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The best German diplomacy since von Ribbentrop carved up Poland with Molotov.

The tantrum of Kofi was absolutely hilarious. Priceless !
I was laughing tears.

@PacRim Jum
We've just done something like the Hitler-Stalin pact.
Buying Russian Gas that isn't transported through Poland in order to help Putin bully the Polish like the Ukrainians.

"Kofi Annan is the most impressive and most successful of the five Secretaries General I worked with". Well, at least with Kofi, one can be certain that there's no embarrassing Nazi past.

@German.Will: Touché. I fear the more we learn about the Gazprom deal, the more it's going to stink.

"the UN is equated with the person Kofi Annan."

Ja, it certainly was impressive how Kofi Annan in 2003 chose Germany as the place where to say "I as a Christian" the only time in his hitherto career. But not impressive enough to treat him as if he was the Pope and the UN the Church. *Yawn.*

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