owe us an accurate translation!

If you do not provide an alternative, I will assume that my own translation, “sniffing around in other’s diaries”, as I commented in the original post, is accurate.
Allerdings, I consider that to be a stupid remark, because it is based upon a false translation of “Blogs”.

This leads us to constructive criticism no. 1:
Check the dictionary to see if your translation is accurate.

It was a nice of Frau Brochhagen to write to Ray. But, does anyone else notice the defensiveness and the passive-aggressive tone? First, to deny the "bias" of the German media is outrageous. MSM bias, German or American, is the elephant in the room. Second, her article isn't pretending to be objective; it's a commentary on blogs; so, of course, her biases will play a part in her coverage. Third, she's lazy. She read 20 comments, she says. Well, how long did that take her? 10 minutes? 5 minutes? Oh, and, by the way, Frau Brochhagen is too busy reading Kant to check her email every day. Shouldn't a person writing about blogs check her email every day? Blogs are being written 24 hours a day. Is she afraid that writing about blogs will take her beyond the 35 hour German work week?

@ Germerican

In all fairness, I did ask her for her translation of that and she gave us this:

"My suggestion to translate "Schnüffeln in fremden Tagebüchern" would be
"Sniffing about diaries that belong to somebody else"."

@Germerican and RayD: I'd make the translation stronger:
"Sniffing around in stranger's diaries". Fremde = stranger.

Lena's innocence that there's no campaign of anti-americanism in the German media is touching and nice and STUPID.

Also, the purpose of Davids Medienkritik is not to improve German-American relations, that's a bit presumptive. This improvement may actually be a by-product, but the purpose is clearly stated in the title banner: "Politically incorrect observations on reporting in the German media". Nothing about America there at all. DM covered reporting of the Muslim Youth riots in France among many other topics with nothing to do with the States.

I think Lena Brochhagen has a point in her comment that there is "campaign of anti-americanism", though I think she may deliberately overlooking Ray's point.

I suspect there is no 'campaign' or conspiracy of anti-Americanism among German journalists. But Ray D is spot in in pointing out systemic bias among the same. To make a simile ther 'weather' in Germany is not anti-American - but the 'climate' most certainly appears to be so.

Oh, I stand corrected, the quote reappeared at the end of the text and was translated from there. Thanks. The fact that I did not bother to take time to check yesterday may be an indication that this writer is of some insignificance to me. /sarc

Actions speak louder than words and the sinister anti-american reporting in Germany's "mainstream" press speaks for itself. Ray and Lena's dialogue reminds one of that between a husband and wife who "agree to disagree" while still harboring their own "absolute" knowledge that they are correct. In this case, i agree with Ray wholeheartedly but - alas - the German media requires therapy and here is where I must compliment Ray and the overall tone of his Blog -- very measured, mature and logical. If and when the German media ever wakes up to its gross bias, I will thank Ray for getting the patient off the couch.

One more thing - I've travelled abroad my entire life and speak a few different languages. No one can accuse me of being an "ugly american" or disrespectful of other cultures. The last 7 or so years I've noticed a marked rise in anti-american sentiment directed at me during pleasent business conversations or chance meetings in cafes. It's not the same as it was during the 80's - it's a more vitriolic, mean anti-americanism. Frankly, it frightens me. And it's not just the three northern european familys whose men stood up and gave my party the heil hitler salute while I was in St. Maartin or the french dudes in a bar in Singapore who "tried desperately" to "convince us how wrong we were in Iraq" such that when we didn't buy their beef, they called us stupid. No, it's not that. It's the passive-aggressive stuff that scares me. You can feel it now while you're in a room with Europeans and they know you're american. Times have changed and it's just downright scary. Thanks Ray for the time/space.

Matt, why didn't you either 'heil hitler' them back or possibly turn face and moon them when they gave you that salute?

Times haven't changed, Matt. Same old, same old, it's safe cos they know we won't do anything.

We were still protecting them in the 80s.

Oh, look, the kids are telling the parents to FO again.

Yep. You're both right. And Don, that is a d*&m good idea. I wish I'd thought of it at the time. Frankly, I was just plain shocked. We all were. Too shocked to do anything but just walk away stunned. The weird part was these three dudes had their families with them. Their wives and kids! The wives were clearly embarassed but what did those little children think?

The other point I'd like to add is that I think much of this anti-americanism is a "safe" way of being anti-Israel. I won't say, 'anti-semetic" because I don't believe the link is always fair but I detect a bit of that too.

Isn't it amazing how easy the Europeans find it to criticize us and yet at the same time gloss over their own failings? In the financial world, we can pretty much judge a money manager's future performance based upon the past 15-20 years of their past performance. If we apply the same measure to countries foreign policy but use 100 years, who should be more concerned - America about the EU or the EU about America?

I want Lena to recognize that her sweeping the lies and bias of the German media under the rug she is simply turning a blind eye; treating the crime as a misdemeanor rather than the dangerous repitition of previous behavior deserving of serious dialogue.

No American was ever as "ugly" as those three n. europeans who heiled me.

Another thought, Matt. Take them at their word! Tell the Heilers that you're a Jew & that you Nazis should 'get over it'. You tried to make a clean sweep of it - but lost.

That would seriously embaress the wives and family - and maybe the clueless ones also.

But scenes like this have little to do with the original topic, Lena Brochhagen. I doubt she would ever do something like this - though by what I read from columnists in the Guardian I wouldn't be surprised if they would....

"...and here is where I must compliment Ray and the overall tone of his Blog -- very measured, mature and logical. [...] The last 7 or so years I've noticed a marked rise in anti-american sentiment directed at me during pleasent business conversations or chance meetings in cafes. It's not the same as it was during the 80's - it's a more vitriolic, mean anti-americanism."

I bet many of the "comments I got seemed to me like a very much reduced way of German people and media" simply stated the above in even fewer words. As if one had to do a Murtha-rebuke and praise all the non-Anti-American efforts of the German press (e.g. reports on soccer in Germany) every damn time you point out the a-A bias.

The passive-aggressiveness is really it - or should we say "quiet aggression"? They'll politely spew endless lies and distortions - then, if one blows a gasket , in the form of e.g. a sarcastic DM headline, a polemic DM headline, or, more commonly, a comment on DM that aggressively points out what a bunch of shit is being presented as truth, you're the one yelling, for no good reason...

All in all, I'd say LB's response simply reveals she is "one of them" to a greater extent than she is simply uninformed. She sidesteps points of contention like "this made it sound like approval, but that was intentional" and "you don't think that this is enough research [about your site], but I also looked at other [opposing] sites" like a student of Micheal Moore.

Oh yes, "readers of your blog must get the impression that there is some sort of hostile campaign against the U.S. going on in the German media" - in other words, there isn't. White elephant, indeed.

Due to the above, I've deleted 4 additional paragraphs in this comment so far, as I'm reminded that there is no point arguing with her, as she's part of the (unorganized, I admit - I'm not a loony) campaign.

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