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"Elite" in academic lingo means FAR LEFT.
They probably want to learn how to stone police officers without being brought to justice, so next time they can really oppose anybody not conform to their way of thinking politics. People like Daniel Pipes, beware!

Let me guess, Prof. Dr. Dr. Prof. A.D. not only in jogging, but in failed Draussenpolitik as well (and still putting on pretentious three-piece suits at home alone when nobody's looking) kind of professorship-guy?

when I read this I think Schroeder missed his calling.
I think he should be a professor of economics..

So the Chieftain of all Vanity Pimps has lost interest in whoring Europe, and is trying to be more American than the Americans once again? On the other hand, the American academia embraced a Ward Churchill and obviously seems to enjoy this kind of treatment. They must be like these Europeans who are buying Dan Brown books.

I suggest Fischer may be awarded a chair in Duct Tape Studies. Then he can teach the gullibles that they don't need duct tape because there are no weapons of mass destruction and everybody else than Red-Green lied!!!

Joschka Fischer as in the former terrorist Joschka Fisher who once beat a German policeman? A socialist at Harvard University? Hmmm...now that sounds like a REALLY lousy idea!

Meanwhile, in ongoing German (and EU and US) foreign relation news:

"West angry as Iran resumes nuclear research" Link

Well, that will show them - we're angry. We might be totally impotent, but at least we're angry.

We might refer them to the Security Council. Maybe. And the Security Council might impose sanctions. Maybe. But maybe not. But at least we're angry.

Anger is the indulgence of the impotent.

How many years of diplomacy have the EU-3 put into arriving at the point where Iran says, "So what."?

Thanks, Joschka. You showed everyone how it's done.

I wonder if Fischer would wave his finger at Iran and repeat: "I am not convinced."

Here's an interesting, and admittedly off-topic for this thread, tidbit from Spiegel:

"Russia has assumed...third place [in the world] for exports of Uranium 235, the fourth most important fossil fuel."

I didn't realize how dangerous past geological ages were, what with all those radioactive animals running around that would later form the basis of the fossil fuel called uranium.

"Coal, Oil and Gas are called 'fossil fuels' because they have been formed from the fossilised remains of prehistoric plants and animals."

didn't realize how dangerous past geological ages were, what with all those radioactive animals running around that would later form the basis of the fossil fuel called uranium.

That's because all the radioactive ones were female.


What? Fischer's buddy Schroeder couldn't get him a job at Putin's Gas Comapany? What a pity. America has quite enough left-wing poseur academics domestically and we do not need any from the other side of the Big Drink. Please take Cornel West, Churchill and Chomsky as exchange for Fischer then(and keep them there!). Methinks this is a fair trade;-)

Someone who is German here please answer: is it true that Fischer isn't educated himself and before he got into government he drove a taxi cab for a living??

Is it in the German constitution that the minority party in a government gets the position of Foreign Minister, or is this just the unwritten custom?

@steppendaft - Fischer's selfmade career is probably the least repulsive thing about him, but these days the taxi to the Chancellery seems to get stuck in the traffic on the blogs...

The post of the Vice Chancellor and the Foreign Minister have been bundled and given to the junior partner ever since the Grand Coalition of the 1960s, the current government is the first one in 40 years where these posts are separate again.

Danke schoen, FranzisM

Great now Fischer can tell his American students first hand that Arafat was a man of peace while Sharon was not.

@steppendaft - I think we can take Churchill and Chomsky. Ward Churchill could surely be a good authentic Indian chicken-roaster at the Karl-May-Festspiele, and Noam Chomsky might be able to help out in a nursing home for aging DDR officials, but for Cornel West you have to find an arrangement with some African country. Maybe Ghana needs a driver for the Mercedes of the junior Secretary General?

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