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you might remind your readers that the blacks in new orleans represented 48 percent of the dead and 67 percent of the population...while whites were 41 percent of the dead and 26 percent of the population...some bias ..ehh??

chances are the elderly were way overrepresented..

hey any email addresses for this?
how about the link to the original german?
This one really pisses me off. They deserve some flack on this..

Note from David: The article from Manfred Fritz is not online - at least I couldn't find it. In case you'd like to check: http://www.rnz.de/index.html .
The e-mail address of Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung is [email protected] .

Oh, yes, there are many Americans who read german and by the way I do read german, even though I am an American. OK, I was born in the US of german immigrant parents (they came here for work after WWII). I visited Heidelberg long before Anti-Americanism became fashionable.

Froehliche Weihnachten! (No umlaut on my keyboard.) Keep up the good work!

thanks for posting this - reminded by that I DO hate America and why I am SO happy that I no longer live there! I don't know why you guys are so annoyed - there's nothing particularly controversial in the article - it's all true.

No problem. We understand that not everyone has as much respect for human life and dignity as Americans do. It's no surprise that you resent our moral superiority.

Hint: I'm baiting you here, so think before you reply.

Hey! He left out the part about how white, Christian Americans kidnap little black babies, slit their throats and use the blood to annoint inductees to the Freemasons, a secret subsidiary of the Tri-Lateral Commission, which is a front for Mossad.

Oh, yes, there are many Americans who read german

Not to mention all those pesky translation engines

clanRichter, nothing at all is controversial if you don't pay any attention to the facts.

Here are the breakdowns of murder statistics, considering race and sex of both victim and murderer:

Here are the statistics of people on death row:

They don't bear out your uncontroversial statements, but I'm sure you can just shift your ground to find a different reason to hate. When you adjust your premises but not your conclusion, is it still reasoning?

The German baby has been overprotected by the Amerian parent for so long that two generations of Germans have grown up with a distorted view of how the world works, obtained mostly from tendentious books and media. Though still protected by the Americans, who take on the dirty jobs all parents have to, Germans will be uniquely unprepared to survive in this world, when and if they ever attempt to grow up.


I am glad you don't either.

Thank you for leaving.

I blogged a little about Tookie. Like most all issues presented to the public via MSM, and then what trickles down through the filters of the lazy left. The truth can often nowhere be found. But it is out there. I won't bother countering all of the falsehoods portrayed.

I will, for the fearless, and the strong of stomach. Leave a link to a website which has the crime scene and autopsy phtographs, of the four victims of the sainted Tookie Williams.

This photos show a level of depravity that is very hard to believe. I honestly recommend that no one actually click on the link, and view the photos.



Stern Magazine :

Amerika zerstört den Westen - America destroys the West


Hey Heidelberg!

How many representatives do you have in the Bundestag of Turkisch, Russian, or Middle Eastern heritage? How about in the Landestag? The Stadtrat? The crickets are chirping!

How many children of mixed Afro-american/German heritage, other than Millie Manillie, (who tomorrow morning will not be down for breakfeast with Tookie Williams, have been sucessful in German society? Again, the crickets are chirping.

Joe, what we really want to know is M an American citizen and did he/she give up citizenship?

Leaving does nothing. Walk the talk.

Had the US actually wanted to do a holy crusade, you would have seen Iraqi christians be quite prominent in the CPA and in the Iraqi provisional government. You would have seen an unleashing of christian missionary activity that hasn't been seen for decades. You would have seen public probing of all sorts of problematic Islamic scripture in a propaganda war against Islam that would have left the Islamic world dizzy.

None of that was seen. It never happened. It isn't what the government of the USA was or is or will be after. When US financial and military aid are conditioned on religious grounds, even to the slightest degree, it might be worthwhile examining the topic of crusade. Until then, it's just an attempt to encourage our enemies and divide our friends, in short, enemy propaganda.


We have tens of thousands of Tookies in our jails. You are of course correct, and we are ashamed. Were going to release all our Tookies, and send them to Germany, Heidelberg to be precise.

Once again, we are sorry....and good luck!

