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Well, ONE Danish product that I will not "buy" is Lars von Trier's film Manderlay which, buy an unhappy coincidence, was just released in America. But then, I will perhaps listen to a symphony by Carl Nielsen today.

Okay, they have good cheese, but do I need wooden galoshes or Legos? Anything else they export?

>> The Brussels Journal blog which has led the reporting of this attack on free speech is now receiving threats. Given the state of free speech in Europe as evidenced by the Italian "prove Christ existed" case, I expect Brussels Journal to be forced to remove the cartoons and their reporting.

My guess is they can threaten Belian and that crew all they want. Their reward will be a headline in Arabic that says 'Fuck You'.

Nice blog, btw. Bookmarked.


wooden galoshes! That's the Netherlands, silly.

CIA fact book notes Denmarks largest trading partner is Germany. Not much to the U.S.

Carlsberg beer, Havarti cheese, Danzka vodka, Legos, furniture, York refridgeration systems, substantial proportions of the total world trade in mink, seeds, hearing and handicap aids, and windmills (be the first kid on your block to get one).

Why I think we should consider fine Danish Ham.

I have a copy of the image strip saved. Seems to be any place where the images are posted are getting attacked by the script kiddies of islam and their lefty friends.

Don't forget baby back ribs. Yum!

Lego Toys
B&O Stereo and HiFi
Carlsberg & Tuborg Beer
Aalborg liquor
Otterup sniper rifles
Oticon hearing aids
Tulip Computers
Vesta wind turbines
B&W marine diesels
Wegener fine furniture
Georg Jensen silverware
Stanwell smoking pipes
...just to mention a few.

LGF got a mention in a Danish paper for its 'Buy Danish' thread. But...
Don't buy ALL Danish!

i.e., those countries selling in Muslim markets because they agreed not to do business with Israel.

Listen to Nielsen's no. 1, a personal favorite.
Shoppers on aisle 5, get Tuborg beer if it's available in your area.

In case you've forgotten, the Anglo-Saxons came from Denmark. It's the motherland for many of us. So, put down that German product you are thinking of buying and pick up one made by your ancestors in Denmark.

"put down that German product you are thinking of buying and pick up one made by your ancestors in Denmark"

and for the germans on this board "put down the american product you are thinking of buying and get some danish products instead"

I'll buy the cheese and beer from Denmark, but York refrigeration systems are crap.

Viking Observer is an excellent English-language Danish blog, probably the only one.


Just an aside....

Denmark is now a member of the UNSC.

It will in fact chair the UNSC starting in June.

I might be the only one who finds the Arab/muslim attacks on Denmark not to be coincidental given the topic of Iran is going to the UN.

Plus: buy your grocerys at Netto and your beds, towels etc at Jysk (Dänisches Bettenlager)

Others are spreading the word: French newspaper le-soir printed all 12 cartoons, now German Springer press seems to jump on the train as well.

Shame on apologist taz, good article (as to be expected) by Broder in the Spiegel.

Still, the perception of this affair will utterly depend on future Danish reactions; they will need all the support the leaders of the West can offer.

Lurpak butter.

Add Italy and Spain to the list.

(ehem) Is there a Danish brand of condoms? :-)

Buy more Lego.

Anyway, here's an extremely interesting SPON article:

It says that the Danish muslim group that went on an arabic tour proclaiming their outrage at these pictures had a 43-page brochure made up that showed the actual 12 cartoon from the newspaper, but also, wait for it,

3 comparatively extreme cartoons of unknown origin.

The way they are described, it appears that these have not been shown on any of the common mirror sites ("a praying muslim shown being raped by a dog"?)

Apprently, the delegation's also conveyed that they represent 200k Danish muslims, rather than the actual 5k-10k, and the people they talked to got the impression that the newspaper in question was owned by the Danish prime minister.

SPON calls all this "misunderstandings", because the "delegates" say so. No matter whose intention it was - the arabic view of the situation was quite different from the actual situation.

(It may make the purported outrage look a little more reasonable - but it certainly makes you laugh about the western apologists who declared based ont the original 12 pictures that there was certainly reason enough to start an intifada.)

LOL. Your title amazes me.

You talk about standing up to Islamic intolerance. You mean to tell me that the cartoons were tolerant??? How did this start? Because the Danes published something INSULTING and INTOLERANT. Now they are getting heat from it.