Mitch, you need to synchronize the comments with the commenter. I believe the commenter you were addressing was MTF, who epitomizes the cliche that 'A day with hate is like a mushroom without sunshine.'


Don't think M is an American. If he were he would have gone to Canada. Better help care, weather is about the same and you get all the US sports live and can watch NASCAR.

Plus the probability of getting a job is a lot greater.


>>"thanks for posting this - reminded by that I DO hate America and why I am SO happy that I no longer live there! I don't know why you guys are so annoyed - there's nothing particularly controversial in the article - it's all true." (MTF)

>>"And even if one buys into the in-your-face approach, wouldn't the evenhanded application be a lot more useful in establishing the integrity of one's position..." (Rofe)

Check it out Rofe, here we have a perfect data point to check out your "even-handed" approach paradigm, in the form of a late model moonbat in the seasons fashionable color, raspberry red. It has the same chassy and powertrain of the 1933 model, but the flashy brown tailfins have been redesigned, and are now tastefully subdued. I suggest we have a little competition in the tradition of "My Fair Lady." We'll give you six months to lure the moonbat down from his anti-American dunghill using your "even-handed," "rational" approach. If you can do it, I'll kiss John Murtha's butt.

I have seen a similiar comparision with China and Saudi Arabia in a commentary of a paper from Lüneburg, which the FAZ featured in their Presseschau. No, I can't find an online link.

I am against the death penalty. As are many Americans. Many US states have banned the death penalty. I don't get worked up about Tookie, however.

Comparing the democratic Rechtsstaat US with China or Saudi Arabia is insane:

In China wurden 2004 mindestens 3400 Menschen hingerichtet. Die tatsächliche Zahl soll weitaus höher liegen. In Iran starben mindestens 159, in Vietnam 64 und in den USA 59 Menschen.

Die meisten Verurteilten werden erschossen, vergiftet, gehenkt oder sterben auf dem elektrischen Stuhl. Mittelalterliche Formen wie Steinigen oder Enthaupten werden in Saudi-Arabien und Iran angewandt.

I am so happy that we are moving our bases to Poland and other civilized European countries. A pity Germany never worked out.

@Pamela - "Hey! He left out the part about how white, Christian Americans kidnap little black babies, slit their throats and use the blood to annoint inductees to the Freemasons, a secret subsidiary of the Tri-Lateral Commission, which is a front for Mossad."

Geez, you have watched way too much Hisballah porn. Thanks to Dan Brown by now every German kindergarten kid knows that these pretentious frats are little more than sideshows to the National Security Antichrist, just as irrelevant deCoy as the Knights Templars, the Bavarian Illuminati or the Opus Dei. But lets take this infantile transatlantic bestseller writer as an opportunity to pump up the emotions and dive straight into the psychology of hatred, as the topic of this thread suggests.

There are some Americans who warn us that Fort Meade, Maryland is illegally watching every click we make on the internet, and others who reassure us we need not censor ourselves in private internet sessions in the same way as in a workplace environment, except for the wages. But the stakes are too high to give more benefit of the doubt to the warning than to the reassurance or vice versa. Can you please give me an argument for a pessimist landsman who is not convinced that the sleazy voyeurs at the NSA are any better than the sleazy voyeurs at the UN internet grab agency?

/channeling the dirty little secret of intelligence

Fifth commandment?
For most Americans, the fifth commandment is "honor thy father and thy mother"...the author is using the Catholic way of numbering commandments...
which is interesting, since Catholicism in Germany is based in Bavaria, and few still go to church...
As for the comparison to Saudi Arabia and China: well, we don't beat up Catholic nuns or throw people in jail for holding religious services...

Oh, I did not know that there was a version of the Ten Commandments which makes a distinction between having false gods and making an image of God. That puts the intentions of the dollar bill artwork into a different light, so Schrödinger's cat is going to take the word of its kitten for what it is worth whenever it has to face the choice between victory for privacy and tyranny without both.

@Pamela -
the Freemasons, a secret subsidiary of the Tri-Lateral Commission, which is a front for Mossad.

Well, duh! Everything is a front for Mossad.

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