If they want to use their freedom of speach, they should use it wisely. Just like it is their right to speak, Muslims have the right to BOYCOTT (something that I believe is also protected under the US constitution). Whose rights do you stand for?

@ Athird,

You're right, Muslims do have the right to boycott Danish goods if they feel offended or insulted. Just like I have the RIGHT to BUY TONS MORE DANISH GOODS because I value freedom of speech. And NO MUSLIM is going to tell me or define for me what the limits of my speech are or what wise speech is. And don't sit there and lecture me about tolerance when the radical Muslim world is constantly agitating against non-Muslims with the most gross propaganda. When was the last time you saw Danes beheading Muslims? Get over your hypocritical double-standards. And don't ever tell me what my rights are.


Taking a stand for freedom of speech means standing up for the right to "blaspheme." Gutless amoral filth like you wouldn't bat an eye if that Danish paper had printed a picture of Serrano's "Piss Christ" on its front cover, but your moral and physical cowardice towards militant Islam, which loves and embraces Naziism and anti-Semitism, shines through. Printing those cartoons is an important gesture, and speaks well of the only country in Europe that made a nation-wide concerted effort to save its Jewish citizens in WWII.


>>"You talk about standing up to Islamic intolerance. You mean to tell me that the cartoons were tolerant??? How did this start? Because the Danes published something INSULTING and INTOLERANT. Now they are getting heat from it."

Here is what Athird means when he talks about Islamist "tolerance." Since you're so "tolerant," Athird, tell us all what you've done to resist these gross examples of Islamist intolerance, not to mention that supremely "tolerant" act, burning the American flag. The right to print and say things that some people find INSULTING and INTOLERANT is precisely what freedom of speech and the press are all about. Don't hold your breath waiting for the day when we let people like you gut out the liberties our European and American forefathers gave their lives to defend. If you can't deal with it, I'm sure you won't have any difficulty finding a country where Islamists are convinced they have an unlimited right to insult and demean others, but should never have to hear themselves criticized. I suggest you pick one and go there. People who deny liberty to others don't deserve it for themselves.

Harry's Place quotes reports that the BBC has decided to broadcast the cartoons. Money quotes:

"A BBC spokesman said: 'We'll use them responsibly and in full context to give audiences an understanding of the strong feelings evoked by the story.'

"Jordanian independent tabloid al-Shihan reprinted three of the cartoons on Thursday, saying people should know what they were protesting about, AFP news agency reports.

"Muslims of the world be reasonable," wrote editor Jihad Momani.

"What brings more prejudice against Islam, these caricatures or pictures of a hostage-taker slashing the throat of his victim in front of the cameras or a suicide bomber who blows himself up during a wedding ceremony in Amman?"

Bravo, BEEB, and Jihad Momani!

chapeau, germany for "why should we apologize?"

actually, i couldn't imagine this would happen (that europe stands up to the muslims)

Hi everybody,

First of all I would like to stress that I as a Dane sincerely can say, that this "Buy Danish-campaign" truly warms my heart! Economically I'm not sure that it would "bring balance" for the Danish companies, the Danish manufacturer of for instance cheese and milk Arla is expected to report a daily loss around $1,6 million, which is quiet a lot for a Danish company. But whether it is “sufficient” economically isn’t really important at all. The important aspect is that we as a tiny country with only 5,4 million inhabitants can say that we are not alone with this.

One thing however I find concerning is that it isn’t the official position in this matter. I have just today read in Danish media that the American State Department and the British Secretary of State Jack Straw have been very critically about the cartoons. A spokesperson from the Danish Governments supporting party has afterwards said that it was very sad to here this kind of criticism from two nations Denmark have supported very loyally throughout the last couples of years in the war against terror, and I would have a tendency to agree with him…

When this whole mess started 4 months ago I remember watching the cartoons and thinking that there might be some upset comments especially from the Danish imams, but that it would lead to a massive nationwide boycott, burning of Danish flags, death threats against Danes and Norwegians and arson of our embassies is mind blowing! In Denmark we have a over 150-year old tradition to make fun of (and not in any harmful way) literally everything ranging from every Danish politicians, celebrities, our queen (and especially her husband) to George Bush and the pope. Caricature cartoons are a daily element in the Danish newspapers and we have several of books being printed in the end of the year with collections of the bests. It is therefore much more incomprehensible for me as a Dane to see these Islamic fanatics run amuck over some cartoons!

I have since this whole matter literally exploded the last couples of weeks searched the Internet to find out what the opinions were outside Denmark. I can on that account say that I was delighted to learn about web-sites like this one and for instance “Little Green Footballs”. As I mentioned in the beginning, it truly warms my heart to learn that we are being supported in regards to this matter.

I would also like you all to know that the “Buy Danish-campaign” has been brought up in the Danish media and that the opinion has been very positive over here, your ideas have definitely not gone unnoticed.

Finally I would say that I will salute a toast to all of you when I at Monday around 1 AM is sitting in front of my TV to watch the Super Bowl and hope that some of you will return the salute, hopefully with a Tuborg or Carlsberg beer in your hand :-)

Once again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. It is always nice to have allies!

In relation to the arson of the embassies today, the general opinion in the media in Denmark is that it was caused by rumors saying that there was going to be burning of the Koran at the town hall square in Copenhagen. This was of course totally untrue, but it is believed to be the spark that ignited the demonstrators in Syria. One very concerning aspect however is that it has been reported that flyers were being handed out in front of the Muslimism Headquarters in Denmark supporting these unfounded rumors.

And for those Americans living in Europe, don't forget that the Danes celebrate the July 4th Independence Day holiday...I think for over 90 years they have been celebrating.

I wish I could remember the name of the city, but I believe it is in northern Denmark.

Three cheers to the Danes and the Norwegians. Make that four cheers!

The 20th century English writer,George Orwell, wrote : "...the controversy over freedom of speech and of the press is at bottom a controversy over the desirability, or otherwise, of telling lies".

And he continued in the same essay: "...that [in England] the immediate enemies of truthfulness, and hence of freedom of thought, are the press lords, the film magnates, and the bureaucrats, but that on a long view the weakening of the desire for liberty among the intellectuals themselvesis the most serious symptom of all".

When we look at the Danish cartoons, we should not dismiss them as insufficiently mordant as some commentators have, or not particularly well-drawn, as have others, or as insults to supporters of a particular "belief-system". We should ask ourselves what truths are the cartoonists stating and why are various interest groups unwilling to look at those truths.

Here are some of my thoughts:

While it is true that the Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has unconditionally supported President Bush on his war on terror and even sent troops in Iraq, this does not mean that his actions in this area had the support of the Danish population. True, Mr. Rasmussen was re-elected, but like Tony Blair in England or Junichiro Koizumi in Japan, other issues were the deciding factor (likewise, see the election of Angela Merkel).

Yes, Danish troops are and always were an important component of NATO, but the support of Danish people for President Bush's action in Iraq was tepid, even hostile. May I remind somebody that when President Bush visited Copenhagen last summer more than 10,000 protesters demonstrated against him, some of them violently? On top of that, Lars von Trier's (bad) anti-American film "Manderlay" just opened last week in New York?

Plumrose USA (http://www.plumroseusa.com/main.html) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Danish Crown Amba (a Danish cooperative society).
As per their website (http://www.danishcrown.dk/?language=gb):

"... Danish Crown exports the very great majority of our production.

This comes to an annual export worth approx. EUR 3.7 billion.

This corresponds to 6% of the Danish export of goods and 56% of Danish agricultural exports."

Plumrose USA has operations across the United States. Hence, buying Plumrose USA products helps US jobs and Denmark's income. In Puerto Rico, where I live, their DAK-brand canned meats and smoked salami are rather popular.

Also, for those whom like to invest on-line, Saxo Bank (www.saxobank.com) is very good. They are a private online bank based out of Copenhagen popular with active traders. Only drawback is that US-based clients cannot trade certain products.

I hope this helps.

Well, it makes no sense that Muslims boycott a whole country for what a Danish newspaper published. It is illogical because the government and the dairy companies, and what not, have nothing to do with the newspaper.

But then your pro-Danish campaign is exactly as misleading and illogical. Oh right, it wasn't your campaign. You just joined in. So what? Are you independent-minded or not?

Hey from Denmark :)

Thanks for your big support. its nice to se that we not are standing alone in the fight for or free world.
Your all welcom to wisit denmark. its a nice country with beach all around the country. so come next summer, if we not get bombed to much now.

Thanks again for all your support to denmark.. support sites like this have been in the danish biggest TV station news. and we are happy to get all your support. it all helps in the dark times :)

More support to Denmark: http://www.supportdenmark.com/

// Douink

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